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  • State of 9th age in the US

    Jonnyman - - US Masters


    Something that I feel hasn't been mentioned is the difference between the US and Europe in what they play. As I've always understood it Europe was always more into the fantasy style side of wargaming. The US though has a lot more 40K going on. And now that AoS is here and seems like an easy transition from 40K into a similar looking game. No wonder it's harder to get games in over here. I have one other guy in my town who plays. And we don't play very often. Everyone just wants to play 40K. And …

  • Quote from Cicciuz: “Also why the horse as a mount does not give +2 to armour like every other horse mount in the game? ” Probably since our army has a weakness in armor.

  • I think I'll be taking this list to Buckeye Battles this year: Pharaoh: Great Weapon, God Slayer, Mask of Teput, Sekhem Scepter, Great Aspen Bow, Sha Guardian Death Cult Heirarch: Adept, Divination, Heirophant Death Cult Heirarch: Adept, Evocation, Tailsman of the Void Tomb Architect Tomb Architect Skeleton Archers x10 Skeleton Archers x10 Skeleton Scouts x5 Skeleton Scouts x5 Skeletons x20: Musician, Banner, Banner of the Entombed Chariots x4 Shabti x8: Halberd, Full Command Battle Sphinx Tomb …