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  • Infernal Dwarves 1.00 Review :)

    So yeah, 1.00 has finally dropped and we've left the Beta behind us and no more big changes are planned until after ETC is done, so we've got at least half a year with this version.

    It's been a rocky road for us dwarves of the Infernal persuasion, a lot of changes, disappointments, changes of ABC members and finally with 0.12 we got something good, something useful, and the armybook has remained mostly unchanged since then and is in my opinion in a quite good place.

    We're not massively underpowered though we have some really obvious weaknesses and we're hardly overpowered though we have a few real power units which can really burn an opponent that isn't ready for them.

    With all that in mind, lets dive in and go thorugh the book, electronic cover to electronic cover.
    We'll also be making a few comparison with some other armybooks, mostly the Dwarven Holds, these are not meant to whine but to show the differences and similarities in the armies.
    I will also make some comparison with the of Legion Of Azgorh army from Warhammer, to show how much or little a unit has changed.

    Armywide Special Rules

    We have quite the number of these, though a lot of them concern the Kadim units and don't really effect anyone else.

    Relentless:This is a really good rule and is the single thing that allows us to actually build offensive armies that contains infantry.
    Allowing us to triple march brings us up to a effective Movement Value of 4.5, or 6 if we have the +1M banner.
    It was a boost given to all dwarf armies and a really needed one. While we don't have nearly the amount of movement tricks that the Dwarven Hold have and thus naturally a more defensive focus with our infantry, we can still give a good burst of speed from out stubby little legs when we need to. Amusingly enough it also means that our dwarven units are actually faster than our slave units, as these cannot triple march, despite having a higher Movement.
    Old Infernal Dwarf players should note that we have in the process lost the negative Legion of Azgorh rule Resolute, for which we are thankful. We can now catch and escape from even moderately speedy snails!
    However! We also lost the old version ofRelentless, which means that we once again need to test to march if someone is annoying us. But with a LD of 9 on most of the army, this is not a big deal.

    Sturdy:The second and last shared rule with the Dwarven Holds, this little beauty gives us +1S when we charge something and removes the Stand & Shoot penalty when something charges us.
    Less good for us that the Dwarven Holds for several reasons: We only really have the Citadel Guard and (maybe) the Infernal Guard who can really use it, while DH's have a wider variety of missile troops. Dwarven Holds also have a good defensive AWSR which we lack entirely, meaning that we have to be a bit more careful.
    Still, it's a nice rule for the Citadel Guard. And quite needed, since anything they can shoot at can probably attempt to charge them the next turn.

    Chosen Of Asharuk: With Leadership 9, this is mostly a fluffy rule but it's still nice to be able to just skip rolling fear tests forever and don't care at all if all the slaves die. So feel free to sacrifice those slave units to chaff and redirect all you want, no one important will care :)
    Part of this rule also existed in the Legion of Azgorh in form of theContempt rule. While I prefer the old name, the ability to mostly ignore fear is a clear upgrade.

    Daemonic Infusion: This is pretty obviously based on the old Legion of Azgorh Hellboundrule but is far less useful. No longer does it give +1W, +1T andfear. The daemons have apparently been greatly diluted and nowadays only gives the war machine magical attacksand gives a +1LD if the war machine managed to cause a panic test.
    The first part could theoretically be situationally useful on say, a Infernal Engine if you know that you're going to face of against the Vampire Covenant and their Etherealunits but otherwise it is not very useful.

    Volcanic Embrace: This is what happens if you bind a fire daemon into something. They get hot!
    This is and the following rule are essentially the new version of the old Legion of Azgorh rule Blazing Body, just split into two parts.
    This part give the model with it Flaming Attackson all of its attacks (yes, even the Special Close Combat Attacks! No longer can the Kadim Titan stomp on annoying Firebornannoyances).

    Shackles of Fire: This is the second part of the old Blazing Bodyrule. In its current incarnation it forces non-magical attacks to reroll to-wound rolls of ”6”. A nice bonus, especially for the Kadim Titan, which is only wounded on a ”6” anyway by S4 and lower attacks! It is of lesser use for the Kadim Incarnates and is a clear downgrade from Blazing Bodybut still nice to have.
    The less nice part about it is that it can cause our Kadim units to burn up and take wounds if they fail a LD test. Thankfully they only take a single wound as… [Read More]
  • Another month, another foolish horde trying to enter Infernal Dwarf lands.
    Having already routed two undead hordes, now a large Ogre Tribe was encroaching on the lands of the Dark Ones.
    It was once again time for the Overlady to heft her Onyx Hammer, rally the Citadel Guard around her and march to war!

    Size of Game: 2500Length of Game (time).
    Victory points and army: 2500+ for IDVictory points and army: 650 OK
    Player Experience Level: Casual (Third game of 9th)Opponent Experience Level: Casual (First game of 9th)
    # of Game With Current Draft: 1# of Game with Current Draft: 1
    If you played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)
    If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n): YesIf opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n): Yes, apart form his inability to roll sixes
    Your most valuable unit: Infernal Engine.
    Overlord with Onyx Hammer as a close second
    Opponents most valuable unit: Tusker Cavaly
    Your least valuable unit. Worthless Hobgoblin SlavesOpponents least valuable unit: Core in general (Bruisers, Tribesmen)

    My army:

    Overlord and BSB went in the Citadel Guard for Ring + Flaming Banner + Onyx Hammer synergy, who deployed in 2x10 for maximized shooting
    Lugars went 2x5, one on each flank.
    There were no real plan to this list other than wanting to test out the Lamassu, Infernal Engine and Lugars for the first time and also bringing as much multi-wound shenanigans to bear against the Ogres as I could.

