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Brawler Bash - Confessions of a Bad 9th Age Gamer Episode 4- EOS vs WOTDG

0 +1 552

I have a Japanese Army, what can I do with it?

19 2,356


Confessions of a Bad 9th Age War Gamer Episode 2 - EOS Vs Dwarven Holds

0 +1 532

Even More Accurate Representation of Other Fantasy-Historical Human Armies

2 +4 1,241


Invasion for Gold Campaign

4 +3 1,172


Vampire Covenant vs. Empire of Sonnstahl 4500 points / tournament game

0 957

Negative's Empire of Sonnstahl

20 +15 5,462


Empire of Sonnstahl & Dread Elves vs. Dwarven Holds (3200 points, 0.11 rules)

0 +1 721