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  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Thebloodyharpy: “Is there anything stopping a SA fat toad from charging out of the unit if he's in the second rank ? ” Other than common sense? Nope . ” Come on! Fluff, too!! :p Or it is a very particular fat toad :p

  • Quote from Lich King: “Quote from Lich King: “Thanks for your efforts. I have found a small mistake in the AC. The DL Hereditary spell in the summary has not been updated yet. ” Sorry to quote myself but it seems it hasn't made the way up to the gods of LaTeX coding. So I have to summon @Eru once more ” Sorry, I think the gods have heard you, but they've decided that no change would occur in the files now they've been released as 2.0 (frozen, they say). It will probably appear in a FAQ/errata, m…

  • I think it's slightly more expensive. Start cost is around 20 euros for A4 coloured RB (premium paperback). It fastly goes around 15 euros though (100-200 copies). It's A4 though, so it would look better than US Letter as it is the original format! I've just started to investigate, Uthegen will know better.

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “Honorable gobelin, même remarque : les LA en français sont disponibles sur la même page de Téléchargements que les LA en anglais ” Je crois que sa remarque est qu'il est surpris de la traduction, surtout qu'il était dans le comité restreint de réflexion sur les nom quand le LA GDS est sorti, et j'avoue que je ne me rappelle pas non plus de ça Voyons ça en interne.

  • Ah! Nasty dust. Unless they're crumbling from their old age and moth activity, cleaning them should solve the problem, then. I say, VACUUM CLEAN EVERYTHING!

  • We can turn off the links for the page numbers. We just have to change \pageref in \pageref* globally.

  • Ah, I see, it makes sense. The problems I have with this are that some page numbers are coloured for nothing, and the links are a bit random, sometimes you'll have important rules that are not coloured. Anyway you can turn off links colour in some places and reactivate it later. It should work with \hypersetup{colorlinks=false} and \hypersetup{colorlinks=true}.

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Well, if it really is the reason, I will try to clean the place a bit and ventilate it better. It's winter around here, so the window is usually closed. ” It should at least help! If there is no dust that can get stuck into your paint while it dries, you shouldn't have any more dust dots

  • We have a T9A database for the 9th builder, which is starting to get updated directly from the book themselves when they're LaTeXed. Maybe it could be interfaced to work with your code? Zikum is the guy to talk to.

  • You need to use a vacuum cleaner in your place more often than once a decade! Sorry

  • Please send me the exact files (whole folder) you are compiling. It mays come from some advanced PDF features that are still under beta in LaTeX, but we do not need those for a printed Pdf.

  • If you reupload a pdf, please turn links color to black!

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “Oui, tu es libre de retirer la figurine que tu veux des rangs arrière. Après, je suis pas certain que ça te serve vraiment à quelque chose, puisque le Rectangle limite de ton unité ne change pas, et que les figurines attaquent par-dessus les vides. ” Ca change les possibilités d'attaques de soutien, et tu ne peux pas déplacer les figurines comme tu veux, il faut une reformation pour les réorganiser, donc ça vaut le coup de réfléchir quand on enlève des pertes. Attention à ga…

  • It's time for Africa !

    Eru - - New army books


    Quote from Lich King: “@Eru just set up a TO DO list for us as Layout Team and one point on this list is to build up a template for all the homebrewers with a short manual to help you to come into the program we use to write the army books that is called LaTeX. For those who do not know already: it is free to use. As soon as time allows me, I'll ask the team to give this task into my hands. ” This is not an easy task, as if we want a well designed and comprehensive tutorial, but it's one of our …

  • Any plan for ogre mammoth hunters? I'm still looking for good ones on foot, and you can easily include 3-4 in a standard list.

  • Quote from mrmossevig: “Quote from Alzam: “Quote from mrmossevig: “Is there a separate error thread for Gold? The AP-values for Master of Earth in the summary makes it the best spell in the game ” You sure you have the gold version and not the small version we released 2 day before to proofread? Because AFAIK we fixed that before release. ” I downloaded the zip-package... ” There must be a problem with the zip package then, the current version of AC has AP 1 / 2 in the Summaries.

  • Calculateur statistique

    Eru - - France


    Oui et oui !

  • Calculateur statistique

    Eru - - France


    Pas trop le temps pour le moment, rappelle le moi plus tard si personne ne t'a aidé d'ici là !

  • WDG, Favour of Akaan (Gluttony): Quote: “ The first time a model with this Favour successfully Charges a Fleeing unit, or is on the winning side of a combat and does not Pursue or Overrun, its model parts with this Favour gain +1 Strength on all their Close Combat Attacks (the effect lasts for the duration of the game). ” What happens if the unit wins a combat, but the enemy does not Flee? Do the models gain their bonus? I think RAI is no, but RAW is yes, since the unit does not Pursue or Overru…

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Quote from Eru: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Glonojad: “Is there a chance for the 2.0 rulebook in black and white friendly version? Some graphs use colours.. ” Don't think we ever talked about that. @Eru? ” B&W versions have been improved a lot thanks to the fact that we use unit labels instead of colours now in figures. I own a B&W version myself and find it OK to understand. I've just noticed a problem with the faded arrows in figure 22 page 48, but I suspect th…