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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Folomo: “I think this army should focus on sacrifice for power as a theme. ” You can use Occultism the Sacrifice on enemy units...

  • I don’t have access to PRO any more, but IIRC it was under the brainstorming thread - the Scion. Maybe ask permission to copy/paste it to here? Also, don’t forget the Agent idea either. The one that is buried in an enemy unit...

  • Something that looks interesting: 428 pts. 6 Warrior Knights (3x2) - Envy, Lances FC - Zealot's Banner It ain't cheap, but 13 S6 attacks rerolling 1's to hit with 3-wide frontage for that price makes me go hmmm...

  • What about a dark/gritty anti-magic inquisition/Templar order. The kind of people for who the EoS witch hunter would be considered too liberal...

  • Quote from arwaker: “Warrior chariot new price in your list is 22 pts, which seems wrong ” No no...wait until we have proof first... (My bad with copy/paste)

  • I think it's unfortunate from a data POV to see a WTC Open demoted to Fred-Comp, but I think it's a little delusional to think this attempt to leverage game balance as a TO will win any new fans or more participants. Is the balance situation as extreme you say it is? Not according to those with data... I must admit a certain morbidly curiosity to see what the next Tall-Poppy/Game-Breaking/Fun-Killer unit will be after all this is said and done.

  • Next step: Go out Playtest with and against the army and REPORT the game results. The more data we have, the more compelling the arguments will become, both for and against.

  • Quote from TheBloodyLance: “How WO didn't get a larger discount is beyond me. But time will tell if they're really worth their price. ” WO's were good for me 2 patches ago with Evocation magic buffs, two price drops since then is extra cream I wasn't even asking for.

  • Quote from Palmu: “@There Is No Spoon can I use your point cost changes quote in the Patch Notes topic? Get all the information into a spot where it's easily found. ” Absolutely - I just copy/pasted them from the PDF anyway.

  • My first impressions: ++ Barbarians & Chiefs look a lot more interesting. + Champs look like a good investment. + Warband Standard very fitting weakness, yet competitively priced in a mostly ItP army ++ Battleshrine artifact option is super exciting + Wyrd Stone making Dragon CL sexy again ++ Wasteland Torch - so fluffy and usable - don't mind the extra cost at all! ++ Dark Prelate, wow. + Doomlord Master of Whoopasz + Wizards can flee - Warrior GW Brick gone (good riddance). - Forsaken One/Char…

  • Quote from Palmu: “Oh no, my patchnotes aren't ready! ” I summon the powers of Copy/Paste! Redesign • Favour of Envy: gives Swiftstride and reroll 1’s on Charge Range and to-hit rolls when Charging. • Battle Fever: reroll ‘1’ when charging changed into reroll failed Panic and Break Tests. • Favoured Champion, removed. • Path of the Favoured: gives +1 HP and +1 Dis to the Champion. • Unburnt: consider all models without Unburnt as Insignificant. • New Universal Rule: Warband Standard. Gives Stand…

  • Quote from Frederick: “that´s a bad joke man! firing the guys that have lots of time and telling the community now you do not have the time to take care of them. bad sportsmanship towards the community! ” Last time I checked, RT did not make HR decisions.

  • Quote from SkavenInAZ: “So I've been up since 2AM for nothing?????? ”…66ed901fb55241705981da0bf

  • Quote from Blonde Beer: “So lets try to have the feedback for him be constructive and not start a flame war dudes and dudettes. ” Here's mine: When the tin says organic tomatoes, then they should be organic. If not, then why is a supermarket stocking them for purchase? (And by supermarket, I am referring to this website)

  • Quote from matrim: “What is the procedure for using T9A IP for commercial gain?? ” @lawgnome

  • Fearless suits the army fluff really well - you don’t make it to the top by fearing a scorpion or panicking because some barbs next to you take an arrow to the knee. It lets us play wide with units able operate independently - we can play general and BSB lite, which is neat. It also gives non-Follower models a role: flee-boys. Sure, it has some drawbacks, but overall it’s a fitting rule. Dropping it for +1 disc just makes us a dwarf/elf hybrid with none of the cool stuff.

  • Quote from The Lost Son: “A quick question. To the wdg players out there. What are your expectations for this update? Are you positive or worried for it? Do you expect the Cl to become viable? Do you expect the FDA to become viable? I have a fair few more questions but others can wait. ” Generally speaking I’m feeling positive. I’m looking forward to the internal balance changes (either design or cost adjustments) opening up new builds - because that’s where I get the most joy from the army: Fin…

  • Quote from Kathal: “There was an in-depth discussion about those already on reddit and other platforms. Tl;dr is: Gun of Wrath is the best one. It can also generate a paradox by shooting yourself, which would mean that you would life forever. ” The gun text reminds me of Ishido's end in Shōgun by James Clavel: (Hidden Content) As well as the ending of the Green Mile: (Hidden Content) Terry Pratchet had the right idea when it came to Death, which reminds me: 1472332690-lo53c6223e.jpg

  • Quote from Shino: “but what does chaos lord compare to ” This?

  • Quote from Scrub: “This thread got so much more interesting all of a sudden! Keep going! ” Yep, this has been my prefered source of entertainment in what has otherwise been a weary same-day business trip to the UK.