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  • Subjective? names? They are propably one of the most subjective things we have on humankind. Or we would all have same name I like the names, one other does not. So then we have 1vs1 situation as I have not seen more than one person say they are bad on quikc check, sorry if I missed someone. I'm all into discussions and feedback but we should never lose sight on sample size. Yes, eveything could always be better, like names, thouigh I would start with improving discussions in this topic on the r…

  • I got used to them and think mageblight fits unit rules well. But then again you did not see the placeholder names... I was thinking of gluing all possibe bitz in my boxes together to create hoarders.

  • Didn't check the report. But some units are still quite same, we can ofc chat about them :). Need to look into it. We will avoid big changes now as we just want to make beta as fast as possible. And we then will have to update stuff like in WDG, though I hope a bit less as we have learned a lot from WDG.

  • Hello, as I seem to have a bit time in my hands, I got idea of making some drawings that I could use inspiration for my GD conversions. I'm not artist or anything, but this is about fun. I have managed to get my army painted so why not have fun designing with pen and paper (or do painting with computer if i manage to borrow drawing table from somewhere). My great inspiration has been videos and presentations of. I heard the guy in GDC live and that is just so cool stuff.…

  • Highest S8 on GD. Many can go to 7 max I think. AP 5 I think on two GDs. And situational ap6 ofc. Attacks... this is just theoretical. As that situation happening is non-existent but the maximum was asked I think it is 50. (This design is not yet reviewed).

  • some small teases then. Are the carriers obvious? Don't spoil if you know Some numbers among all GDs (which may ofc change) Highest March on profile: 18" Lowest ground march on profile: 4" Highest S: 7 lowest AP: 1 Highest starting hitpoints: 9 Two have A 1 in their profile 4 GDs have or have access to fly.

  • I have noticed becoming for some reason quite scared of giving spoilers. Not sure why. Maybe because I'm running out of time to react on that feedback. Isn't that a tricky situation... At start we avoid spoilers as they are not locked... Now we avoid them as they are indeed 95% locked...

  • Nothing that is easily crowd sourceable sorry... it is balancing stuff which I think is just finetuning few stats. Not even sure how to ask help for that. We try for next pass to RT on sundat. We should have all problems fixed so I feel optimisitic

  • Rant on transparency is spoiler Transparency is not bad, it is great :). (Hidden Content) If many people have read the book. would be cool to have a poll or similar to: Units (up to 3) I like most Units I do not like (up to 3) easy to find what to fix :). Fix the worst first. dont mess with liked ( or actually even copy their priciples)

  • EDIT: Sorry herminard. Will get back to track. still sharing some silly. Well you have not seen the worst by far :). As other team members have been saying the "oh noes, that is not going to work..." like (digged up some old stuff): wrath comsumes (for some GD of wrath designs): A1 + current turn number + suffered wounds. HP+1. At the end of close combat for each enemy unit (or character inside unit) that was destroyed in BTB, this model suffers a wound with no saves on 4+. What on earth would h…

  • ah it was for the future! Sounds really good. Happy to share thoughts and designs, as feedback is what makes designs better (and help slearning). And maybe some day I learn to feel happy when everyone says my best design ever is actually very bad

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “Quote from tiny: “Quote from kisanis: “People want a wip of the DL book? They get what the ADT chooses, if anything ” Isn’t that half of the ASC job description?From what I can tell @lori78 is doing a great job of sharing what can be shared. ” I cannot second this enough. @IoRi78 is doing a great job in cooperation with @alfika and @nightwun ” Hmm, can you guys clarify what you mean here? Do you mean: I as ADT can choose whatever I want to show to get feedback?

  • Quote from Klexe: “ Windelov did a great job steering the conversation and taking notes but he was absent for some time. ” There are some huge boots to fill, but maybe you could, as a team step up to fill those boots? As that is issue we face in all 9th work. People are not available all the time. How to keep the work rolling?

  • Divination is issue. And we know that. We work ofc with RT and BLT to know what if any balancing is happening to divination and act accordingly. The inbalance between some GDs to div missiles is something we have to fix or indeed the two iconic and beatifull models (seen some of the conversion in that thread!) will gather dust in the shelves if meta is take divination. Divination should be trickier match than normal, but not something worth of table flip

  • I think my explanation was bad so some misunderstanding happened here. I meant that even when things go south you have GH and buffs and very good counter chargers. My answer was solele for "Are big units of Myrmidons playable?" and I think yes. (will try one in playtest and know more) here is my explanation a bit longer. - Unit of Myrmidons (in line formation) and maybe even with re-rolls aspect is facing ogre deathstar (or unit of similar level). Neither wants to receive charge as it is very ba…

  • The big unit has ofc ability to take a charge in too. Few units which charge over their swift have ability to one shot 5+ warded unit. And then DL player can: 1) Activate guiding hands 2) Countercharge (lot aspects that help whole combat too) 3) Buff with spells And then we have only to make pricing right :). Thanks once more for activity here

  • a) Which one is more important: Light Troops or Scoring b) What would be 2 spells in our Paths that are ok as bound spells from core even when spammed? Consider opponents too! Also making full magic phase happen with core is not something we want to design even for daemons. Magic needs some investment. (for info we have conclaves elsewhere) Remember we are working in vacuum. so other unit interactions are not here like character buffs and such. And do you think we allow that swap with scouts/van…

  • Great feedback! Sorry for rant in other thread. So speed and unwieldy is something that you see problematic. the threat range of 21" is low agree. What I would see this to do is to support the rest of the units. The aspects are aimed for that. Veil token generation from core allowance not character budget and so on. So if you would make this best support role unit (but not make it buff wagon) what would be the options?

  • My bad! lots of thrads to folllow. amd sp,e 200+ unread lines in FB chat and so on :). Looking into that