DL: public playtesting feedback

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    • Using just two, yeah, you have to have reasonable expectations. They'll kill archers and war machines, and can kill mages pretty well too. I've thrown them into a combat in a flank or rear for the extra kills against lightly armored troops, and it works well. Six will obviously do all that better, but then you're looking at a high value combat unit that you wouldn't want to waste on archers and war machines.

      I think that might be your issue...looks like you have a bunch of support units in your specials, but very little overall that can actually hit hard and fight a large unit. But like you said, you were experimenting, and there's a lot of units to try.

      What'd you do with the harbinger on the crusher? Did he join a hound unit, or stay in the Slaughterers? Were you not worried about him getting shot out of his unit?
      Classic Ogres for the win! My Blog
    • Yes normally I used clawed fiends just by 2 or 3 to hold my army flank from alone chariot or little unit (5/6) of cavalry.
      But they rarely hits... CC5 is great now ! Just lack of special rule (soporific musk...) to make then original.

      My Wrath Harbringer was in my Slaughterers unit cause opponen army did not have war machine to shoot him easily.
      However if there are more risk, I will put him in crushers or Hounds.

      So, in my game, his role was to give more impact to my Slaughterers and give more robustness with great banner and gem.

      In addition, he is a permanent menace cause of elixir that give M9 and allow him to charge alone easily as a missile if necessary (Banner + War banner + gem and 2+/5++ allow him to hold a lot !)

      So strategy is to start the game with use of Slaughterers "Icon of the Relentless Company" to directly put menace on the middle of warfield and limit opponent move possibilities !

      After this game I supposed I will change some things about some special choices to add more range menaces to complete with close combat menace : maybe Blood chariot and add Hellish Breath, Hellish Bombard or Hellish Bolt to Daemon Engine !!! :)
    • Size of Game 1499
      Length of Game (time) ~2,5 h
      DL - VP: 1150 SE - VP: 1360
      Player Experience Level: Intermediate Opponent Experience Level: Expert-Tournament
      # of Game With Current Draft 2 # of Game with Current Draft 1
      If you played any modifications from Current Draft (please list): no
      If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft (please list): accidently played 12 Pathfinders
      If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n) y
      If opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n) y
      Your most valuable unit Igniters Opponents most valuable unit Pathfinders

      Your least valuable unit none Opponents least valuable unit none

      List: List:
      Heroes: Heroes:
      Harbinger of change on chariot (General) Thicket Shepherd, roots 135 (general)
      - Power Vortex and Skull of Cacophrax 270
      Harbinger of change on chariot (BSB) Core:
      - Power Vortex 2 * 7 Heath Riders, shield, 5+ mount, light lance 136
      12 Archers with black arrows
      10 Horrors with firebolts Special:
      20 Horrors with fc and firebolts 2 * 1 Forest Eagle
      2 * 6 wild Huntsmen, shield, Banner
      Special: 4 Thicket Beasts
      5 Sky Serpents
      2 * 4 Igniters with Far Seeing rare:
      12 Pathfinders (illegal b.o. max. 10)

      Thoughts on the game:
      Both Players thought it to be a very balanced and fun match. The big pathfinder unit was an absolute pain in the ass to
      get rid off and their mod ignoring arrows gave me a hard time. Esp. for the Chariots wich are really fragile. Since his Army was very fast
      I had to focus my attention on the cavallery. So I had some nasty problems with his thicket beasts late game and couldn't kill the
      Pathfinders quick enough.
      T5 S5 3W is very hard to kill for Tzeentch when magic is needed elsewhere.
      Generally the best, most balanced and most interesting game of (WH) Fantasy in a very long time

      Good Job guys.

      Greets Billingsly
    • 2500pts
      2hr game
      DL 7 - OK 3 (didn't calculate it all, difference was 970pts)
      Expertish DL (sometimes)- Intermediate OK
      4 games - ?? games
      No mods for me - for him not that I know of
      Balance = yes but from me, no from him
      MVP me = Scourge / him = Yetis
      LVP me = none / him = bombardiers


      Apolgies for format, box format code thing never works out well for me.

