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  • Quote from Peacemaker: “So its between "flurry" and "onslaught". ” Still think "Double hit" or something to that effect is better. Intuitivity is the goal. Theo

  • Warmachines: Round or not ?

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    Quote from wombat: “Quote from DJWoodelf: “Quote from ToDD: “So what about Square base, 360° LoS, but when shooting the WM gets alligned to face the target with the middle of the front. Consistent bases, immersive looks on the battlefield (no shooting out of their butts), less likely to be abused by placing it in a certain way because it always points at it's last target. If you want to cleverly use it as redirector, you probably won't shoot due to turning in the movement phase so that's fair. F…

  • Quote from saint_barbara: “Quote from Squirrelloid: “Better than human infantry. March 9 > march 8. ” I'm sorry for offtopic but after reading this for the 1000 time I can't stop myself. The only human infantry you mean with this are Knights Forlorn. KoE peasants have serf (A4/M10) and EoS has On the double! (A5/M12). Saying dwarves are faster than humans is like saying the WDG has better shooting than HE because they can deploy 40 fast cavalry with bows - this is just nonsense. ” Okay, they are…

  • "Double Strike" is perfect. Easy to remember what it does just from the name. I don't like the names of the rules that put limits on shooting attacks. Unwieldy is the exact opposite of Quick to Fire...apparently. I couldn't have told you that off the top of my head. Why not just call it Slow to Fire? Why isn't Reload! called "Can't stand and shoot" or something else that makes it obvious what it does at a glance? Theo

  • Quote from skipschnit: “Solid shot doesn’t break apart to cause multiple hits, but impacts and does severe damage, ie MW If we had different types of artillery shot/ammo, then things like this could be explored. Right now, as long as you can dodge, deflect, or jump over a flying, bouncing ball of’re safe. ” "Multiple hits" as a game mechanic can just as easily represent a single impact doing severe damage. There is no reason why a multiple wounds rule is needed to simulate this. Theo

  • Quote from Cam: “Quote from Theorox: “Removing the multiple wounds rule and replacing it with multiple hits. Not a bad idea... Theo ” Makes no sense immersion wise. ” It makes exactly as much sense as multiple wounds. How does it not? Theo

  • Removing the multiple wounds rule and replacing it with multiple hits. Not a bad idea... Theo

  • Great idea. It would normalize the effects of artillery and remove some other extremes. Right now when getting shot with multiwound artillery it almost always feels like a complete lottery. It would also separate Aegis and Fortitude saves in an interesting way, and it makes sense. Theo