    Hungry, hungry Ogres

    Great Khan, Heartripper,
    Spinesplitter, Potion of Swiftness,
    Armour of Destiny, Daemonheart
    Khan, BSB, Iron Fist
    Sprout of Rebirth
    Tribesmen x 8,
    Iron Fists
    Mercenary Veterans, Iron Fists, Vanguard, Swiftstride,
    Gleaming Icon
    Frost Mammoth,
    Hunting Spears
    Great Shaman, Lv 4, Butchery
    Talisman of Supreme Shielding,
    Grounding Rod, Charm of Cused Iron
    Shaman, lv 1 Wilderness,
    Dispel Scroll.
    Bruisers x 7Tusker Cavalry x4, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour,
    Dragonskin Banner
    Yeti x 2

    Great Khan and Shaman went in the Tribesmen, Great Shaman and BSB in the Bruisers.
    Mercenary Veterans and Yetis vanguarded up my left flank ,opposite the Hobgoblins.

    The Infernal Dwarves dropped the whole force down into firing line formations with the long lines of the Citadel Guard holding the center and protecting the artillery park, being bolstered by the Infernal Engine just to the right of the ruined house. Facing of agains them were the bruntf the Ogre might, the Tribemen, Bruisers and Frost Mammoth had all come mid, leaving the Tusker Cavalry to head down the right flank (almost unopposed save for a heroic Hobgoblin Chieftain) an dthe Mercenaries and Yetis to vanguard down the left, facing of against a Bolt Thrower, a Disciples of Lugar unit and the Hobgoblins.

    ID Turn 1:

    The vanguarding Ogres are met by unyielding fury from the Disciples of Lugar and a flurry of buff spells from the Lagus who flew over there on his Lamassu to aid them.
    Hobgoblins try to weight in with their bows but do nothing.

    Buffed by the Pringle of Hatred, the Disciples of Lugar prepare to meet the now flammable Ogres head-on.
    Nothing else of value was cast.

    First blood goes to the Bazooka Team (Bolt Thrower) as they expertly skewer a Tusker from across the field

    The heroes! In a single shot they have paid for both themselves AND the other Bazooka team.
    Which is good because they wouldn't hit another shot in the whole game, but at least the shot they had in them was a good one.

    The Infernal Engine trundles forwards to a better firing position before opening up with the Shapnel Guns for the first (and last) time of the game, shooting dead a Tribesman, despite a minor misfire.
    Citadel Guard were naturally out of range, their measly 21" (when moving) as usual preventing them from contributing on turn 1. Second Bazooka team missed the Mercenary Veterans.

    One Rocket Battery take 2 wounds of the Frost Mammoth, the other misfires and is done for, for this battle.
    The Volcano Cannon tries for a extreme long shot but cannot reach (I miss the days of 24" range on that thing!)

    Ogre turn 1:

    The center thunders forwards, though the Tuskers on the right flank fails their tests for the nearby Hobgoblin Chieftain and are greatly slowed.

    Buffed by the Pringle Of Hate(tm),… [Read More]
  • So, I've had a request to get a beter look at the Kadim Titan I used in the batle report and I'm happy to comply :)
    The model itself is a Flame of Adramelech from Werewoolf miniatures and in my opinion it shares the throne with the Infernal Golem from TItan Forge for being the best Kadim Titan model available.
    The Summoner is just a FW ID hero model because I had one over.

    The beard made of chains and burning skulls is a nice touch, real homely.
    I like the burning eyebrows as well, really looks like a fire deamon summoned into a frame, built in the shape of a dwarf.

    The stance is also really niece; looming very large and ready to deliver a double-handed smash to whatever its summoner wishes dead.

    THe SUmmoner also turned out quite well, though I didn'tspend much time on him.
    His staff tends to break each time I take them anywhere, seriously considering replacing the top with a brass skull instead.

    Another nice touch is the iron ladder hanging of the back, in case the summoner wants a better vantage points. It also leads to...

    A cauldron of burning blood. Probably used the summon the entity into the metal body.
    It gives the very awesome visual of the summoner standig on this slate before the cauldron and doing his dark rites and the KAdi Titan rising up underneath him :)

    THe original plan was to have the sorceror stand here on the shoulder of the Titan but it turne out that the arms of the Titan are juuuust too low to accomodate any dwarf-sized model, so he hadto go on the base instead, commanding the Titan onward to destruction.

    The titan has been really good in every game I've played, both in 8th Ed and 9th Age. Changing him for a INfernal Engine in my next game will feel very awkward.
    But I'm up against Ogres, which would mean high S attacks everywhere and no good targets to Stomp on. C'est a v'ie. Time to try out the Murdertrain instead.

    [Read More]