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  • Dear reader,

    "About Us" is designed to tell you the story behind the project T9A.

    Benefitting from a privileged position with easy access to most of the top management, I posted a series of small articles, describing one or another aspect of the project.
    Hopefully more members of the management will add their own perspective in due time, or they may choose to comment directly some articles.

    As I have found, the project itself is fascinating: the speed of its development would be the envy of many start-ups;
    and above all, it is the superb success story of a deep community engagement!

    This series should satisfy the curiosity of our website members, in particular those who would consider joining us.
    The veterans among our team should find here some description of what has taken so much of their time, which they can show to family or friends.

    This blog is also made for the sake of professionals linked to our Hobby:
    miniature makers, commission painters, authors, tournament organizers, local game shops and game clubs, bloggers, website managers…
    Anyone who wonders how T9A could make his own business more agreeable to the community will find here the reasons why he will get a friendly welcome.

    The first article develops a description of what is the project.
    Then I make my best to describe the grounds on which the project was built.
    Follow some articles about various values and philosophies governing the project.
    The greatest milestones and achievements are recalled.
    And after you’ve been given such a detailed overview of the project,
    the last articles elaborate about how you could help, like hundreds of other enthusiastic fans,
    if so you wished.

    If you wondered why this series of article is made, there is only one reason:
    It is because of you!
    The project was made for you, member of the community of Fantasy Battle Hobbyists.
    You deserve an explanation about what is, after all, your project.

    Stay tuned!
    Calisson [Read More]