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    Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Tried to find lists but they arent in the tourney thread. Any chance you could link please? Would be interested to see what such a list looks like ” Their lists. Their OK and UD were #1 and #2 in points.…95fb34833385001a6513ba08b

  • Quote from Feynn: “There's a reason if I can't play WDG or DL into tournaments anymore, my team doesn't let me use anything else but UD anymore since no one knows how to play them. ” It is also true UD is currently one of best armies. Quote from jacobkjellerup: “don’t leave us hanging! ” Abrasus Tactics Channel

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    Quote from Ghiznuk: “@Krokz I'd love that first chess post to be redrawn with the correct faction names for OUR game, and then I can share it on our official FB page ” Sadly it is not my art, I stole it on FB.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • Quote from Mahlzeit: “Remember that negating the spear rule entirely can be achieved by making it into the unit’s flanks. ” Or not Charging it at all. No reason to unless they have a caster in there, let them charge.

  • I think all will be a lot better if a word "Warrior" truly becomes WDG only as BGT is saying. We are way too subjective as this word is very broad and generic at this time. Currently there are other armies that use the word Warrior(s) for their units, @Scottish Knight can we expect them to get a rename on the long run?

  • Apparently humans breed faster

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Insignificant - main reason) ” (Barbarians are cheaper per wound anyway)

  • Quote from Mahlzeit: “it’s not as represented in lists compared to the other choices? ” Since the last Lord point drop he is represented in lists, still more data is needed, and from more metas. It is the DoomLord that sees almost no tournament play.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “You will have to add some sort of beast with 25x50 as a transport in this case) ” How about BattleShrine with Ledger in a big unit of Dogs?

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “About overall meta and flying circus: how in WODG army meta supposed to change if there are so many restrictions on it? Want dragon - cool! Only two entries have access to it, while they must be a general and one is incredibly useless with dragon (chosen lord). Want chimeras with wings? Only two available at best, and even they need to have expensive upgrade that nerfs their maximum speed. Chosen lord with Disc? Nah, never supposed to be by design - so disc now only 6/18…

  • I see we need cheaper dogs so Sorcerers with Ledgers will use them as bunkers

  • Unit names

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    Discussion about unit names is here: WDG Background & Fluff Discussion

  • Quote from Kaitin: “Lost after 2.0 Flying circus (dead at all) Infantry msu (wrath mark) Magical lists (change mark) Evasion lists (lust mark) Anvil lists (pest mark) ” Only Evasion list is half gone (due to Fearless, but maybe if Lust goes very cheap as it is happening lately it can return), questionable if WDG should be that much evasion at all, most of community members say they did not choose WDG to play avoidance. All others are kinda there in design, some very present (like Magic sniping),…

  • Quote from Kaitin: “Were the limitations on WDG playstyles too hard? They definitely were, because the only thing you can do is to choose a unit to push forward. ” I agree it is too hard, limitation on Vanguard should never happen on this scale, but that is my personal opinion. Excluding the old Hellcannon (which is now a teleport machine, so it evens out) this army was always about pushing forward, wasn't it?

  • Quote from Kaitin: “Isn't that the main purpose of the developer - to make people like your creation? ” But all 16 army books cannot be liked the same from all the people? WDG, or their legacy army, was the most popular book of old. This is mainly due to the company in charge making drastically more content for it than any other army. They did that because they controlled its IP, it was theirs, they could maximize profits on it far more than creating content that is close to impossible to own it…

  • Well, Barbarians should have Strength in numbers, many cheap low quality wounds. No other unit in WDG offers that and it is supposed to be this army weakness. They could get some new SR in the coming patch to help, but overall I believe players do not pick this army to play mass low quality wounds. They are a nice addition to the army just because they stand out as the only horde entry. And lower prices always come if something is not played.

  • and old Wrath

  • Quote from Fleshbeast: “Quote from Shukran: “Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Shukran: “is there any rule that explain it? ” Rulebook p.56, under Range. ” Quote from t9a: “Range X″ The spell has a maximum casting range. Only targets within X″ can be chosen. This casting range is always indicated in the corresponding column in the spell’s profile (see figure 26 ). Note that any effects that alter a spell’s range do not affect any other distance specifications that may be part of the spell’s effect. …