      Scourge w/ Hatred, MW2 weapon
      Prince w/ Mark of Lust, Lash, Wings, Lvl 1 Shadow
      Harbinger of Change w/ Lvl 1 Change, Trinket
      Harbinger of Wrath w/ BSB, ID 4+, Crusher, Onslaught
      10 Horrors w/ Champ, Mus
      30 Tallymen w/ Full Command, Distracting
      2x 5 Furies
      2x 5 Hellhounds w/ Ambush
      4 Crushers w/ Champ, SB

      Great Khan w/ 4+ Ward, D3 wounds Maul
      Shaman w/ Lvl 2 Butchery, Fear sword, Scroll
      Khan w/ BSB, Pistols, 5+ regen big name, mithril mail
      2x 3 Tribesmen w/ Musicians
      10 Bruisers w/ Full Command, Discipline banner
      8x Bombardiers w/ FC, Flaming banner
      7x Bombardiers w/ FC, LD reroll
      2x 4 Yetis w/ Scouts, musicians
      2x Tigers
      Don't quote me on exact items / upgrades, I think that's all correct though.


      15 Bombardiers was rather scary at first. As it turned out, 2 rounds and 120ish shots later (he rolled very high) they only did a single wound to the scourge. I'm sure if I had been elves I would have been rather more hurt by them. Such was the way of things..his list might have been nasty if I wasn't playing Daemons. In the end, daemons had too many answers.

      Good things:

      Quick, clean rules, magic felt really balanced with only lower magic on each side.

      Bad things:

      He really felt the scourge was too powerful. Maybe it is against Ogres. MW2 really did a number on his troops, and its not like he has the option to throw out a challenge to beat me with CR when I can get +8 off the challenge from having 3 wounds + overkill.

      Scout was worthless. They basically set up 6" out of their deployment zone...either this needs to be back to 12", or maybe 12" if out of LoS. Otherwise, Vanguard is almost always better.

      Overall, it was a good game. As much as he didn't like the scourge, he did kill everything else in my army but it and the Prince (and the hellhounds). He could have taken more answers to deal with monsters, but he chose not to. And, like I said, the Bombardiers would have been nasty if I'd been T3 without much a save. So, my list kinda played to his weakness. In the end a 8-2 victory turned to a 7-3, because I forgot entirely about the Hellhounds. Turns out new list with new units and starting at 630am wasn't a great plan. No one got an objective because there were no standards left alive! My Horrors got hit by a very long range yeti charge that routed them in a single round, otherwise they'd have held onto one at least.
      Classic Ogres for the win! My Blog
    • Size of Game: 2500 Length of Game (1,5h)

      We played with the Version 0.11 Beta

      Victory and Winner: 20-0 minor victory for DL

      Player Experience Level: Intermediate Opponent Experience Level: Intermediate

      # of Game With Current Draft 6 # of Game with Current Draft 10

      If you felt game was generally balanced (y) If opponent felt game was generally balanced (y)

      Daemon Prince, Mark of wrath, General, Plate armour, Mantle of Wrath, Trident of Torment @340
      Daemon Prince, Mark of Lust, Lvl 2, Path of Black magic, Fly, Plate armour, Elixir of Souls, Lash of Lust, Skull of Cacophrax @460
      Harbringer of Change, Lvl 2, Path of Change, Seventh Seal @165
      14x Horrors, Full command @188
      14x Horrors, Full command @188
      20x Tallymen, Full command @ 270
      3x Sky Serpents @130
      3x Sky Serpents @130
      6x Igniters, Champion @246
      5x Furys, Mark of wrath @80
      Blazing chariot @135
      Blood chariot, Brass cannon @165
      Army Total @2497

      Orc Warlord, Iron Orc, Plate Armour, Wyvern, Hardened Shield, Blade of Strife, Talisman of Supreme Shielding@390
      Goblin Big Shaman, Lvl 4, Path of Shadow, Cave Goblin, Power Shrooms, Tome of Arcane Lore @255
      Orc Chief, Iron Orc, Plate Armour, BsB, Shield, Great weapon, Dragon Mantle, Banner of Speed @170
      Goblin Chief, Cave Gnasher, Shield, Lance @66
      Goblin Shaman, Forest goblin, Lvl 1, Path of the little green gods, Dispel scroll @100
      40xOrc ‘Eadbashers, Common Orc, Additional hand weapon, Full command @370
      30xGoblins, Cave Goblin, Spear, Shield, 2x mad gits @180
      20xGoblins, Forest Goblins, Short bows, Standard, Mothers gift, Skirmish @115
      30xGnasher Heard @210
      29xGnasher Heard @203
      Gargantula, Web launcher @240
      Splatterer @90
      Git Launcher @110
      Army total @2399

      It occured to me that my opponent was bellow our agreed point total or that i have forgotten something in the entry.

