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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Yesterday the first DL update book was released. And WDG got a typo fix. And a new version of the errata was released.…t-of-warriors-and-errata/ And today the zip package with all rules in one place was updated:…e53696c8227cc2a7c2e153694

  • Quote from Krokz: “Feldraks consider all units consisting entirely of models without Unburnt as Insignificant. That does not mean those models have Insignificant. I see no problem Chief or Lord join a unit of Feldraks. Right, @Eisenheinrich ? ” Insignificant models can join non-insignificant units. It's the other way around you cannot. So no problem to join chief into feldraks. It's the same rule as ID dwarfs have towards non-dwarfs. And goblins there can join dwarf units.

  • Makhar Discussion

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    Quote from Krokz: “ Quote from Ghiznuk: “Makhar Lance : unnecessary wordy « Cannot use a Shield to protect against bla bla » – why not just write « Two-Handed » ? ” This rulebook was written more than 9 months ago when Two Handed didn't exist @fjugin RCT help needed, can Makhar Lance just be: Follows the rules for Lances. In addition, attacks made with a Makhar Lance gain Fight in Extra Ranks and Two-Handed. ? ” yup, that should work

  • More rules releases:…eld-new-aux-book-release/

  • Follow the link: Warriors of the dark gods and Åsklander update

  • Abrasus Tactics Channel

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    Quote from Laik: “1. I haven't seen any response to statement that some internal team members were told that Frederick and Ślivek decided to quit (while they're sacked) 2. I haven't seen response about who and why added that specific sentence into the map pack. 3. I missed some statement from top of the project about changes within it. 4. I can't say anything about new members - I hope they'll manage, what I miss is first hand input from top countries - Spain, Poland, Germany, Italy. Denmark + f…

  • Surveys are now closed. We reached around 80 replies to each.

  • Quote from KiRaHyuU: “I’d like to add multiple omens into the survey if that’s possible. ” i am afraid editing the poll will make analysing the results 10 times more work intensive. So not possible (and also why "row 114" is still in the poll )

  • Quote from Swelt: “There are at least two lines in the Warriors survey that just state Line and a number (114 and 143) ” Just ignore them. That's what we will do when anlaysing the results at least

  • Quote from eggsPR: “If folks on Rules Teams are openly stating UD are OTT, then it’s a problem. ” I wouldn't say that. Individual members in various places of the organization might have openly stated that. But, there is no official statement on what "the project" thinks about the power level of UD. The limited tournament data we have so far had some hints of UD being strong, but iirc this is uncertain and them being balanced is still a possibility within our error bars. And they aren't even the…

  • Quote from eggsPR: “Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Kaszalot: “ ” Quote from Auto2: “That's a UD problem ” Yes. UD has been widely acknowledged as (over the) top tier army. They are not the benchmark of power level T9A aims to. ” ummmmmmmmmmmmm huh??!? so like, why don’t we, or you (#ArmyDesignTeam) just FIX THEM?!?! Huddle together, make a PATCH and FIX THEM??? ” Lots of people want stability. The projects try to listen to their needs. After long time of "constant" updates we have now entered a l…

  • Quote from Malda: “I see only 4... @fjugin @DanT @Giladis @Sir_Joker ...who is the 5th one? Which tournaments can I meet you on? There is usualy real names, not nicknames presented, so I have no idea ” Give it a few days, there are some shuffling happening in this team right now. You can click our names and read our profiles to get an idea of who we are, and where we live. Anyway, pricing updates have been done in a multitude of different ways. It's different every time, for many reasons. Such a…

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “but in the current patch three of our decent units got nerfed (warriors, forsaken one and chosen knights) even if only slightly, so if the conlusion was that wdg were underpowered, then this is strange behaviour (probably the ridiculous "cutting down the tall flowers" or whataever it was explained as before) ” I think @WhammeWhamme meant update 204 -> 205. For that update WDG was said to be UP. For the small update 205 -> 2.0 we had no idea where WDG were externally…

  • The zip package has been updated with slim DL book

  • Quote from Iluvatar: “Quote from Vulgarsty: “wonderful. anychance of an all in one rules, lists, arcanum pdf? ” Let's wait a few days until @Frederick does his magic! ” Let's also wait for the dl book

  • I haven't written it no. Bugman himself is main author afaik

  • Version 2.0 is here! Follow this link to read more: The 9th Age Proudly Presents - 9th Age Version 2 Ruleset - GOLD EDITION!!!

  • Version 0.205.2 was just uploaded. When version 2.0 is released these books will be identical to 0.205.2 with the exception that all colour coded changes will be reverted back to black and change logs removed. If you want to know what was changed between 0.204.0 and 2.0, look at the 205.2 version of the book. This will remain available in the version history under each book even after 2.0 is released. Note that changes between 0.205.1 and 0.205.2 are only rules clarifications.

  • All books are now up to date with version 0.205.1 The zip-package with all of them is available. Note that no errors has been found in the DE book, so this book is still at 0.205.0

  • For DE I belive no errors have been found so far. The rest should get updates soon. Zip package will be updated once all books (that need it) have been updated.