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  • Quote from Palmu: “Spears are typically the weapon of masses, and disciplined formations. It's why they don't show up on Warriors. ” And than you realise, that historically Halberds needed way more disciplined formations to work properly... Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from Lordsephiroth78: “i wonder if wdg and daemons are the only armies not having the superweapon spear... ” DL are the only army, who do not have Spears, every other army has access to Spears. Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Swap banners with teh bsb? ” Doesn't work, since it would need 205pts... But see above for the different set-up (which I like even more, cause the Mage has Fireborn). Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “But how do you strap banner of void on warrior knights? I always thought that it is limited to BSB, CK and Chosen only. ” My bad, forgot about this limitation. However, you do not absolutely need it, since on average he needs 12 AP2 shots to kill a single Knight. If you want to play it, than it changes like this: Chosen Lord, BSB, Greed, Banner of the Void, Basalt Infusion, Talisman of Shielding, Luck of the Dark Gods, Talisman of the Void Sorcerer, Disk, Paired Weapon, …

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “At my disposal almost the entire specter of WODG units with the following exceptions: no dragon, no FDA and normal FD, no forsworn yet, no flayers (can replace with barb horsemen). Everything else is present (at least in limited amount). ” In general, there are several ways to tackle ID. As long as they do not have the Occult Lamasus (which not many people are playing) they have a problem against 1+ AS, simply due to the fact, that only the Lash is a good tool against it…

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “My next game during this weekend going to be against Infernal Dwarves (never fought them before). Any kind of advice other than don't charge Res7 unbreakable construct with most valuable unit? ” With what list or can you create one? Can help you a great deal, if I know the details Greetings, Kathal

  • V205 Discussion thread

    Kathal - - General Discussion


    Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “Not sure why I'd want to but I can do it? ” Yes. Reason would be: for supporting attacks and/or attacks into the flank/rear. Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Both blaze and fireball deals Str 4 damage, not Str 3. D6 + d3 str4 is always better than 2d6 str 3. ” But no AP. 2d6 S3 are 7 hits, 3,5 Wounds 1D6 + 1D3 S4 are 5,5 hits, 3,67 Wounds They are basically even Greetings, Kathal

  • Nah, normal Knights Currently planning to field 3x10 Knights with Lance and FCG for the next event Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “PS: Wambraces are worse than fireball, since there are attribute that deals additional d3 damage. So d6+d3. ” Nah, statistically they are doing the exact same damage to Res 3 troops. Greetings, Kathal

  • Knights are even better in this regard, after the last tournament I want to play two bricks again Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Vambrace seems bad to me, 2d6 s3 ap0 isnt going to do much to anything is it? ” It deals basically the same damage as a Fireball would, which is a good benchmark. However, that spell can spike way harder and it is so good damn cheap to cast (2 dice), which is crucial for most magic phases. Quote from WastelandWarrior: “thanks for tips though. (brand of dragon was very useful in weekend game!! I forgot your advice of keeping sorcror out of warrior brick until it was …

  • Quote from Kaitin: “Quote from Mahlzeit: “Take the hereditary (great against ogres) and lightning vambraces for damage, much better than alchemy against those armies. And yeah, with word of iron, glory of gold...spiked shield is nuts. But it’s also not too good without. The scaling is extraordinary. ” What is good in Glory of Gold for spiked shields? +1 AP? ” Jep (with the update). Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “alchemy is bad in my small home meta, ogres and HBE dont have any targets for the damage spells (no armour or dragon armour....) could be decent for when I go to tourney though. Hope 205 book is out in time for the last singles of the year at beginning of dec! ” The damage spells are bad to begin with. I would go for the following set-up: Lightning Vembrace, Hereditary, Word of Iron, Glory of Gold, Corruption of Tin (single cast negates armour usually against Elves)…

  • Play with Alchemy, than it is fun Greetings, Kathal

  • I just want to say something: Spiked Shield is nuts, especially with Alchemy (looking at you Word of Iron, Glory of Gold and Corruption of Tin). Those who have played with them a lot (be it on Warriors, Knights or Forsworn) know what I'm talking about Greetings, Kathal

  • Quote from Mahlzeit: “not that bad actually. Stalling a horde like that is interesting for sure, but WO can do it better imho, and definitely deal more damage to the Swordmasters. ” 6 WO are dealing 12 wounds to the Swordmasters, but also take more (11,85 wounds), which overall evens roughly out again after the combat is resolved (dead WO, lots of dead Swordmasters). Quote from Mahlzeit: “So the question is: do forsworn take on a role that WO can’t take? Other than Bunker for a DL. ” Spears (get…

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “I was initially not sold but I am warming to the idea. I dont thin kthis unit is going to be setting the world ablaze but it could be interesting. Sadly it seems spikey shield is the only legit loadout for them and my models have 2 handed weapons.... sooooo, who has good ideas for monstrous infantry with shields models that arent stormcasts??!! ” 4 with PW are a great deal imo, 252pts for a potent Anti chaff + flanking unit. I would only play them with Great Weapon,…

  • Quote from Kaszalot: “Please consider pricing before you click „publish” in order to not kill that option for players who do some math during list building. ” That upgrade is even to cheap for my taste. Why? People are saying: "I have to pay 85pts for a WO IF I break", but the Math should be the following: "I pay 50pts that I get a WO". I will get many "dafuq" right now, but think about it: a) You buy the unit first and foremost for the model itself and than for the equipment option. Is 60pts fo…

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “If I have completely different view - why there were almost no forsworn during ETC? Was such anvil not needed? And again - how this guys going to compete with sloth warriors and chosen? At least if Sloth will stay the same. ” Cause it was an unexplored territory and people wanted to play the known quantities at the ETC (less testing involved). Also, it depends which WDG army the team needs (as in set-up), Foresworn aren't that great when you want to win high, since they …