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  • BH 0.205 spoilers

    Deino - - Beast Herds (BH)


    A couple more changes that affect almost nothing, and nobody asked for. Shouldn't be surprising this near to the Gold release, but I hope in the future the teams will put more effort into making the changes that people actually want.

  • I have decided to push the list submission date back to October 5th in the interest of giving the entrants more time to think about what they're taking, as many of them are recent signups. Tickets are available at: The rules packs can be found here:…A1vhxNcnNtr1lmTxlKia?dl=0 Army lists can be submitted by email to: More information about the hotel can be found here: Don't forget to…

  • Quote from SadlerCPII: “YO ” First stop on the Evershade Gaming World Tour?

  • Michigan GT 2018 will be hosting three days of 9th Age events on October 12-14, held at the Causeway Bay Hotel and Convention Center in Lansing, MI. On Friday, there is a three-game 2250pt Warbands-style event, with registration starting at 1pm and the event running until around 8pm. On Saturday and Sunday, there is a five-game 4500pt Singles Championship, with registration starting at 9am on Saturday, and finishing around 5pm on Sunday. Additional information can be found at: http://www.michiga…

  • Tournament BH Lists

    Deino - - Beast Herds (BH)


    I took Best Beast Herds at the 96-player Buckeye Battles in Delaware, Ohio this weekend. Here's what I ran: AMpgZl0.png I think there were only three total BH players at the event (including myself) anyways, but it felt good to take home my first award from Buckeye. You can see more information about the event statistics on Warscore.