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  • It came up a few times last weekend, so let’s talk about how to handle “Dice down” The goal is you and your opponent agree to whether you can finish another turn before starting it. What happens when the players thought they could get in one more turn but it goes beyond the limit? It is almost never fair to one of the players to just set your dice down and call the game over before the end of the turn. Do you stop and try to figure out the score at the end of the previous turn? I usually see thi…

  • Quote from JWags: “Anybody know anything about Brawlers Bash in June at Atomic Empire that was mentioned? I got some SC and GA guys that are interested that I'm trying to get back into T9A. ” June 1-2 - Brawlers Bash (Durham, NC)

  • Thanks Todd, Great event as always

  • I hate to do this but..... @Kazandu

  • Great, I will round a few up

  • Cassidy, Are there any others from that area showing up? If not then it really doesn't make a lot of sense for 4-5 of us to drive up there

  • Quote from skipschnit: “Haha. It’s on the pdf in Todd’s link. I’ll have to blame the secretary who transposed his list. I’ve seen Joey make a secretary/clerk cry before. ” Poor Cindy

  • I have not been there, how many tables do they have? Will we need to bring terrain?

  • I am interested, will have 1-3 guys with me. What are the store hours?

  • Quote from PrettyBoy: “@JoeFin ah my bad. I think that's what I was going to do originally but forgot. If I'm at 1805 then I will just cross out the shield for the engineer. @GenePhelps I think I lost track of points trying to cross reference all of their Bull$hit runes lol ” you do realize that playing dwarves carries a penalty of a 3-month ban on the OnG forum

  • Quote from JoeFin: “@PrettyBoy I’ve got your total characters at 1805, maybe drop the Shield on engineer? ” Did you notice he is playing Dwarves.... They don't have rules, just take whatever you want because they are so slow...

  • Huzzah Wednesday the 30th

    GenePhelps - - Mid-Atlantic


    unfortunately I am uncertain if I will make it out tonight

  • ****Rum Shark ***** 17 Light Infantry w/ musician and handguns[246pts] 17Light Infantry w/ musician[246pts] Second unit equipped with Crossbows?

  • Green Dragons 2.0 Nate - OG Feral Orc Shaman, Gen, PW, Master (Sham), Crown of Autocracy, Pan of Protection Pinchin Common Goblin Chief, BSB, PW Common Goblin Witch Doctor, Adept (Witch), Book of Arcane Power Cave Goblin Chief, Lance, Potion of Strength, Cave Gnasher Cave Goblin Chief, Lance, Cave Gnasher Cave Goblin Chief, Lance, Cave Gnasher 49x Feral Orcs, FC, Spears, Banner of Relentless Company 20x Feral Orcs, FC, PW, Banner of Relentless Company 5x Feral Mounted Eadbasher, PW 40x Gnasher H…

  • Green Dragons Chris - WDG Exhaled herald Sorcerer – Master, Essence of a free mind (Evoc/Alch), Destiny’s Call 6x Fallen 6x Fallen 17x Warriors – Full Cmd, Favored champion, Favor of Nukuja; Zealots Banner 10x Chosen – Full Cmd, Favor of Vanadra; Great weapons Chosen chariot - Favor of Cibaresh 3x Chosen Knights – Full Cmd, Favor of Cibaresh 5x Warhounds Marauding giant - Club John - BH Mino warlord – General, GW LA, Blessed Inscriptions, Talisman of Shielding, Crown of Horns, Tricksters Cunning…

  • Dragon Born Ken S- WDG Felldrake Ancestor – General, PW, Symbol of Slaughter Sorcerer – Master(Evok), Veil Walker, PW, Plate, Gladiator’s Spirit, Ledger of Souls, BattleShrine Barbarian Chief – BSB, Hv Arm, Shield, Alchemist Alloy 20x Barbarians – Full Cmd, Spears, Shields 12x Warriors of Sloth – Full Cmd, Favoured Champ, Zealots Banner 3x Chosen Knights of Sloth – Full Cmd, Wasteland Torch 10x Warrior Knights of Sloth – Full Cmd, Favoured Champ, Zealots Banner 8x Barbarian Horsemen – Musician, …

  • CGL Champions Jeff - DH King (General), Holdstone, Shield, Rune of Destruction, Smashing, Furry, Iron, and Shielding x2 Thane, BSB, Shield, Shield Bearers, Rune of Dragon's Breath and Lightning x3 Runic Smith, Shield, Battle Runes x3, Rune of Devouring, Harnessing and Grounding Engineer, Shield, Forge Repeater Anvil 28 Grey Beards, Shield, FC, Banner of Speed 18 Marksmen, Shield, C, M Miners, Throwing Weapons, Shields, M 20 Rangers, Shield, Crossbow, M 2 Steam Copters Catapult, Rune Crafted Orga…

  • CGL A Team Brad Close - DL Omen of Savar – General, Adept(Tham), Bronze Backbone, Centipede Legs, Dextrous Tent, Hammer Hand, Living Shield, Throne of Splendour Harbinger – BSB, Bronze Backbone, Iron Husk, Adept(Evok) 21x Myrmidons – Full Cmd, Whipcrack Tail 10x Lemures – Champ, Musician, Venom Sacs 10x Succubi – Champ, Musician, Smothering Coils 5x Hellhounds – Digestive Vomit 5x Furies 5x Furies Hope Harvester Hope Harvester 5x Sirens – Hammer Hand 5x Sirens – Hammer Hand 3x Brazen Beasts – Fu…

  • Brave Companions Chris Mince – VC -Vampire Count: General, Dead Arise, Arcane Knowledge; Wizard Master; Path of Occultism; Blessed Inscriptions; Destiny's Call; Nights Crown; Light Armour; Halberd, 860 -Barrow King: BSB, Skeletal Steed; Hero's Heart; Dusk Forged; Basalt Infusion, 410 -Necromancer: Wizard Master; Path of Evocation; Binding Scroll; Necromantic Staff, 485 -36 Skeletons: C, M, S, Flaming Standard, 405 -36 Zombies: M, S, 235 -20 Zombies: M, 135 -8 Dire Wolves: C, 133 -Dark Coach: Ext…

  • Chris MacDonald Green Dragons Warriors of the dark gods [*] [*]Sorcerer;wizard master; essence of a free mind; destiny’s call 500 What paths for the Sorcerer?