      The game started with opponent picking sides and me dropping everything i had, Game was normal deployment and keep the middle secondary objective. I Put my Tallymen in the middle with Igniters and furies left of it, on the far left i had my Wrath Dp and my blood chariot near a building and my horros with the thought of entering it. I had a unit of serpents on each far end and with my Lust Dp within march distance of a hill for cover and the blazing chariot near it. a horror unit chilling in a forest on the right looked good for spell range.
      He deploys his General on the far left side of his zone with the large orcs there and a unit of gnashers. In the middle we got the spear gobbos (outside of bsb range), skirmish gobbos (outside of both general and bsb) And the gargantula (outside both ranges) and a gnasher herd on the right. WM hanging out on the right also to counter my wrath side.
      He has to choose between exposing his general to either the cannon or the blazing chariot. He choose the blazing but didnt cover him with his gnasher character. So first turn i blast him away with spells and blazing ending up killing the poor general. I do 4 wounds to his Gargantula with shooting and spells and put him up for a trap using a kongo of my furies. (trap was him exposing his flank to my dp and also covering the sight for his git launcher so he could not see anything of importance)
      He took the trap and flunked his rolls ending up only killing 1 furie and another 2 on daemonic check. He missfired his git launcher and did 3 wounds to my blood chariot.
      Next turn i did a combo charge with my igniters (to get them out of the way) And with my Wrath dp. killed the spider overran outside of hte gnasher herds veiw with my igniters and put myself up for a charge on his skirmishers. His magic bunker flees of the table from the panic of the spiders death. And i start reducing his units with magic and shooting.
      The rest of the game ends with me reducing his units throught shooting and panicking his orc block of the table (got of black magics Mark of Fear for no reroll with bsb) and a 14 gnasher herds being destroyed by my tallymen(they had -2S and -2I debuff)

      My Thoughts about DL. I really liked having a shooty heavy msu list with only a couple of good combat aspects. This led him to chasing me instead of the other way around. Nothing felt over the top since his army was simply naked in a save perspective and him missing his LD bubble and reroll bubble areas.

      My Thoughts about Orc and Goblins. The combat aspect of this particular army was scary on paper. Dubble gnasher herds has an immense dmg output and nothing i had could handle them in cc. I felt that even with 2+ 4++ his general was vulnerable and his lack of shooting/magic missiles (atleast compared to my list) gave me more to work with than what i lacked.

      My opponents Thoughts about DL. As stated he felt it was balanced simply that i countered his list and that luck was against him. He felt that the Lust DPs lash might be to strong with Black magic combo.

      My opponents Thoughts about Orcs and Goblins. Back to the draving board.

      A smashing victory for the foul Gods of 3150Pts-245Pts for Orc and goblins. him being whiped me loosing blood chariot and furies.

      Cheers from the North

    • Mono-Pestilence VS Infernal Dwarves 2500pts
      Here is my list V0.99.0 Mono Pestilence 2500pts
      We're both Expert.
      result after 6 full turns : 0 - 20 lose

      His list :
      lord on bull of shamut, onyx hammer, AS 3+/4++
      wizard lord on lamasu, lvl 3 of forge / lvl 1 of fire, dispell scroll, AS 4+/5++
      hero tauruk, BSB, AS 2+/regen 4+
      30 citadel guard, fcg
      40 hobgoblins, fcg
      6 tauruk anointed, fcg
      1 kadim titan

      The spells was :
      for me :
      - death : 0,1,6 - disease : 0
      for him :
      - forge : 0,3,6 - fire : 0

      Deployment : diagonal
      Objectif : secure target

      We both put the objectifs on the same side of the table, close to the edge.
      We deployed our scoring units close to the objectifs. And in one lign the rest of our army.
      I made most of the charges because i had 2 chaff and he didn't have one. But it was useless because of my S4, my unability to have the luck to do my poisoned attacks, so the minor aspect was useless. Since he had WS 4 on most of his units, he hit me on 3+. He had better AS, same S, same T, more models ...
      At the end I had only my FoP with 3W, and took him 175pts (half of his BSB) ... that's it.
      I did a total of 3W with the minor aspect, wich was completly useless because he wiped my blight flies / beast in max 2 rounds of combat.

