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    Thank you for the nice video on the tournament. Would be sad to not see you participate in another tournament as I had 3 great opponents and there was no hassle

  • Quote from Mahlzeit: “Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Feynn: “There's a reason if I can't play WDG or DL into tournaments anymore, my team doesn't let me use anything else but UD anymore since no one knows how to play them. ” It is also true UD is currently one of best armies. Quote from jacobkjellerup: “don’t leave us hanging! ” Abrasus Tactics Channel ” what prices did they use for warrior knights? 2*5 with lances and musician cost 620 points, not 586(?) as mentioned in @GabbaGandalf s post.Perh…

  • Abrasus Tactics Channel

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    690 - Chosen Lord, Favour of Vanadra, Goddess of Wrath, BSB, Black Steed, Burning Portent, Dragonfire Gem, Lucky Charm, Idol of Spite 355 - Sorcerer, General, Dark Chariot, Plate Armour, Binding Scroll, Wizard Adept, Alchemy 400 - Sorcerer, Dark Chariot, Paired Weapons, Plate Armour, Basalt Infusion, Hero's Heart, Wizard Adept, Evocation 130 - 8x Warhounds 772 - 24x Warriors, Great Weapon, M, C, S, Zealots Banner 804 - 5x Chosen Knights, Favour of Cibaresh, God of Lust, M, S, Flaming Standard 14…

  • 2nd Crippling Rides 9

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    Also in

  • Abrasus Tactics Channel

    GabbaGandalf - - User Blogs


    I would prefer a Strength and Weaknesses of each army (from a player perspective not the AWSAW) This would support in finding the levers within ones own army to defeat the opponent (e.g. what makes my SA strong and which units can i leverage to abuse weakness of my opponents army).

  • Quote from Randomus: “And I actually played VC... ;] @Danrakh - FAAAAKE NEEEWS! ;] ” Abrasus OP

  • I agree to the 2 posts above! Thank you to Casas and my 3 opponents for nice games! I will try to join in the next tournament. Regards

  • Quote from Clockwork: “Judges vs Dancers. If you could only take one infantry block which would it be and why? I’ve been having mixed success lately with Dancers but there has been talk recently of Judges putting the Dread back in Dread Elves. 27 plus Strider banner is only 20 points more than 28 Dancers plus Daecos I’ve been running. ” Depends on the rest of the list. If taking an altar I would go with the Dancers. If not taking the altar I would ho with the judges

  • Quote from Gatti: “Casas list accurate Gabbagandalf, no idea which list his is, lots are by real and many people are more creative with usernames than I am. Which is gabbagandalfs? ” its the one which is hardest to read Sorry for that

  • @Squirrelloid - list is correct @Todesbrot - list is correct

  • Quote from Casas: “You have to review their lists At least that was my idea, is people doing otherwise? ” I thought it was the other way around

  • @Gatti: list is accurate @helldragon: list is accurate

  • Group b - central europe for me please

  • Quote from tunasandwichify: “So it’s been a day. We’re are all those .205 lists?! ” no battlescribe update yet. Overall i like the update a lot and I think the book is moving in the right direction.

  • I think its mainly the price. They got nerfed quite hard (directly and indirectly) but their price was not reduced to compensate. Another point already mentioned is that they are quite fragile to ranged. I could see them with 4+ AS and/or the allowance to take them in units of 5 again (regeneration is gone for them afterall).

  • get rid of S5 impact hits to give it better mobility or higher range

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from Konrad von Richtmark: “It works on the Hunting Chariot though, since it isn't an area attack ” Still not worth taking the hunting chariot. lol I mean, it would be super fun if you get the combo off by rolling that 6. Much cheering and shouting would be had and your opponent will be looking up rules in disbelief before you roll to wound. And after all is calm and settled you roll a couple 1's to wound anyway. ” ...and then get charged on the opponents turn becau…

  • boohoo

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from GabbaGandalf: “Witchcraft is also really nice for a shooting list now IMO...just imagine what 3 Bolt Throwers do to the enemy with either the Hereditary or the Witchcraft 6 spell. ” the bolt throwers average an extra hit on 6 shots with the witchcraft spell.Hereditary is decent through it requires 5 dice and be 18" to cast it. Against majority of armies I don't think I'll be taking the number 6 spell for witchraft. Too much shooting in the meta that I'll be cas…

  • Quote from noir: “Quote from GabbaGandalf: “Witchcraft is also really nice for a shooting list now IMO...just imagine what 3 Bolt Throwers do to the enemy with either the Hereditary or the Witchcraft 6 spell. ” Or both ” Lets be realistic. The opponent will probably dispell one