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  • Dark skin, white/off white clothing with blue accents, copper metal.

  • The Masters GTs and rankings

    Snarkhunter - - US Masters


    Quote from bubafett: “these are going to be final. The last tournaments that counted were added in earlier this week and that's about the sum of the results there yes. Invites will be going out in a few days (December 1st) and they have some time to get back to a yes or no before we go farther down the lists ” Did these invites happen?

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “I wasnt even the op, just hijacked this thread! Dont worry everyone, i will sleep sound tonight, i wont be crying into my bedtime cocoa about lygurs tongue and having nightmares about losing half of my attacks, all is well with the world. Ps, just got the draw for my tournament at the weekend, im facing ogres...... but no lygurs tongue!! ” Ok ... correcting my post above for accuracy. Also ... who doesn't love bedtime cocoa.

  • To sum up the problem: OP Thread Hijacker wants to play an all comers list. OP's Thread Hijacker 's regular opponent tailors his list to beat him. OP Thread Hijacker feels bad. Solution: Talk to your regular opponent about tailoring. It really doesn't matter which two factions are involved, or which items. Anytime one player is list tailoring and the other is striving for all comers, there will be an imbalance. Fix it by talking and acting like friends. Or find a different opponent.

  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

    Snarkhunter - - Supporters Corner


    Magical Heirloom is coming up as 45 pts ... should be 50 pts.

  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

    Snarkhunter - - Supporters Corner


    In the description for Rod of Battle: Quote: “Cost: 55 Augment Lasts One Turn Power Level (4/8) Range 14" The target gains +1 to hit with its Close Combat Attacks. The bearer can cast a Bound Spell, Power Level (4/8): Type: Augment. Range 12". Duration: Lasts One Turn. The target gains +1 to hit with its Close Combat Attacks. ” I suggest deleting the parts in Red for clarity. Also, it lists the range as 14" in the red section ... should be 12" I suggest a similar change to Lightning Vambraces fo…

  • Just tested in AB. Works fine. Did you select the "Enchanted Paired Weapon" option under the Hero's Heart?

  • Quote from legionsofodin: “sounds like i need to go watch gene trash talk. ” You can skip the first 15 minutes or so .... technical difficulties.

  • Quote from thedoctor: “List reviews and pairings up on genes channel ” You guys have way to much confidence in me ... Also @Gym Shorts - Increasing my chance to pair up against Justin, Jeremy, Pete, etc, is why I declined your challenge. Even if I may lose, it's great to get a chance to play against the MW's best.

  • Devastating Charge has Alex Hall, Paul Loester, and I.

  • My list lost 40 pts of stuff in the transcript: - both shamans should have light armor - bsb should have heavy armor - tribesman should also have a champion

  • Another "Challenge of Champions" idea for those who are still brainstorming: EoS Inquisitor with Blessed Steel, Hammer of Witches, Witchfire Guard, Potion of Swiftness, Repeater Pistol = 345 pts. 5 attacks, Str 5 / AP 2, Lethal Strike, D3 Wounds 3+ / 4++ (vs magic) Agi 6 (9 for 1 turn) 3 shots (3+ to hit) at Str 4 / AP 2.

  • Here's mine: Blade Dancer Prince with Hunter's Honour, Glyph of Amryl, Sacred Seeds. 450 exact.

  • So then no Hunter on Rock Auroch ... (which of course is way over the 450 pts) More realistically - no mounted KoE?

  • Quote from PrettyBoy: “Armand the Red Vampire Courtier Strigoi Bloodline Flying Horror halberd Blessed Inscriptions Potion of Strength Potion of Speed 445 pts. ” Wait ... are mounted options allowed?

  • Quote from thedoctor: “Hmmm there are so many interesting much do I want people to hate me ” Yeah right ... like you are the one that's hated.

  • Paid / List Submitted

  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

    Snarkhunter - - Supporters Corner


    When building a SE Forest Prince with Sylvan Blades - it correctly shows AP 2/3. When enchanting the blades with Titanic Might, the output is simply AP 2 (and it should be AP 2/3).

  • Quote from SirMC2015: “@thedoctor and @Gatti I honestly hope it is a 10-10 because you are both using bad puns. Kung Fu Panda- “Our Battle Will be Legendary!” -Tai Lung 300- “Fight in the Shade” Dieneces- Spartan Soldier from Thermopylae ” 12-8 ... give Capps a little credit ...

  • Quote from Gym Shorts: “Quote from eggsPR: “I tried and I tried and I tried. Jen won't let me go bc of her birthday being Oct 20th. Have fun without me and good luck to all. ” Next up on my grudge list-1 Shannon 2 Checkerboard Alex ” I've played you in at least 75% of the GT's I've attended in the last 2 years ... quit trying to hog all my awesomeness. Play Alex (and during the game frequently say stuff like "Knight to Queen 7" and "Check" and "En Passant").