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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Eso es verdad, pero se podria meter de todas formas dentro de la unidad de pollos utilizando como montura un caballo no?

  • Si, pero solo puedes curar 1 herida. Creeme si te digo que no aguantan tanto como parece, de hecho los Reaper y los gigantes se estan haciendo mas populares debido a ello, aguantan mas. El tanque esta lejisimos de ser la mejor unidad del juego. Si te lees la seccion del imperio veras que solo los espanoles se quejan del tanque, y es el motivo de que lo hayan subido de precio otra vez mas. Se me ocurren muchas tropas que tienen un impacto muy superior en las partidas :(super elfas brujas de yema,…

  • Quote from Horned_Lizard: “Pff... 16 ushabtis y 3 esfinges? En serio se puede hacer algo asi? Las aberraciones que hay que ver... Y luego capan por ahí cosas hasta el limite de dejar un army con 2 opciones de básicas. Por cierto, la esfinge es esa cosa con R8? Porque vaya tela... Tanto q se quieren desvincular de workchop a ver si rectifican sus mierdas heredadas, por esta bastante claro que le pusieron semejante resistencia para que el muñeco se vendiera como churros. ” Las esfinges estan bien,…

  • El juego es una joya, con respecto a UD, algo habia demasiado bueno en el codex cuando derrepente en los torneos un ejercito que solia ser minoritario de repente todo el mundo lo usa y esta en todos los equipos con listas relativamente similares (16 shabties, 3 esfinges, porron de carros....) y lo digo yo que juego con UD, y me duele ver mis carros encarecidos.....

  • Yes, brown cardboard. But the one that is around 2mm thick, and quite hard (the one I used was a dishes box)

  • Me too, I dont know how to do it....

  • Hi, I am building new terrain and thought It could be a idea to show it to the community. I have followed the instructions I found in one of the 9th scrolls, with small adjustments. 1-I bought two cheap foldable tables, that are used to cut wallpaper. I had to make some adjustment to make them 180x120cm 9931c5c3b034b778f7039319951f2526.jpg 2-For the rollable terrain I used a blanket, the ones sold for moving furniture. 37b4c12e044c771bf31862f0e722ffb5.jpg 3-I painted all over the blanket with ak…

  • New necrosphinx available at Norba miniatures!!

  • Village assault

    Litoperez - - Scenarios and Game variants


    I got very bussy while building up the scenography....So we have playe other games, combining mordheim and T9a, but not this game yet...maybe it could be the final battle...

  • Why we play this game?

    Litoperez - - General Discussion


    What you explain is exactly the reason I keep on playing 40k, I dont like the rules, the game is totally unbalanced, but yet they have the best background, fantastic models, and super cool scenography. it is important to bring this back to fantasy also, even though we do not have the resources of GW.

  • Hi, Could it be possible to get a quick reference sheet on the 0.205 armybook? The UD book has it and it is very helpful for all people who doesnt have good memory. I wonder if it is possible to add it on the next redesing

  • Yo creo quw la elecion entre nomarca y faraon depende fundamentalmente de si quieres un personaje de combate o de apoyo a la unidad. Para carros y guardia tal vez combate sea mejor. Con la guardia a mi me gusta colocar el tomb harbringer o mejor aun faraon y tomb harbringer! El nomarca juega mejor en retaguardia con la corona para potenciar el disparo y las unidades de combate cc

  • It is pretty crazy what happened to UD. But it is also true that in the last team event i have checked almost all the teams had UD. In the last big team tournament in spain the most played armies were VC and UD! Anyway I am a little sad because we got super nerfed, and we got nothing buffed (yeah ok, the book, but what if i dont want to use the book). Now using cataphracts is more appealing but they are almost impossible to buy!

  • For me the most interesting part of all those changes are the cost reduction on the flagellants: how would you play a unit of 15? Would it be viable to play maybe 2-3 units of 15, and the altar, charge in "line formation 8+7" make a big impact, and then reform and get them to conga line so that they survive long enough? Would it be fair? Is it realistic? I need to test it! I still think that the "misunderstanding" in the first side of this topic, about adding an extra channeling dice to the alta…

  • Quote from Folomo: “We can also start using chariots without the Charioteer upgrade. I think losing scoring and +1 STR on charge but gaining strongly in mobility is a good trade off when you can save 120 pts per chariot unit. Somewhat surprised the cost per additional chariot didn't increase. 65 pts per chariot is pretty bonkers TBH. ” Yeah, but is not like we have plenty of scoring units that can actually move enough to grab an objective...for me they area almost mandatory with legion chariotee…

  • Very nice descriptions!

  • Will be those adjustments frozen for eternity with the "golden edition" or could it come small adjustments afterwards? Any consideration regarding the Barrow legion? Its a beautiful list but seldom used since the scarab swarms got nerfed.

  • Everybody want to see those new UD miniatures! Specially cataphracts!

  • Thanks for the pics and the comments, those pictures show the details way better than the ones on TMS website

  • Does somebody have a picture of the TMS tomb cataphracts painted? I want to see the detail level of the miniatures and I dont get it very well with the pictures I see in the forum...