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  • Huzzah, Saturday the 19th

    GenePhelps - - Mid-Atlantic


    I will be at grail quest also.... I was there last night and they said there is a 40 person tournament scheduled for this saturday You might try Games Tavern in Chantilly

  • Please add this to the FAQ or fix the army book. BradC has shown that as written this manifestation does not effect the mount, despite what may have been intended.

  • Quote: “So I wanted to clarify some possible misconceptions. ” I am not involved with the masters committee

  • Odd situation with charging In the Diagram Black Terrain is impassible Unit A declares a charge at Unit 1 Unit B declares a charge at Unit 2 Unit C declares a charge at Unit 3 There is not enough room for Unit C to get past Unit 2 and the impassable terrain The charging player says it is legal as he will charge Unit B first, since he cannot close the door, Unit 2 will have to align to Unit B This will allow Unit C to complete the charge on Unit 3 Is this acceptable?

  • Deamon Legions Can this item be used at any time? It's very clear that it MUST be used when the conditions listed are met, but it is not clear if that's the ONLY time it can be used Quote from Daemon Legions Book: “Digestive Vomit (45 pts) {60 pts} {Dominant} One use only. Must be activated the first time the bearer’s unit performs a Post-Combat Pivot or a Post-Combat Reform. The model {and each R&F model in its unit} gains +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration until the end of the game. ”

  • 2019 Mid-Atlantic Events

    GenePhelps - - Mid-Atlantic


    Not a lot so far, but details on the event have been scarce

  • 2018 Mid-Atlantic events

    GenePhelps - - Mid-Atlantic


    Here you go, been meaning to post this for a while now. Thanks for the reminder 2019 Mid-Atlantic Events

  • 2019 Mid-Atlantic Events

    GenePhelps - - Mid-Atlantic


    Here is the schedule of events for 2019 that I am aware of so far. (Blue are the MA events, others are travel events) Jan 19-20 - Grail Quest/Masters (Philadelphia) Feb 16-17 - Colonial Carnage - (Williamsburg,VA) (team event) March 29-30 - Corner Hammer (Chicago) April 13-14 -Battlecry (Philadelphia) April (Late) - Brawlers Bash (Durham, NC) June 7-9 - TriumphGT (New Jersey) July 8-9 - BuckeyeBattles (Columbus OH) Aug/Sep - Dragons Den (Philadelphia, PA) Oct 26-27 - Mountain Mayhem V (Warrenton…

  • V205 Discussion thread

    GenePhelps - - General Discussion


    Antone know why the penetrating rule was replaced with 5x1 instead of 1x5? It seems a bit confusing as model bases are shown as width first then depth, for consistency it might be helpful if they were done the same. *** sorry already discussed

  • Doubles of the same army allows things like two steam tanks, 4x Doom divers, 4x organ guns... Phil's double WoDG did not abuse this rule but the possibilities are there.

  • Great, Can you use your partners Inspiring presence and Rally around the Flag? Can you use duplicate armies?

  • Can you post the rules here? Thanks

  • Very few changes in the top 10 when using soft scores vs straight battle points

  • Quote from b_phelps: “Quote from Gym Shorts: “Sign up the CGL Champions! ” Please have this team change their name, they will have a non CGL player and dont deserve the title ” Ambitious name for a team that has finished behind CGL A Team both years

  • Quote from Warboss Tooth: “oh i thought i put the post up, but maybe I didn't. Gene I was wondering why I only got 11 pts on admin instead of 16? I thought i sent the payment and lists before deadline. Or was there something else I missed? ” There were three levels for list submission +5 if on or before Oct 3 0 if on or before Oct 10 -5 after Oct 10 I got yours on Oct 10 so no penalty, but no bonus.

  • Thank you to all who attended.... If you have the time, please let us know here what you liked/disliked about the tournament and what could we do to improve it for next time?

  • Here are the results * * Name * Club * Army * Total * Battle * Paint * Sports * Admin * 1 * Ryan Capps * Brave Companions * Ogre Khans * 121 * 80 * 12 * 13 * 16 * 2 * Jeremy Schweitzer * Brave Companions * Vermin Swarm * 109 * 71 * 7 * 15 * 16 * 3 * Justin Burgy * Brave Companions * Highborn Elves * 107 * 71 * 7 * 13 * 16 * 4 * Travis Weyforth * Not Warmongers * Highborn Elves * 104 * 69 * 6 * 13 * 16 * 5 * Brad Close * CGL * Daemon Legions…

  • A Phoenix loses it's last wound in combat It rolls the 5+ and places the marker on the board Do the friendly units within 6" take panic checks? Phoenix Rules : "The first time a Phoenix loses its last Health Point, the owner must roll a D6. On a roll of 5+ (or 3+ if the model has Warden’s Bond), remove the model and place a marker where its centre was. If the roll fails, the model counts as a casualty."

  • Pairings update, Alex had to drop so Todd is now playing Jake

  • Quote from PrettyBoy: “Quote from GenePhelps: “Full Army lists here ” Gene you posted my original list I sent you by accident. The revised one I sent you is the same except the knights have aether icon not banner of speed. ” Thanks Ryan... I put the correct one up