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  • Quote from Nanatoo: “I look at Dread Elf ranged pressure and it makes me cringe. S3 shooting is just garbage. There are far more synergies and combos within the Dread Elf book that favour melee engagements. I prefer to make the most of these, use Witchcraft to shut down ranged threats and flying monsters / monsterous threats. In my opinion (and it's just that, I'm not criticising people who disagree) Dread Elf shooting is appalling. Taking a versatile list from a book that heavily favours melee …

  • Quote from Chack: “Was just skimming to see what changed in EoS but i have to comment this Quote from Peacemaker: “Up the Steam Tanks points by 5 more and You'll have to add an extra wound to it to justify the cost. ” Lol, please do, how about +30 more points for 2 more wounds ? I can't kill that thing anyway and even if could it would be a waste of resources (i play SE), as far as i'm concerned it could even list "this model cannot be wounded or destroyed in any way" and it would change nothing…

  • Quote from ceridan81: “But you can take 2 kraken and a dragon, or 2 kraken and 3 manticores (and 3 rbt, He are the single army with restrictions passina from 20% to 25%...). DE arent forced to a restrictive choice, neither majority of other armies. ” DE don't have heredtary spell that negates wounds or access to druidism healing from MoCT. They get that 1 cosmo spell and 1 spell from occultism to heal the mount they are riding(which is also conditional on getting a wound through as well as sacri…

  • O&G got it for the Wyvern too.

  • Quote from Glonojad: “I don't think Norba ID to be ugly, and they definitely beat Mantic work... ” very true. It's just a comparison thing. I really like the Norba Infernal Dwarves now.

  • Quote from elendor_f: “P.S. Now that I think about it, I have never seen a list using skirmishing Lion Guard ” no one takes Skirmish units that are close combat units because the skirmish spacing means you get less attacks while your enemy gets more attacks. RT is aware of this because I pointed it out[and it's fairly obvious], they quickly removed skirmish Blade Dancers in Sylvan Elves and poof, the unit started getting used. The trend is to just give light troops and hard target to combat skir…

  • .205 HBE Spoilers

    Peacemaker - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from Vespacian: “@Cealyne I can give you a great real life example. Frosty charges 10 stupid dwarf marksmen. Frosty fluffs all his attacks and rolls a 1 on thunder stomp fails to wound and loses due to their stupid banner and rank bonus. He then rolls a 9 on his break check and legs it. With supernal he’d lose a wound and stick around. I think having an unbreakable flying monster is pretty strong. It also, as noted synergizes super well with divination both bc of know thy enemy and now the…

  • my friend used the knight duke on my stank in middle of table. We both though the stank was doomed but he wiffed his attacks 2 turns in a row and My Stanky ground him down ...that all the stank did that game, random move meant I couldn't wheal around to help out in combats that were going on. Just bump into my own units.

  • our infantry points reductions are kind of a wash since other army books mostly got reduction for their shooters. - they get cheaper shots to shoot our stuff. except for blades, thats a good reduction. Still don't agree with Alter going up, especially when certain spells in the game got buffs which opponents help deal with the Alter.

  • Ogres got option upgrade their giant to bigger base size. can totally do similar with manticore.

  • Dead forum?

    Peacemaker - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    looks like we got a 'horde' of pinned topics. Lol I love how the O&G forum totally reflects the vibe of the army.

  • I like the competition. GW stuff too expensive, so even if Norba stuff is a bit less quality, the price more than makes up for it. I showed a guy the Infernal Dwarfs from Norba and he said they look ugly compared to Forge World. I told him I thought the same thing when I first saw it, but after weeks of staring at the infernal dwarfs with a 12 euro price tag, they start to look good. (it sounds funny but it is true).

  • what cheapos! lol

  • heh, I know the spanish guys won the ETC but we'll start laughing at them if they don't see how the Steam Tanks hard counters like Alchemy, cannons, strength 6, AP 3, stuff is the reason it can't keep going up in price. Seriously they need to play against lists that have the hard counters and then come back and say it's the best unit in the game. I think its just their meta.

  • wow, tell the Spanish guys to pit the steam tanks up against lists with Alchemy, cannons, bolt throwers, and stuff with decent access to strength 6. Just because people always take stuff doesn't mean it needs a price increase. Countless people have pointed out that nothing does the same role as the stank in the Empire List. Empire players are a pretty honest Lot and can take a nerf when it is warranted. Militia are a good example - it was undercosted and OP so it got nerfed. Did people complain?…

  • Quote from greentide: “@herrEckart No more spoilers, cause 2.05 is landing soon. This weekend. ” There's more? ...I kinda figured you guys revealed it all! interesting.

  • V205 Discussion thread

    Peacemaker - - General Discussion


    Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Smythen: “When its an aura effect on a banner 6" is nothing. ” On the other hand, imagine a 20 model wide dwarf unit with a 6" aura around the unit. All of a sudden, we're talking about an area of 330 square inches instead of 113, which would most likely have a significant effect on the point cost . ” for those that don't know, stretching units out accross the table is what Age of sigmar does for their aura effects.

  • Quote from Rubencm81: “Until you see a 6 and a 5 and you have a monster on your deployment Zone when it overruns. Or at your flank. ” And when this happens at a tourny, you learn to be 12.5 inches away. You can take those risks in fun games, but not when its matchpoint.

  • Quote from YungPabby: “Does nobody remember 1.3? These updates are all super amazing and I'm stoked to be out of the trash. ” Nope, only played DE a little bit in 1.3. Mostly played EoS. And T9A in 1.3 was fairly casual around here.

  • Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Quote from Peacemaker: “first turn chariot moves up - misses it shot. Then it gets charged and flees, ralleys and does nothing on turn 2. Turn 3 the enemy monster is in combat and could be in combat the whole game. ” Sorry this was just too fun to not call in your scenario: Your happy to accept at 18 inches a m8 monster can make a 10 swiftstride Charge which has a 35.65% chance of succes, else why would you flee? But your not happy to accept the Chariots hits when …