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  • I think chariots are still great, only more expensive. I'd rather our units stay strong, even at some cost.

  • tomorrow i'll be able to take that picture... I'm very proud of my lil' bone piles

  • come on... 20000 UD points fully painted and I miss the necroguards... I'll try to finish the first 15 asap, then I'll try to send a decent picture (not a good photographer indeed...)

  • here is my list for next tournament in Milan. I implemented all the inputs I could and I'm eager to try it. ++ Undying Dynasties (Undying Dynasties 2.0 Beta) [4495pts] ++ + Characters + Death Cult Hierarch [465pts]: Ark of Ages, Evocation, Light Armour, Wizard Adept . Special Equipment: Basalt Infusion, Potion of Strength - Cannot be taken by Towering Presence, Potion of Swiftness, Scourge of Kings Death Cult Hierarch [270pts]: Cosmology, Hierophant, Wizard Adept . Special Equipment: Talisman of…

  • 19374-012c662a-large.jpghere we are, not a good photographer indeed... 19373-1079b3bf.jpg

  • my "ark" is still a work in progress but it's totally self made (I like to model and sculpt at amatorial level) and it's ridden by the old Morbius the Liche (citadel, early '90s) and a couple of archers. it comes in the shape of a flying dark Pyramid. maybe this weekend I could manage to finish it.

  • Yes to all of you I never met a KoE lord with all the usual set of alldestroying virtues/equipment or a top fighting character with MW or so. But mid level heroes does not scare it at all. the skellies (usually 20) provide a +3 static in the minimal config but a +5 with legion banner I killed a pest herald, a HBE wizard on a wounded Dragon, and with the potion I give it the chance of killing many things so much stronger than the Ark that at least a little voice in my opponents head will whisper …

  • Hi all, fellow mummies! I tried the Ark (even the double Ark!) in my last ten games and... I'LL NEVER EVER PLAY AGAIN WITHOUT THE ARK!!! it's AWESOME You can't Imagine How many Fighting characters charged solo Against the Ark unit, got challenged by the Ark itself and came up broken or even killed!!! the usual set up is book of the dead and alchemists alloy or basalt infusion. if I have 20 spare points I take potion of strenght too a diabolical trap... and the total field control, longer bolts a…

  • even if I'm well knowing how situational the casket is, I completely agree with @Nicreap. I'm currently playing 2 caskets in a channel 5 soul conduit environment and, fingers crossed of course, my opponents always have to choose their way to die (caskets or hasten the hour? caskets or a huge aura buff from divination?)... seems to be working, I'm still testing it

  • the double casket is part of the channel 5 system as well as the major threat to armoured targets, monsters and cowboys. I will also try something like this ++ Undying Dynasties (Undying Dynasties 2.0 Beta) [4497pts] ++ + Characters + Casket of Phatep [240pts] Casket of Phatep [240pts] Death Cult Hierarch [645pts]: Ark of Ages, Divination, Light Armour, Soul Conduit, Wizard Master . Special Equipment: Alchemist's Alloy, Lucky Charm, Sacred Hourglass - Dominant Death Cult Hierarch [270pts]: Evoca…

  • increase of commanding presence and make the 6 chariots a threat. But it's definitely under strict observation. I could fre up those 230 points. But what can I put into the list? Open to any idea!!!

  • sorry pal, the rep would be quite useless because we had to stop before end of turn 4... I played seeking situations I need to test more than looking after missions or the risk of being is the list anyway ++ Undying Dynasties (Undying Dynasties 2.0 Beta) [4496pts] ++ + Characters + Casket of Phatep [240pts] Casket of Phatep [240pts] Death Cult Hierarch [705pts]: Ark of Ages, Cosmology, Divination, Light Armour, Soul Conduit, Wizard Master . Special Equipment: Basalt Infusion, …

  • Oh my Lord... AWESOME Soul conduit+ channel 5 is the way. Total control of the magic phase and 75% of my phases were 9-5! I smashed 7 kournos in a single phase with the double casket plus unerring strike, then I buffed and cured the shabties who beated a 4 thicket beast unit in a single round of combat I love the ark and I'm building a model (the floating black pyramid!!!)