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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from kisanis: “(Seriously, checking submitted lists is the biggest nightmare of being a TO that no one talks about!) ” Outsource the work man! Same applies to child rearing, I hear.

  • Quote from Herminard: “Why do you feel this argument is futile? ” Because as you say, people will make the same arguments from different directions for every faction. As for free command group, I think that would make everything very similar. I can see for musicians potentially, but then you basically just allow free reforms for everyone. Standard Bearers - you might as well ignore standards unless a magic banner is bought - this is a place to save 20 points if it's not a fighting unit. Same for…

  • Quote from Herminard: “@Scottish Knight what is the background on this? Would you say that Warriors form around a group and stick to it or that they are more of a pool of individuals that form up in a more random fashion? ” WDG are individualistic. At the same time, they are trying to demonstrate their qualities to their Dark God, so carrying relevant icons makes sense. You can get into the same argument across the board, every faction feels like command group should be more/less important for t…

  • Quote from LostCause: “Reminder gents that all fees need to be paid by Saturday 10 November. ” Is it possible to update the list with who is outstanding? I can't remember if I have paid or not!

  • Quote from Falgrin: “A cup of coffee and a chocolate bar to the one who raids my camp. ” "How?? How did you get your camp raided 3 times? We only played the scenario once!!"

  • Quote from LostCause: “Yeah a non-scoring unit can charge the camp and kill the guard. Once the camp guards are killed, the camp essentially is just a physical objective marker. I've been meaning to add in a clarification there which would essentially allow the non-scoring unit to post-combat reform/pivot once the guards were killed. ” Same as attacking a building was basically?

  • Out of interest, what happens if a non-scoring unit charges the camp? It seems there's nothing to stop them fighting it and killing the guard. But are they then stuck in combat with the destroyed camp?

  • Quote from ravenheart777: “Quick question. In the 2nd scenario can you still raid the encampment if the camp has been accidently destroyed by something non combat, for example a fanatic? ” I think that would come under the same rules as shooting - you still have to complete a charge to raid, but there's no defence to stop you.

  • Team Merkin Ground Control to MuJohn Tim

  • Quote from Kathal: “Why should I care about the free will of other people, when I can satisfy my desires through my deeds? Sure, selling the Soul towards one of the Dark Gods has to be done on free will, but with the current implementation of the background I can give a crap about the freedom of somebody as long as I can satisfy my own desires/wishes. ” You keep discussing "implementation". What about the actual stories which are published? Warriors can still have principles, and enslaving other…

  • Quote from Kathal: “there could be an item/gift representing the story of the Pied Pipe ” Yes and no - the Pied Piper is about robbing free will. Would take adaptation. But yes, I hear you.

  • Quote from Kathal: “Having somebody making a Pact because he wants to taste the most refined and unique meals/drinks in the world (Greed and/or Lust) has little to do with being a full fledged Warrior. ” It's still there -it's not the focus due to being a book about a military force, but in the intro article attempting to incite someone to swear, it's used as a lure. But it's only the first step on the path.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “I am asking because there are a lot of hidden stuff, like relations between tribal war spear giant and barbarians, that are not mentioned in the book. Or the pact made between Sorcerer and Dark Gods. They are present, but only in the heads of designers. ” I am looking different ways of sharing information, for now we didn't have room in the book to discuss everything.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “So, there are no concrete info even about 9th age own invention? Not complaining, just want to be sure, that I understand everything correctly. ” Background is presented from an in world perspective. As with most settings, some things are not known even by inhabitants - like the precise details of historical evolution.

  • Quote from tunasandwichify: “@Scottish Knight may have more input. ” Sounds like a reasonable supposition. Not something anyone would be certain of though!

  • Quote from Spacegoblin: “Thanks to those who have already paid, the deadline for this is the 10th of November. ” Are you going to update the first post with who has paid and who is outstanding?

  • 10/11 March - we'll be announcing hot on the heels of Siege!

  • Quote from Altao: “Is there (hypothetically) chance that Sorcerer could go Path of Favoured? ” Almost everything is possible somewhere. At the moment that isn't a feature, so we haven't written to support it.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “It is just hard to imagine for me, that such power-hungry creature as Sorcerer (and all wizards) don't want the immortality. Which is basically means ability to increase one's power and knowledge for eternity. ” Power and ambition are common across the world. Wizards everywhere are seeking ways to gain it, so sorcerers are not unique in this aspect. The paths of ascension give a route for those who don't normally have a way to access supernatural power to make a deal and…

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “I am misinterpreting something, or words about immortal fame means no ascension? ” Because it's incredibly rare to ascend outwith the paths of ascension - it's not the primary motivator for sorcerers or others who follow any god. I was only commenting that it was possible.