      Conclusion :
      minor aspect isn't worthy because it only rely on luck.
      parry on tallymen is too expensive and yet necessary to give them survivability.
      FoP is good (well for 705pts he better be), path of death is nice with him.
      beasts are pretty much useless, they get hit easily, and do not many damages.
      blight flies are very good, but minor aspect is nice only with luck.

      My opponent wasn't scared a single moment.
      J'veux pas avoir l'air d'une tantouse, mais j'adore le 9e Âge.
    • Mammstein wrote:

      Mono-Pestilence VS Infernal Dwarves 2500pts
      Here is my list V0.99.0 Mono Pestilence 2500pts
      We're both Expert.
      result after 6 full turns : 0 - 20 lose

      His list :
      lord on bull of shamut, onyx hammer, AS 3+/4++
      wizard lord on lamasu, lvl 3 of forge / lvl 1 of fire, dispell scroll, AS 4+/5++
      hero tauruk, BSB, AS 2+/regen 4+
      30 citadel guard, fcg
      40 hobgoblins, fcg
      6 tauruk anointed, fcg
      1 kadim titan

      The spells was :
      for me :
      - death : 0,1,6 - disease : 0
      for him :
      - forge : 0,3,6 - fire : 0

      Deployment : diagonal
      Objectif : secure target

      We both put the objectifs on the same side of the table, close to the edge.
      We deployed our scoring units close to the objectifs. And in one lign the rest of our army.
      I made most of the charges because i had 2 chaff and he didn't have one. But it was useless because of my S4, my unability to have the luck to do my poisoned attacks, so the minor aspect was useless. Since he had WS 4 on most of his units, he hit me on 3+. He had better AS, same S, same T, more models ...
      At the end I had only my FoP with 3W, and took him 175pts (half of his BSB) ... that's it.
      I did a total of 3W with the minor aspect, wich was completly useless because he wiped my blight flies / beast in max 2 rounds of combat.

      Conclusion :
      minor aspect isn't worthy because it only rely on luck.
      parry on tallymen is too expensive and yet necessary to give them survivability.
      FoP is good (well for 705pts he better be), path of death is nice with him.
      beasts are pretty much useless, they get hit easily, and do not many damages.
      blight flies are very good, but minor aspect is nice only with luck.

      My opponent wasn't scared a single moment.
      Did you feel it was balanced? And how many games have you had with the 0.99.0 edition?
    • DL vs EoS 1500 points

      I played a pretty casual game with a good friend, we use to get decentely close matches, but not so today... Prepare for some tears and a lot of whine. Oh, and forgive the formatting of the armies as well as the "play by play" it's not well written but I hope it gives an idea :)

      Size of Game 1500Length of Game (time). 2 hours (casual fun game)
      Victory points and army 1500 DL, army belowVictory points and army 1500 EoS army below
      Player Experience Level: Casual/IntermediateOpponent Experience Level: Casual/Intermediate
      # of Game With Current Draft 0,99# of Game with Current Draft 0,99
      If you played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)
      If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n) nIf opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n) n
      Your most valuable unit: Furies (did their job)Opponents most valuable unit Prelate on War Altar
      Your least valuable unit Blood ChariotOpponents least valuable unit They actually all filled their role.

      DL army:
      Furies70510Pesti mark
      Mounted Sirens85510Barbed Claws
      Tallymen10010151230FC 30, Icon of relentless Company
      Harbinger of Change1001190L2 25, Blazing Chariot, far seeing 15, Veil of Shadow 35, Skull of Cacophrax 15
      Harbinger of Wrath951120Crusher 50, Innate Def 20, eternal fury 40, elixir of souls 10
      Crusher Cavalry170330FC 30,
      Blood Chariot165

      EoS 1500

      Prelate, Alter of battle, black helm, star mace

      Hero, bsb, Blessed armour of frederic the great, lucky charm, great weapon, pistol

      Ligh Wizard lvl. 2, sceptre of power

      Master artificer, repeater gun


      spearmen 48 full command

      light infantry 12 Musician

      Reiters 5 brace of pistols

      State militia 17 Pistols, musician

      Knights of the sun griffon 3 lance + shield, musician, standard, gleaming pendant

      And now, on to my attempt at a light turn by turn

      EoS turn 1

      moves forward, 15 state militia and 5 reiter cause 1 wound to Blood chariot.

