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  • Quote from Il riccio90: “and then let's be clear, who is so brave to play a wizard master on a chariot??? ” If you do witchcraft and stay behind large monsters like spider its pretty safe. They dont need much line of sight. But ye its a bit of a risky play. I usually go 2-3 adepts on chariots but i am gonna try the master with some other chariots in the army so they have option to join also if needed.

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “Quote from Sodder: “Do you? Couldn't I buy the spider first and then master? The spider comes fist in the entry and if you look at the "official" way of list-setup for tournaments mounts clearly come before level of wizardry. Quote: “[Points] - [Unit1], [General/BSB], [Marks, Virtues, etc.], [X (amount) Spells], [Mount], [Equipment], [Magic Equipment], [Wizard Master, Vampiric Bloodlines, Gifts of the Dark Gods, etc.], [Magic Path] ” ” The only wizard type that can bu…

  • Quote from Sodder: “Exactly - but do I get the new "combined" set of characteristics before or after I get the +1 hp? ” That would be awesome but im pretty sure u dont You need Wizard master to be able to buy the mount so i guess you have to go in that order.

  • Quote from Zmaj: “Hello! I am looking to get into 9th Age and I'd like to start a O&G army. I have some expirience with tabletop games (40k, Infinity) and no expirience with WHF or 9th Age. I've been going through this forum and got a general idea about things, but I've got some questions: 1. What to do with the General and BSB in general? Is it too much to burry them both into a block of Iron Orcs? I noticed that some ETC list don't pack BSB at all. (lists sometimes state "Battle Standard B…