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  • Didn't this got fixed in the last update (205.1) ? If not, it will be in the next one

  • Here, it seems that the bolt thrower is in the cav unit's front, thus you only check line of sight to the cavalry's front. Since more than half of its front is behind the forest (from the bolt thrower perspective), there is soft cover. Behind simply mean that the forest is between the target and the shooter, without the target being inside the forest. Check figure 25 page 65 for examples of being "behind" a cover.

  • Yes. Attacks made at models in base contact (for example due to ID Volbanic Embrace) or other effects affecting models in base contact work between two duelists, as they are in base contact. The last part you quoted is there to explain that attacks affecting specific models in base contacts (again, Volcanic Embrace) can affect models in a duel despite the "attacking" model not being part of the duel, or the opposite. For example, if a model with Volcanic Embrace is in contact with 3 enemy R&…

  • Il y a le même paragraphe dans les deux règles Quote: “Socle compatible ... Lorsqu’une unité avec des figurines qui suivent la règle « Au premier rang » effectue un Mouvement simple, une Marcheforcée ou une Reformation, ces figurines peuvent être réorganisées dans le cadre de ce mouvement et tant que le nouvelagencement respecte la règle. Cela compte dans la limite de mouvement de l’unité (mesurez la distance entre la positioninitiale et la position d’arrivée du centre de la figurine repositionn…

  • Oui, faut aller voir la règle "Front Rank" (je sais pas comment c'est traduit en français ^^) dans les règles spéciales.

  • Quote from JimMorr: “Do I read it correctly that you can Issue a Duel with a Character that is not in base contact with enemy unit? The only requirement is that the Character / Champion is Engaged and Character counts as Engaged when the unit he is with is Engaged. At the same time to accept a duel character's unit must be in base contact with unit from which Duel has been issued. Is it correct? ” Basically only the two units in which the two characters are must be in contact, that is all.

  • Quote from umbranar: “Might have been asked and I missed it, but how does parry interact with ability score increases and the priority of modifiers? Here an example, My Feldrak Ancestor has Supernatural Dexterity on a halberd. His Offensive skill is normally 6, with this enchantment it becomes 8. Parry says: The model gains +1 Defensive Skill. The model’s Defensive Skill is always set to the Offensive Skill of the attacker. Will the defender have a Defensive Skill of 6 (set modifier higher on th…

  • No cap on OS and DS (check under priority of modifiers p.16)

  • Quote from duxbuse: “Quote from Alzam: “Cursed Medallion work just fine, same as reroll to-wound from spectral blade reroll to-hit from ancestral aid. ” What about lightning reflexes or killer instinct? ” Both are Attack Attributes, so they do not work. Attack Attributes are all the "offensive" Special rules you can give to a model. Basically every rule that can be listed in your profile next to your offensive stat is either a weapon or a Attack Attribute (or a Special Attack, but I assume you c…

  • Quote from Alexwellace: “Blade Dancers and Hawk riders and Wild Huntsmen are always the units that cut from my lists because I can't afford enough of them to reach the critical mass, while still having acceptable scoring. ” Just a small note that I have noticed with the few (10~20) games I had with my SE recently : if you play in an aggressive way (which fit the three type of units you listed ^^), you can really get away with few scorings. Granted, I play very aggressively (the whole list is cc …

  • 9th Age Skirmish

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    The 9th age : Skirmish Campaigns It's an homebrew (so not official stuff), but really well made.

  • You can't make two crush attacks the same round, no (it is considered as another cc attack, we will add a precision for next update). However, Cursed Medallion work just fine, same as reroll to-wound from spectral blade or reroll to-hit from ancestral aid. The things that do not work are - Attack Attributes (flaming, lethal,...; of course except for Multiple wound d3+1) - Weapons bonuses - Any change to the bearer’s Agi, Str, AP or Att (those are not linked to the stats of the model, but specifi…

  • Quote from Martins9thAge: “Hellow!! How it works secundary objective capture the flags if one unit scoring is Decimated and Fleeing, it counts as i have that scoring unit or not? ” No, you need to destroy that scoring entirely, don't let them get away !

  • Quote from Natasake: “Quote from Lagerlof: “No Headhunter on Auroch ” Because ?a) you said so b) there are rules which cleary describe why not c) the guys writing the rules said so d) something different If it is b) I would ask you to show me the rules, if it is anything else I would like to get some helpful notes how I can prove to my opponents it doesn't work and expect to see a clarifaction in the next update. ” It seems that the guys deciding of the rules (Rule-Team) missed that interaction …

  • 1 - Oui, voir la règle "plus engagé" p.53. 2 - Mmmh, je dirais oui (même si c'est un peu de "l'abus de règles"), mais vais invoquer une entité supérieure pour confirmer. @Eisenheinrich Unit composed solely of 2 characters. First one move out of the unit, then second one move and join the first character. This is permitted, right? 3 - Tu as raison d'avoir un doute, c'est en effet l'ordre qui résulte au pire résultat qui est pris en compte. Donc ici ça fini sur 5+ pour blesser. 4 - Non. Il est imp…

  • Quote from Xeonic: “In the new Scenario Booklet, a narrative scenarion called Weather the Storm: "Roll 1D6 and multiply by six at the start of each player’s turn this is how many inches the troops can see into theblizzard. A roll of ‘1’ means there is no visibility penalty that turn.You cannot shoot, charge, or otherwise specifically target a unit outside another unit’s distance of sight." Does this mean that each unit has a separate vision of that roll, or is that shared? I.e. can you move up a…

  • Quote from Fleshbeast: “Wild Huntsmen used to be a staple but no longer get a look in. The lack of Init 6 is what killed them for me. ” How long has it been since you last checked their profile? Because I have good news for you... (well, granted, they don't have init 6, but agi 6 is pretty close, isn't it?)

  • Christmas Avatars

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    Quote from Emperor_Zoron: “Quote from Omarcomin: “Do people actually change these? ” Yes. Some people also take down their Christmas trees. ” But then you don't have it for next Christmas If you have some time Mad'at, I would also like one of your present

  • Mmmh, someone from background is needed for this I think ? @Scottish Knight do you know who would be in charge for that (post above) ?

  • Caster refers to the whole model (models are casting spells, not model parts), so yes for both spells