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  • V205 Discussion thread

    Frozenbeard - - General Discussion


    I have some questions about Portent of Doom. Can you clarify the effect of casting this on a solo character? A single model is defined as a unit, so the unit suffers -1 to its combat score. I don't think you could say that a solo character is joined to the unit because joined means to connect or link two parts together. So a solo character only suffers -1 not -2 because he can't be joined to himself? What happens if you cast this on a unit of just 3 characters (eg 3 Harbringers of Wrath on crush…

  • Quote from noir: “what a shame. Have to keep looking for a kadim titan model that isn’t super expensive.. ” I use Khanjira the World Breaker from the Reaper Bones range as my Kadim Titan. It's 200mm tall and completely fills the 100x150 mm base. It comes on a scenic base that just needs a little minor trimming with a knife to fit the base. It's around $50 USD. The best thing about this model is that because it's Reaper Bones material it is virtually indestructible. If it has an early and unfores…

  • ETC 2018 Coverage

    Frozenbeard - - General Discussion


    Quote from kisanis: “Quote from youngseward: “@Blonde Beer can we get an interview with Glen "Handsomest Man in 9th" Weston (aka @Frozenbeard)? ” @Frozenbeard As your boss, I demand this! (Thats how this works, right?) ” Sadly I have failed you on this task boss.

  • I was too tight for points and had to make my adept the hierophant!