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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Lists can be found HERE

  • Just a note I've managed to delete a team when trying to update the entry list from my phone. I'll sort that tonight as well when can get on a laptop.

  • I've made an executive decision to cap things at 6 teams as we are a few days away from the event due to the uncertainty of the Bristol team. I'll release lists tonight

  • Quote from Eratu13: “Any update on when lists will be released? ” Start of this week as soon as confirmed if can get the extra 2 teams. Currently trying to sort out odd numbers but struggling to track down the Bristol team. How would teams feel to odd numbers? The 7th team isn't yet signed up due to waiting on the Bristol team (think they might be missing 1 team member). But if everybody is happy with one team getting a bye each round I'll speak with the 7th team

  • Quote from Navster: “In that case can we go back with our original lists then please will thanks ” Sorry just re read my post and can see how it might of caused confusion. Armies cannot be duplicated.

  • Quote from Navster: “Evil Hearts list submitted today with different races as I jus realized you can duplicate armies :). When will lists be posted ?. ” You can duplicate armies! That might be an omission from the rules pack....

  • 7 teams now signed up so after 1 more to even the numbers up. Also have one team looking for a Merc so if you know anyone wanting to come drop me a PM.

  • Have emailed all the captains about booking Viva Brazil for a Saturday night meal. Booking has been provisionally made for 9pm for 25 people. If more teams join they will be welcome to attend

  • Entry list updated included players for each team. There seem to be a few more teams looking to come so if this applies to you please get your ticket ASAP or let me know if your team cannot make it.

  • Quote from SylvanMatt: “Hey Will, Bristol are really struggling to get a team together so we might have to pull out, someone will let you know if the situation changes! ” Ok cool, believe Jack is trying to round ppl up for it

  • Entry list updated with paid teams. Can the other teams on the list get their tickets purchased ASAP. Any issues just let me know

  • Quote from scar88: “hey will, team Merc will be also be attending, payment to follow shortly after breakthrough. ” Great news, will add the team

  • Quote from Cicciuz: “Hey Will, we are trying to put together a team from LWG when is the deadline to subscribe to the tourney? ” That's great! Ideally before list submission deadline 26/9/18 but let me know if any issues

  • That's now 5 teams looking at coming so just one more for the event to go ahead. I know 2 teams have now paid (know which ones) but just waiting "official" confirmation from Firestorm this weekend/early next week. Can the other 3 teams please pay up ASAP. Thinking of booking a restaurant (Viva Brazil) for the Saturday night for a meal. What do people think?

  • With pay day just gone (for most) and people hopefully recovered from the bank holiday make sure you pick up your tickets for the event to make sure it can go ahead. It's only just over a month away!

  • Quote from The golden dwarf: “Can you please add Bristol ninth age ninja team Kind regards shane sheppard ” Quote from Jazzak: “Can you please add inglorious bustards to the list please, Will. Regards, Jeff Keeling. ” Great news guys tickets are now on sale…storm-fours---the-9th-age As being purchased through Firestorm I can only add teams to the list once tickets have been purchased.

  • Tickets are now available from the Firestorm Games website…storm-fours---the-9th-age There is only 12 team tickets available so make sure you pickup your teams ticket quickly to avoid missing out.

  • It is with great pleasure that I can announce Firestorm Fours 2018 What is FirestormFours Firestorm Fours is a two day 9th Age team event where teams of 4 players compete over 5 rounds to become the event champions. The aim of the event is to create a fun and friendly environment and promote the best of The 9th Age. With both competitive and casual players alike being able to enjoy the event. We also welcome new players to the scene and will make them very welcome. Event Sponsors The event is a …