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  • Special Attacks (like Stomp or Breath Weapon) are typically not made with the model’s weapon. Special Attacks do not benefit from special rules that modify normal Close Combat Attacks or normal Shooting Attacks (including special rules that modify Characteristics). However, Special Attacks may benefit from other sources of rules (as long as they are not
    special rules) or characteristics increases, such as spells or Magic Items. For example, a Great Weapon or Thunderous Charge does not increase the Strength of Stomp attacks, but a Potion of Strength or the spell “The Beast Within” (which increases the Strength) does.
  • Special Ranged Attack. This attack may be used by units consisting of models with this special rule. At the end of the Remaining Moves sub­-phase (or the Magic Phase if this is done as part of a Magical Move), nominate one unengaged enemy unit which the unit Advanced or Marched through this phase (Bases are Overlapping, even partially). The whole unit makes an attack against the chosen enemy unit (follow the description in the unit profile). These attacks hit automatically.
  • A model with this special rule must make a Special Close Combat Attack in the Close Combat Phase at Initiative 0 against a single enemy unit in base contact, provided that the Troop Type of the target unit is Infantry, War Beast, Swarm or War Machine. This attack deals a number of hits equal to the value stated within brackets (X), which automatically hit and have a Strength equal to the model's own Strength. Hits caused by Stomp can only be allocated onto models with Infantry, War Beast, Swarm or War Machine Troop Type (ignore models of different Troop Type when distributing hits). When several models in the same unit have this special rule, and when X is a random
    number (for example Stomp (D6)), roll for the number of hits separately.

    In multi-part models, riders can never Stomp. Stomp attacks can only ever be allocated to models that can normally be stomped. Being a Special Attack, Stomp never benefits from any equipment or special rule the model has.
  • If an attack with this special rule, or an attack from a model part with this special rule (both Shooting and Close Combat Attacks), rolls an unmodified '6' to hit, it automatically wounds with no to­ wound roll needed. Shooting Attacks that need a 7+ to hit (or more) can never benefit from Poisoned Attacks. If the Attack can be turned into more than one hit
    (such as for Template weapons or Bolt Throwers), only a single hit (of attacker’s choice) automatically wounds, all other hits must roll to wound as normal.
  • Model parts with this special rule in base contact with an enemy unit can (and must) make a Special Close Combat Attack in the first Round of Combat after successfully charging. Impact Hits are resolved at Initiative 10 and inflict a number of hits equal to the value stated within brackets (X) to the charged enemy unit. Impact Hits automatically hit and have a Strength value equal to the model part 's own Strength, with +1 Strength for every Full Rank after the first in the unit, provided that those ranks are comprised entirely of models with the Impact Hits special rule. Due to being Special Attacks, Impact Hits do not benefit from weapon bonuses or special rules.