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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • After three months now of noobing around as an up-n-coming wargamer I've been defeated time and again by the models and my equipment. I've documented it all over on MrMossevig's newbie KoE blog, but as a warning to other starting players I thought I'd share the most basic and stupid learnings I've gathered so far.

    I only got as far as 9, so please fill in the last one if you got some:)

    1) Always shake your wash/ink bottles properly. The anti-shine medium sits at the bottom of the pot and your wash will shine if you don't do this.

    2) Use proper tools for working with miniatures:

    3) F**k yellow:

    4) Always open wash bottles with both hands. Unless you want your floor to look like this:

    5) Aspirants on the charge can't do a post-combat reform and will put you into ugly situations:

    6) You can't use regular plastic glue on resin:

    7) Pencil care!
    7a) Clean the brushes properly.
    7b) Don't use them to stir your paint or they will become ruined quite fast:

    8) Don't cut big metal pieces with cutters made for plastic:

    9) Don't touch the plastic models with glue on your hand:

    Or you'll have a solid 15 minutes of sanding in front of you to get it back into good condition:
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  • In the first "Model Monday" video I give you, the audience, an in depth look at my current army. Some of the work is done, but a lot of work is still needed to bring this band of misfits to tournament quality. I share my hopes and goals for some conversions as a way to keep myself accountable and share some unique conversions that can hopefully inspire the community in their own hobby efforts. I am really looking forward to this segment - Model Mondays!
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  • Happily for me, T9A is putting a concerted effort into showing players that there is a big, wide, beautiful world of non-GW minis out there, many of which are much less of a hit on the pocket book. But for things that have no direct correlation, or for which the GW model isn't necessarily the greatest, there is conversion.

    When I start a conversion project, it usually begins with some vague concept of the feel I'm trying to achieve. Am I building a Battle Shrine of Wrath? Definitely want big drums, probably some scary war beast pulling it, and maybe some flames... Plague? Well, a dilapidated old ship being wheeled around by little Plaguelings would be cool.

    Maybe my best example so far is my Chimera. I absolutely loathe the GW model, and the Mierce model is both too big for a 50mmx100mmm and too expensive to justify (although it's a painfully beautiful model). So I'm left with trying to convert the old boy. I love the GW High Elf griffon that came in the Isle of Blood starter set, and I had an extra Manticore head from the GW model (honestly, I bought it because the Chaos Lord with the chain cloak was just too damn cool to pass up). I also had some old phoenix wings from a commission I did. So a bit of green stuff work and some trial and error led me to build a Chimera who, in my humble opinion, is the best option I've had. Sure, he doesn't have multiple heads, but I think he's pretty enough with just the one.

    I'll be posting some tutorials on how I built these, as well as some videos, as my blog matures. For now though, here are some pictures. The first two are of the WIP for my Plague Battle Shrine. The last few are of my Chimera. [Read More]