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  • @eggsPR I'm assuming Mince is the Bard of Brave Companions.

  • @Mamut what is a CoK?

  • Judges every time as well. Although recently I haven't been playing any DE special infantry. The judges get avoided like the plague, dancers don't have enough punch I feel. Coupled with witchcraft the judges make for a devastating unit even more. It all really depends on your preference though and what your list is meant to do. Dancers I feel are more of a pit than a killing unit but you have to get them into combat to make them effective.

  • In my list I don't make the peg the BSB, I make the Peg the General and use another capt on a chariot as the bsb.

  • the peg (fly is great) is the only option for this build, placing him on anything else is a terrible idea because you lose a lot. If you're taking the dragon and 2 hydras, you go over in points when you take a manticore. Characters slot for me is maxed out at 1800pts right now. I don't think the manticore is worth the hydra to be honest. Worth less points and provides basically the same thing but has better grinding power.

  • (Hidden Content) This is the list i just revised, my initial list had 2 units of 12 blades (not that great to be honest) My first game was capturing objectives, my second game was secure target.

  • Just played 2 games with my Oracle Dragon list. 11-9 against HBE and 10-10 against Skaven, I did WAAAY better than I thought I would do. Occultism for my dragon was seriously the best. Recovering a wound every magic phase kept me alive, having 3 regular breath weapons and another magical one made things really interesting. I loved having my bolt throwers. I'm not sure I'm going to keep the blades of nabh in 2 units of 12 because they don't really do much, I might replace them with corsairs to be…

  • Quote from Helmut: “Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from JackStreicher: “I am not playing this game to have only to field a pathetic rag-tag group of pointed-eared sadists, I want to field a massive army of pointy-eared roman/japanese sadists ” In that case I really don't understand why you play at 3000 or even 2000 points. If I only read your statement from above, I would expect you to play 6000 or more points.Interesting points from a semi-outsider view though. I agree that the points for command a…

  • This is what I'm going to start testing. Oracle Yema, Dragon Moraec's Reaping, Beastmaster's Lash, Wandering Familiar Occultism Beastmaster Captain (General), Lance, HA, Shield Midnight Cloak Cult Priest of Nabh, (BSB), PW Talisman of Shielding 10 RA's Muso 28 Blades, Muso, Champ 5 DR's 5 DR's 5 Harpies Hydra Hydra Raptor Chariot 2 Bolt Throwers Medusa, PW Not sure how I'm going to use it but I can assume I'll have to play it many times before I get good with it. But the RA's can be used as scor…

  • Medusa with a Multi-Shot 3 Str 5 Bow. and Aim 3+. Boom.

  • Sign Me up as a Merc

  • Sign up Chris Mitchell and Ben Nelson Team No Jerms (tentative team name)

  • james is landing at 2:45 today. what about you?

  • Dread Prince, Dragon, Lance, Transcendence Captain, Manticore, HA, Shield, Lance, Death Cheater Oracle, Master, Div, Wandering Familiar 30 Spears, Full Command, Shields, Academy Banner 5 Dark Raiders RxB 5 Dark Raiders RxB 10 Corsairs, RhB, C, M 25 Executioners, Full Command, Banner of Speed 6 Dread Knights, Full Command, Banner of Blood Divine Alter, Disciples, PW

  • who has found a hotel? I'm about an hour or so from the venue in WV and i have room for people to stay. and tables for people to play.

  • are you a nasty skaven that's allowed to shoot into combat?

  • Every combat that only contains 2 characters is considered a duel, once a third is introduced the duel is broken.

  • depending on how many heroes are in this combat we may have to get a few tables running where we start a bracket to see who the best is.

  • That's why my Dread Elf has a Repeater CrossBow.

  • Dread Prince GW (Deaths Kiss) HA (Seal of the Republic) RxB Talisman of Shielding 450pts