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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from duxbuse: “Quote from duxbuse: “Quote from Iluvatar: “Yes, absolutely! There are only 120 spell cards needed for the game, but the PDF file is built with the idea that practically no one will print all spells of the game. Thus, there is redundancy in it. ” Can you please share the reduced PDF with only the 120 unique spells ” Pretty Please @Iluvatar ” I'm sorry for not answering this sooner, but this PDF currently doesn't exist, and it would take a bit of time for me to generate it... …

  • Quote from pk-ng: “Just to put it out there. Just finished the simplified chinese version but need to go through final QC. Will also start working on tradition chinese version. If anyone is interested please let me know for bulk ordering. ” Do you mean ordering the English cards for delivery to China, or setting up the Chinese cards on TGC and order those? If the latter, I can help you on TGC if you want.

  • Website Sneak Peak

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    Quote from Kopistar: “It seems much more colorful and more of a website than a forum. ” That is exactly what it is. The current forum+ will stay as it is currently, but at a different URL: instead of It will be the "advanced" part of our web presence. What you saw in sneakpeek will be a game/beginner focused website. Get info about the game, factions, download the rules, etc. Quote from Ferkinason: “Lists of miniature companies. Pictures of beginner…

  • Quote from Zharr-Baruk: “@Iluvatar Any chances to see it in french?? ” Yes, but we need "certified" translated magic cards first, which means certified Arcane Compendium and army books, plus an additional review for the cards! Quote from SkargitCrookfang: “my 2 sets came in. They are outstanding ” Quote from Uthegen: “My set arrived - no VAT and no duties. So exactly the price I paid to GameCrafter. They are good quality (like the set from last year). Many thanks for making them avaiulable ” Gre…

  • Quote from MrPieChee: “I can't get the above link to work - does my attempt work? ” Fixed the link in @Uthegen 's post above.

  • Quote from Auto2: “Note that some people might just want one army. And since this is print-on-demand publishing, we can do that. In fact we could technically offer all possible 2-army combinations, as long as amazon doesn't object to it. That would be quite convenient for many people with two armies. ” And quite inconvenient to register that many ISBN numbers, probably?

  • Quote from rna: “Quote from Casas: “Suplemento de terrenos añadido en la pestaña de descargas ” Me da acceso denegado. ” Corrected. My apologies!

  • I used to rely on to do photo editing without installing anything. Requires Flash though, so I've switched to another solution. Seems they have modernized their service into, but I've never used it. Nowadays, I use, which is free software that you need to install, and works well enough for the basic stuff I need to do.

  • Yay! Spoilers means it's getting closer!

  • Fantastique résultat ! Le hobby comme ça, c'est une dose d'amour régulière... Continue à nous abreuver de tes réalisations !

  • Quote from ironhead: “@Iluvatar I have one question. There are 158 cards in the file "T9A-FB_magic-cards_standard_2.0_EN3.pdf" In the shop you offer "1 deck of 120 cards" - is it intended that there are fewer cards ? ” Yes, absolutely! There are only 120 spell cards needed for the game, but the PDF file is built with the idea that practically no one will print all spells of the game. Thus, there is redundancy in it. For instance, all hereditary spells appear twice : once grouped together, and on…

  • V205 Error report thread

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    Quote from sgu97bjd: “Not necessarily a content issue but if I try to download the all rulebooks in one document it says access denied? ” Thanks for notifying us! It's corrected now.

  • Army forums don't appear in the "last 10 posts". Can't remember why, but it made sense when I removed it. (possibly to avoid overflowing the last 10 posts with army specific posts that don't interest a large part of the audience? Not sure...) And it's all posts by new users that have to be validated at the beginning, not only in army forums. You can't imagine how many spam (bot) posts that avoids...

  • Siege Battles?

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    Quote from Ferkinason: “I am pretty disappointed right now how the project handled siege battles (by not doing anything/rejecting people and finished rules) and will start to do it by myself now. ” While I understand (and support to a point) the critics that the project cared much more for competitive play for a long time, I believe things are changing. We've seen recently Circling the Abyss to care for background, and the scenario booklet and Lands of the 9th Age to care for non competitive pla…

  • Call for finance

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    Every bar is 1 week, but weeks without donations are not represented, which makes my done-in-2-minutes graph a bit misleading. To add to the misleading character: what counts as week 53 of 2018 is December 31st (a Monday). Week 52 saw donations only on December 29th and December 30th. ... so in fact, those "last two weeks" are really only three days, after your announcement! Merci @Ghiznuk!

  • Call for finance

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    I can help you with that though... wGsBKP7QCpZIgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== Reached 1729 euros by the end of the year, with a spectacular raise (from 816 euros) within the last two weeks!

  • Oh, right! My fault - I've been updating the downloads page in the past few days, and miscategorized those documents. This should be corrected now!

  • 18'' is not the range of the spell. It is the area in which the mage can protect friendly units. The range of the spell is in the "range" column in the arcane compendium, and it is "caster". Even after long studies in the dark Asfad scholar rooms, mages haven't found how to improve that...

  • Hi @LennyDR, and welcome here! What kind of error do you have?