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  • Quote from Kdownunder: “ Edit5478335c129f6178344cfe990ba5d530.jpg Lähetetty minun SM-A500FU laitteesta Tapatalkilla(Hidden Content) ” Can I get a bag of that bottom middle stuff please?

  • I'd remove stupidity so they can be taken seriously as an independent unit instead of cactus if your general dies. I'd also improve their offensive capability as they're meh. I have the models but no interest.

  • its just such an underwhelming choice. Unless they make this CORE unit something players WANT to take, the army will continue it's slide in to obscurity.

  • Couldn't agree more. I might add that in the game, they win most combats, like they used to do in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th ed, and 9th age v1 and v1.1..........

  • I've been playing a mobile game called Grow Empire Rome. It's cheap and nasty but a lot of fun. The roman basic infantry is described as "no weaknesses, no advantages" They fight with sword and shield and have excellent armour and attack. They also throw a Pilum. I don't like the WDG book and haven't approved of any of the changes since 1.1. The spiked shield I felt was a step in the right direction. I don't like it but I liked my WOC army in 7th ed and don't feel any desire to conform to the MS…

  • why not make core, reduce points and leave two attacks alone?

  • My WDG playstyle is mostly defensive. I take big barbarian blocks and warrior blocks, knight buses and characters and deploy them deep on the shelf - waiting until the points decrease significantly and they get some synergies or some x-factor reason to play the army.

  • Quote from Krokz: “Ladies and gents, .205 Rulebook is in the Beta Tab Quote from Krokz: “And lastly, next price changes for WDG will be in 2-3 months, so we encourage you to play the army and provide feedback as much as possible! ” ” See you in 3 months. Maybe.

  • 20 orcs, paired weapons and a skewerer.

  • Galharen's High Elf army blog

    jimbo81 - - User Blogs


    your chariot reminds me of this:

  • Galharen's High Elf army blog

    jimbo81 - - User Blogs


    love that wire you've used to make the reigns - looks so much better than the chain most guys use. Just copper wire twisted?

  • fix orc cavalry

    jimbo81 - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    I see the benefits of ferals but can't get past the Arm save with common. 2+ on mounted edbashers with lances and mintoks - throw in a giant with net and the shamanism spell that boosts them to res5 = win every combat in the game

  • Chariot upgrades

    jimbo81 - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    I think for the points, that the orc chariot needs to gain something

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “Quote from jimbo81: “...I think the data is flawed because I recall WDG winning a tournament in Germany around 1.3 and 54 nerfs were introduced. That was the T9A's approach to data received = 54 nerfs based on one tournament. I still have the original paper printed with the changes in red. ” Hi, there are several Blog articles and a scroll article which Show how TA works. We collect Single and Team Events data. We process them seperate. We compare them and a combination of …

  • Everything you have glossed over is precisely the problem. "And WDG is explicitly about just being awesome. It's not a synergy army. That's why they have over-the-top stats." This really takes the cake for me. Wow. Best of luck with the other books. WDG is completely unplayable for me. I'm pleased that new players are attracted to it - believe it or not I want the ninth age to continue to do well- or start to do well or whatever. As I've said, Orcs and Ogres can do everything WDG can do cheaper,…

  • Quote from piteglio: “Quote from jimbo81: “So a book that loses thousands of players but.. ” if true, this would be troublesome. could you give us a breakdown of the evidence you gathered in support of this claim? ” Just responding to the ridiculous hyperbole in the previous post about the WDG book being a "large success" when it is at best a fail that was rejected, then frantically re-worked and re-released but now apparently above any criticism and attracting new players in their 2's and 3's..…

  • Quote from arwaker: “imho wdg book is large success. Two people I know started collecting new wdg armies after reading the new book. I'm also thinking about it. ” So a book that loses thousands of players but has two new starters and potentially a third is a large success? Well, using your scale of expectations, we need the first book to be a titanic success, the upgrades need to be immense and gigantic. Large will simply not do.

  • Quote from My_Kin: “The WDG book isn't weak at all, if anything it's stronger than most. It's just that a whole generation of players were used to autowinning with them by shoving stuff forward in 8th. Now they're having to actually learn how to play the game. ” I think it's perfectly on topic to answer the question of - is the project a success or not by saying that it is mostly successful with the elephant in the room being the WDG book which urgently needs to be redone to remain relevant - ot…

  • I think if you multiplied ALL the points in the WDG Army Book by 0.75, while at the same time adding a warshrine with pick one of three buffs to a single unit within 6" (-1 to hit from shooting and magic, 6+ special save stacks with any other special save, +1 to cast and dispel results), and bringing back the eye of the gods roll after winning a challenge (for champions through all characters), then that's MOST of the problems with WDG fixed. I'd play them again.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “New list with more spam knights and chariots. Trying out the forsaken one. Exalted herald – 840 Sorceror, Master, Evocation, Paired Weapons, Destiny’s Call, Heroes Heart – 500pts Core – 930pts 20 Warriors, Std, Mus, Champ, Halberds – 670pts 8 Dogs – 130pts 8 Dogs – 130pts Legendary Beasts – 410pts Forsaken One – 410pts Special – 1600pts 4 Chosen Knights, Musician, Halberds, Favour of Pride – 580pts 4 Chosen Knights, Musician, Halberds, Favour of Pride – 580pts Chari…