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  • Quote from Minidudul: “The current rule tied is not "set" but "always" : The wielder always has at least Attack Value 4. So, it's calculated after addition, and that's why Cult priest and capitain with paired weapon don't benefit of the additionnal attack from the paried weapon (2+1 or 3+1, then check for "at least 4" the 2 will have 4 attacks finally), when it works for princes (4+1=5, "at least 4" have no effect here). A bit complicated for sure, it will be far easier with the "set" mechanism.…

  • Quote from Jeswalker: “can a chariot direct impact hits to a character in a unit or do they strike rank and file automatically? ” Follow rules for Distributing hits (same as shooting)

  • Quote from Shukran: “for now ” Rules are unnested in newest version. Will still work the same.

  • Quote from LoeC: “Sorry about this basic question, but I can´t find the answer Can a Forest Prince Pathfinder Kindred march and shoot? And if it is accompanied by skirmishers or riding the dragon? Tyy ” No. If he joins Skirmishers he gets Skirmish while joined, and Skirmishers have Light Troops so they can March and Shoot. Fly also gives Light Troops.

  • Quote from Lefy: “I'm sorry for asking this, since it has been asked before, but because it's nonetheless an ongoing discussion (at least on german tournaments) and the wording hasn't been changed in the newest rule book, I'd especially ask @Lagerlof for an answer to it: Does the plague catapult's partial hit have S3 AP10 or S2 AP5? I think most confusing about this is the fact, that in the Toxic-rule both key words, 'set' AND 'always', are highlighted in bold fond. It would be less confusing, i…

  • Quote from Flavus: “In 2.05 rules, during the charge moves, can a unit pass closely that 0.5'' from other units, but finish 0.5'' or more from units not included in this combat? ” You ignore unit spacing when doing charge moves.

  • Can we keep discussions out of this thread.

  • Quote from Xeonic: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from The Beninator: “If it said something like "the entire rear facing of all models in the rear rank", then that would seem to make the rule more bulletproof. Unless I am missing some other definition someplace ” I hear ya .We'll change it to < 21.A.a.1 Ambush (...) Place the arriving units with their entire rear ranks touching Rear Facings aligned with the Board Edge. (...) > ” "Aligned with" does sound like it can be parallell to the board …

  • Quote from The Beninator: “Last sentence under Ambush, rule 30.A.1 states Quote from BRB: “Place the arriving units with their entire rear ranks touching the Board Edge. ” if I ambush a unit of 11, composed of 5 files wide, my rear rank only consists of 1 model. Could I then deploy the unit in any pivot I choose so long as that 1 model is in base contact with the board edge?Obviously the answer should be no, but what rules can be referenced to enforce that notion? ” Can you show what you mean? ”…

  • Crossbows

    Lagerlof - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Quote from Ciara: “Ogre kitchen gun maybe? ” THIS CROSSBOW IS SO UNWIELDLY. IF ONLY THERE WAS AN EASIER WAY.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Quote from Mamut: “Quote from Traumdieb: “Quote from Krinok: “As of 205 how Ghostly Guard interacts with Alchemys Quicksilver Lash and Molten Copper? ” Arent all damage spells magical attacks? So ghostly guard should not work ” It works(+2AS) during casting, but does not work when resolving the spell effects(missle). ” @Lagerlof can you explain this to me. At wounding the ghostly guard should have no effect. ” It doesn't work. "Heavy Armour and Plate Armour enchantment.The…

  • Quote from Orion: “another big doubt: With the new number 6 Witchcraft spell... how does that interact with a catapult?? ” Battle focus gives 1 more hit if you roll a 6. So pretty useless on a catapult. Area 4 would be 4x4+1.

  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “Quote from Skarloc: “cards for v2.0.5?.. wouldn't it be much preferable to wait for v2 GOLD in a 2-3 months before asking the company to produce an updated set of cards?.. ” Gold in 2-3 months? Are you sure about this man? ” The current release is "gold". Should only be fixes for errors etc for the real gold. And maybe if something is completely broken But yes, the real gold is probably about 2-3 months away.

  • Quote from ironhead: “Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Peacemaker: “Question about flyers When they charge over a unit at another one and it results in a failed charge - the distance moved makes them land in a different unit. Do they stop 1" away? or do they bounce to the other side? What if the distance they are moving, lets say 6" allows them to fully fly over the blocking unit? do they fly over with the failed charge? Similar question when fleeing: When a flying unit is fleeing into impassibl…

  • Quote from Shukran: “does Lightning Attack that resolve end phase count on resolution? ” Example? Is it after or before break test?

  • Walls

    Lagerlof - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Lagerlof: “Seems you can defend the flank of the wall yes I dont think that's intended. So currently yes on both a and b. @Eisenheinrich Change to long side on Defending wall? ” Thought about that, but I think it's fine. Imo it makes sense for a single model to get cover if it is hiding behind the narrow side of a wall, and getting -1 to hit in combat you could explain by the enemy models having to stand at/on the wall in order to attack . ” Cover fine. But …

  • Walls

    Lagerlof - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Seems you can defend the flank of the wall yes I dont think that's intended. So currently yes on both a and b. @Eisenheinrich Change to long side on Defending wall?

  • Quote from Ciara: “Quote from Lagerlof: “1. 3+, as you apply LR and Distracting in the order that results in the lowest chance to hit. Same result if you wound something on 6s, and get both +1 to wound and -1 to wound. ” Isnt hiting on 1+ possible but 1 is always fail? Lightning reflexes does not have any restriction so you can possibly hit on 1+ and then apply distracting? I cannot find anything useful in rb on that. ” Yeah I thought about that, concluded that it doesnt make any sense Same shou…

  • Quote from Minidudul: “Just to be sure : An unit who have failed a charge cannot benefit from a magical move the same turn because of the "shaken" status ? ” Correct.

  • Quote from skrak: “2 questions: 1st: We have an elf lord with offensive 7 and lightning reflexes fighting against a defensive 3 infantry on the flank. Scrying (distracting) is casted on the infantry model. What do the elf lord needs to roll in order to score a hit towards the infantry model? a 2+ or a 3+? Priority of modifiers states that if 2 different modifiers (distracting + lightning reflexes) are applied, we need to apply the lesser result, thus being 3+? or just distracting and lightning r…