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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Hmm I think that all changes are sensible except for two. The Aether wand is dead and the change to Scroll of the eight pacts just shows how worthless it has become. Cheers for a job well done mate :). The entries that got nerfed had it coming.

  • Quote from IoRi78: “the current scourge can not damage from afar, buff himself, other units and have 11 attacks with battle focus ” Cool, will be fun to see how this is tied together. Im not a fan of the buff synergycentric design of the new book but this is no secret ^^. However I am looking forward to look and play all this new stuff to reignite my flare for the hobby.

  • Quote from IoRi78: “is different because the dragon will buff himself and have like other 4 mages able to buff him and the army. Between charge, aspects and magic buffs a new scourge can gain a plus 9 in agi for exemple. And that comes from the interaction of 2 units. There are many, many combination to explore. And no dragon have access to 3 different path on one model. ” But isnt that the same amount as now but stoppable for the enemy? I am not arguing :), just wanting to understand the desici…

  • How will this affect the magic economic balance of the book since the power will come from the magic phase. And will this be different that say a normal mage buffing a dragon with combat buffs from magic?

  • It is what it is, best right now is to just wait and see as the team has sent it into the hands of RT. Whatever will come out later will be the direction the new DL is and will be. when that time is here we should play, test, argue and discuss. Then each person can decide if this book is for them or not.

  • Quote from Ortwin: “Oh sh**... I did not think about that ” Carry it, proud and stout!

  • Quote from Alexwellace: “I like Lemures, as a traveller from the Nine Hells to the Abyss I understand the connotations of the word to be demonic foot soldier. Besides, the words Lemure and lemur are both spelt and said differently. The English language is full of words that sound similar but you don't get mixed up, heck we even have words that ARE the same and we don't get mixed up. I'd lead you to read this sentence, and you'll see once you've read it the point that I've lead you too. ...Englis…

  • Hmm, I think that a good name can be good on its own. A name that doesnt strike you initially as cool might become so through good stories. But a bad name will not be salvaged by stories as it will often produce ridicule.

  • I like names that doesnt have too much of an existing label to them. Real life mythological beings dont really fit into my imagination of Daemons. This is because they already are something before getting into this book and well daemons are, daemons. I like collectors and I think that Mageblight sounds cool. Lemures I dont fancy at all and gremlins part of the mageblight gremlins have too much from my previous collection of thoughts and traits to the name.

  • Offense: how does the army deal damage? Through close combat engages, it mostly builds upon high quality attacks at a high initiative instead of a high quantity. Defense: How does the army survive damage? Through the ability of special saves the army topples the meta as it throws away the high ap need of many opponents. Together with wast abilities to chose combats this army is the, fast one. Mobility: How does the army move and get in position? The army is a mix between high speed units or high…

  • Seriously, thank you for working so hard on this book. We are thankful no matter what you have created simply thanks to your efforts. Cheers

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Kapten Kluns - - WWW Topics


    Quote from dais: “mLSjPgI.jpg ” About right

  • Quote from berti: “Propably it would have been better to not make such a poll at all, when it was predetermined already to not change anything. ” It was not predetermined. Not towards change or keeping. However they wanted to view if there were any ground to actually change the base and to go through with such a decision they felt that they needed a vast majority to strenghten this decision. We dont know the exact numbers but maybe it would have been something like. Squate 60% Round 20% Doesnt m…

  • Quote from berti: “We have to keep bad rules because it seems so much work to put a square under the round base. Going to square bases following normal rules for charges would propably have nearly no impact and would have made it much clearer for new players how the rules work. Now they may learn it, when they feel cheated because someone wheels before contact and gets an overrun move into a unit beside the warmachine. ” Tbh not everyone thinks that the round bases are inferior in rule design or…

  • Thanks for answering @DanT and just as there werent a dominant majority for squares theres not a dominant majority attacking either you nor the RT for the decision. Atleast I appreciate the time that the staff takes out of their day to communicate so dont stop even if its tiresome.

  • Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “Was RT unable to conclude which base type would be better for the rules? Was anyone else involved in this decision process? I can see many people voting round due to the fact that they don't want to rebase and that's fair. But I also want to know if that was the only deciding factor. ” I voted round and not because of rebasing issues. For me personally I invisioned a lot of problems with square bases being too easy to protect or achieving situations where war machine…

  • Quote from Nicklz: “Added some lust beasts :…8aea0b0946f088bb24d1a3520 I didn't expect this but I might actually paint the crushers and still play them before the new book gets out . I mean these 5 ladies took me 4 months so 6 monstrous should only take half a year ! ( And no, I'm not that lazy just more into SciFi with Infinity right now) . ” Nice. I use the same models for the same unit in the book! Perfect pick and good execution mate :)!

  • @LegioIgnatum What would you say that the new DL army promotes as its possible playstyles? Like three strongest where Monster mash is one

  • I will probably wait to do any kind of review or opinion sharing since the design path taken is probably inreversable. Thus it seems more likely that anything I post would work as me sharing my opinion and it having no concrete bearing towards either keeping or abandoning a single design. I enjoy the breath of interest that has once more sparked for the army tho and what others post on the subject. Cheers

  • Quote from Danimoth: “Quote from Giladis: “@Danimoth when we are looking for "Power" is not related to price. That is cost effectiveness or ineffectiveness. The things you mentioned as "underpowered for their point cost" do they look sufficiently "powerful" to you as design if a perfect point cost was assigned to them? ” Um... I really do not understand this one, if I have to answer my answer will be yes, though I can not imagine a situation saying no to this question, since anything will be pow…