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  • Can I get on the reserves list please? And yes, appreciate that may mean me going to Bristol....

  • List & food order sent in. This will be great fun!

  • Quote from 2Cats1Tuna: “Paid + list sent for Mark Greensill ” Keen much?!

  • Ticket bought!

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Can anyone explain to me this "unforgiving to bad dice, more than others" thing? With examples if possible? ” I'll try and explain what I mean when I say it... Fundamentally though, its just a by product of HBE troops (speaking of infantry elites in this instance) are low in Res and low in armour. This means that if your opponent’s dice spike, resulting in significantly above average number of hits, almost all of those will convert into wounds which will convert into dead mo…


  • Interesting side tangent this thread has fallen into re Cav. FWIW (and that isn't all that much in all likelihood) I don't feel HBE are in an especially good place re cavalry other than at the generic level of the army - in that they can hit well when allowed to do so. This means that HBE cav can profit from opponent's playing mistakes/misfortunes and pounce upon luck & opportunity very well. That is arguably not a special HBE thing, other than they have two fast 2+ save units to pick from. So..…

  • Quote from DanT: “My overall experience so far in 2.0 is that people are getting too hung up on lists, and not prepared enough to think outside the box. ” Just repeating this for truth.

  • Great event! Highly recommended if people can go to. Suggestion for next time: make all the missions breakthrough

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “Unlike the other guys, I was very happy with the spear prince. MoCT on his own was also a decent magic phase, and absolutely amazing for effixiency considering the total investment of 180 pts. ” Must say that as total magic investment is highly attractive. Issue I had with MoCT BSB was that Pyro master was so brilliant (admittedly didn't have bad matchups for it) I was reluctant to let my BSB have any dice other than when it came to key Raven's Wing usage every now and then. …

  • HBE elite infantry are a tricky one imo. There are plenty of things out there that can pray on HBE elite infantry, and they are no faster than about half the stuff out there, so I do wonder Napoleonic application of superior force at the point of decision is actually viable with infantry as the hammer.

  • Quote from Noldor: “@Raffazza In your list are 3 Warbanners of Ryma. Is it a typo? Because we are just allowed to pick up to 2 per army. ” There was a copy paste error in the list published, I only had two spear units alas. 3 would have felt like more of a real army, but the costs don't work

  • Hey y'all. Personally am in awe of the amount of practice Dan gets (which of course means take any of my views with a metric tonne of salt). I played zero games with HBE before submitting the list, and 1 game with it prior to the event. Add to that that these were games 2-6 I have had since the ETC, was expecting ring rust to be a factor. I will go into more detail on things at a later point, but my observations, both from my games and the games I watched/heard about: The positives: (Hidden Cont…

  • List submitted! Let the drinking games begin


  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Some armies have no other solution to flying monsters. Empire has no way to kill monsters as cannons. Knights can poke in a few wounds, infantry generally should not catch flying monsters and the Light of Sonnstahl can be wielded by characters with 4 attacks and OS6 at most. I would prefer monsters and stuff to have more wounds in general. Dragons and aurochs with 6 hit points is pretty dull since they cost almost 100pts per hit point. ” ? EOS have many ways of dealing with…

  • The answer really is rather simple. The problem is (mostly) cannons. Most problems are due to cannons. Trust me. Other problems: Magic & Shooting are just too easy to use. Combine with Dragons having very few wounds & terrible protection, and you have a rich easy source of points by shooting a Dragon. Currently you either roll the dice that the matchup gods will be kind to you, or hop from hiding place to hiding place. Suitability is key on a model that is so easy to hurt. They need a lot more w…

  • ETC Predictions

    Raffazza - - ETC


    Quote from Shino: “Quote: “It's not prejudice if you were there and saw it wink.png ” Please make sure, you know every part of it before coming with any conclusion. I really doubt oyou were at most of discussed things in which you claim to have an opinion ” Well, I do know every part of it, and must agree with the man's opinions Still, I'll get shouted at for derailing my own thread, so will probably leave it there. FWIW, I think the clamping down on discussion for "the good of T9A", whilst admi…

  • ETC Predictions

    Raffazza - - ETC


    Was a brilliant event and I'd wager 280 players in the room were delighted with the Spanish win. Congratulations! On side note find it a real pity missed the bants on this, some of the stuff being said is hilariously silly

  • Quote from Chack: “It's fine because you can only get mid-level offense with it (in the scale of combat characters) and it enable some offense from a lot of otherwise unattractive hero level characters. Also some design are tied to the existence of hero's heart (paired weapon for hig elf mage and sylvan blade for sylvan elf druid). ” To be fair, am not sure thats necessarily true? Combat characters generally are not very efficient points wise (when it comes to damage output), and the weapon take…