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    Should the campaign fail to reach the goal, will the miniatures still be sent along, or is it an all-or-nothing deal? I've a need for those Necroguards.

  • @Happy Aspid The obsidian rock is probably my favorite support item, I just don't use it right now because I WANT the enemy to throw their spells at my warrior block instead of the guys that do most of the actual lifting. They're a nice distraction.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “yeah, putting a devastating spell up to 10+ casting isnt going to help much at all. ” Well, it's not a 10+ cast, but a 7+ cast with a -3 to the roll results. Dispel-wise that's a pretty damned good deal. On the listbuilding side, we really need to do something about Warriors only being good in a 30-strong blob. And no, I don't think that the answer is to lower the unit size, before anyone asks.

  • Gauntlets are great on Entropic Lords for that reason.

  • On a quick glance somewhere in the 2500-3000p range.

  • @Aegitru That's a rough list for WDG in multiple ways, if only because when Sphinxes are involved things always get a bit difficult, and because the punching power of your list was pretty low overall. But on a quick look, there's a few things to consider: I don't know how the pre-game went, but this is a match where I'd actually want to have the opponent slap everything down and take first turn, because answering his deployment is pretty crucial. Going second is perfect in a match like this. So …

  • Quote from Aegitru: “Thanks for the advice. Here's the list : 850 - Exalted Herald 310 - Sorcerer, General, Alchemy, Wizard Adept, Plate Armour, Alchemist's Alloy, Book of Arcane Mastery 646 - 23x Warriors, Standard Bearer, Banner of Speed, Musician, Champion 275 - 10x Fallen 701 - 8x Chosen, Great Weapons, Wrath, Standard Bearer, Flaming Standard, Musician, Champion 491 - 3x Feldraks, Halberds, Standard Bearer, Flaming Standard, Musician, Champion 430 - Battleshrine, Ledger of Souls, Alchemy 40…

  • Against a chariot star...The first problem is that they got the charge. Second is that you focused the characters Always focus on the unit. Synergy or no synergy, the unit is the real workhorse, kill the skeletons and force them to crumble. The damn Lethal Strike makes it really difficult with the amount of attacks the unit pumps out, so the best bet is to remove as many skeletons as possible - Which is still an uphill task to realize, but the only way to actually down a Terracotta Star. The inf…

  • It's easy to forget that mobility powercreep has in fact been a thing in the past few years, since it's hard to notice it on the slower infantry units over the fast and big cavalry units and monsters. So, yes, technically WDG infantry has average speed, because fluff says the average speed is 4/8 and it reads 4/8 on a lot of entries. But then we get into the wonderful world of special rules and things suddenly become very, very different...

  • Well, mechanically 4/8 is average, but now that I'm looking into it, looks like everyone and their mother has boosts to dodge this. Hmm...Discounting everyone who has access to movement boosts for "free", that is, outside spells or item allowance, we get a Core Unit selection that looks like this: VC and UD both have all their infantry in 4/8". OK have Scraplings DH and ID have their 3"/9" shenanigans, notably DH also has access to vast amount of Vanguard though. That's...That's everyone? Litera…

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “I know that this squad going to be overpriced and not too efficient. It only going to have 37 attacks in 6x3 formation. ” It's hilarious and sure to raise a few eyebrows, and that's the important part! Shame that there isn't room for two combat banners on the BSB, that'd be even more amusing. Edit: Actually...If Thrice-Forged is ditched, Rending+Zealot+Talisman would fit neatly for a 145p package and a +4/+4 save.

  • Ah, the days of Skeletons being kings of the world. Well we're still kings of the world but you get the point. Did I say "we're"? I meant, "they're."

  • Quote from Krokz: “giphy.gif My tears when my Warriors bounce off of Poison Spear Goblins. Dough tears are even bigger when facing Plague Disciples. ” Indeed, the rules are currently quite stacked against elite infantry - ablative wounds, rampant AP and winning combats being meaningless due to steadfast. Makes one long for the days of Step Up or whatever that was again...Back when models died from front ranks first, so killing those 10 goblins before they get to poke you actually meant quite a b…

  • Quote from AutoHammer: “Core doesn't suck uniformly. An army that's 50% wasteland warriors is going to do a lot better than an army that's 50% common goblins. ” Goblins are un-ironically the best Core infantry in this game, though.

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    Quote from Emperor_Zoron: “Yes. Some people also take down their Christmas trees. ” Those people are what we call "peasants."

  • Quote from AutoHammer: “@Palmu Interesting list. I think that Damnation forsworn are where its at, but why are you taking small units with spiked shields? Doesn't it make more sense to max your numbers and skip the pricey shield?? ” I need them for their Scoring, and for that I need them alive. While it's super useful in allowing me to actually put trust in the dudes, I don't WANT them to turn into Wretches. Spiked Shields keep alive longer, keep them in combat longer and keep them winning longe…

  • Aye, he goes with them, but my experience with characters with any sort of damage reduction in units like this is that there's usually too high a risk for the opponent to lose the combat if they throw attacks at the dude with a +4 save...Unless they're Stubborn, as happened in this match. So, no, in general I don't fear for his health very much. And yes, I usually take Hellfire on the Giant since he has an easy time casting it wherever (including over targets and into characters hiding behind un…

  • Another match, using this list: (Hidden Content) Versus this "elves without elves" list: (Hidden Content) Match info: (Hidden Content) I really liked the Forsworn, much more than I liked the third Chimera and the double Adept set-up. They did some serious work in the match, both holding the line and killing their targets, I'll keep testing them out further. Next time I'll also try Evocation, despite my misgivings about the Path. Re-rolls feel badly needed, and I can get Glory of Gold on the Gian…

  • Not a bad idea at all, I'd been thinking of using horses for centaur-Feldrakes, but juggerbodies seem much better for it. Also, currently sitting in UB in case anyone wants to duke it out.

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    Oh boy, it's time to use this for another six months!