      In magic one banishment goes through killing 2 furies, second is dispelled and Net of light goes of on change chariot.

      DL turn 1

      I shuffle about waiting to chaff up and hopefully get a flank chage when his block comes out to play. This becomes apparent later, but that was a huge mistake. I should have brought the fight to him.

      Magic: Trans is dispelled everything else fails to cast

      EoS turn 2

      He keeps sliding into position

      Reiters avoid charge arch and move in position to shoot at chariot.

      In magic Light kaPowns me

      Divine banishement kills Blazing Chariot – Burning Brightness and shooting leaves the Blood Chariot at one wound.

      DL turn 2

      I realize my enormous mistake and move to be proactive, chaffing Knights of the Sun Griffon and his big block of spearmen.

      Moving my Tallymen and Sirens into position to try and charge next turn alongside my crushers.

      No magic = no party (how come there is an entire path dedicated to smashing up DL, seems weird)

      In shooting I manage to hit and wound his Altar, but only 2 wounds.

      EOS 3

      He backs off with everything. Sun knights kill harpies, Reiters fail to shoot and kill Blood Chariot

      Magic kills mounted sirens and the rest Is dispelled. Oh wait, net on crushers (bad spell).

      DL 3

      Charges, Crushers into the shooters, Sirens into his block of spearmen (12 inch charge), tallymen into block as well (12 inch charge).

      Ofc. I fail with sirens and Tallymen….. Crushers go into the detachment planning to destroy, reform and take his spearmen in the flank, the following turn.

      In shooting my Blood Chariot misses (BS 3 hurts) (and doesn’t cause fear 0,o?)

      I decimate his detachment with my crushers (kills 9 + BSB) but loose one to a combination of attacks, stand and shoot + dangerous terrain….. Due to the nice little buff with supporting actions, they can use the parent units ranks, and thus are still steadfast to stick yet another round L

      EOS 4

      Ofc…. He makes his two average charges, where I failed mine….. Bye bye Tallymen they now have War Altar in front with Spearmen and Knights in the flank.

      His other units slide about to get ready for next turn.

      Magic – He gets off reroll to wound and 5+ wardsave I dispel the d6 str 4 hits.
      Volley gun kills seven sirens… It is game, but we play it out.

      Altar kills 3 on charge (str 5, T5 w5 and everything is in a bouble.(Is this better than all of our chariots?) With the prelate he can bubble 4 bounds spells, hatred and leadership! Wow – I am jelaous.

      Knights of the sun overrun into my sirens L

      Important here is, I destroy the shooters and reform in his turn.

      DL turn 4

      I Charge his lord and altar and destroy it, overrunning into his knights :D I manage to beat those in combat and catch them, but it does not really matter.

      EoS 5

      He kills everything but my Wrath Harbinger and we agree he could easily get away so it is over.

      EoS wins confidentely 783 points left + and a round to get the objective.

      Post thoughts….


      • I messed up badly, deciding to stay back instead of bringing it to him, cost me an extra turn of taking shots. I would still have lost, but maybe not as horribly.
      • I cheated L I did not see mount no longer benefit from the supreme aspect, so the Crusher Cav do not really benefit from that aspect anymore.
      I choose alchemy, and got the spells I liked. Transmute to handle his 44 spearmen with characters, and Molten Metal to deal with his Knights and his altar.
      Reality is the spells are much too expensive when I do not have the luxury of going close (as soon as I showed my face I died) – So I will not choose this again in a small game.

      Our Troops and some army comparison:

      Crushers cause fear but Blood chariot does not? I know it is not fluff season, but it makes no sense.

      EoS chariots MUCH better than our chariots (at least the War Altar kicks Blazing and Blood chariots bums) L

      He pays a 150 point to put his prelate on one, and it gives a huge buff radius (18 inches), 5T 5W 3+5+ saves. AND S5 on the impact hits, not to mention the bound spell made to eat daemons, Divine Banishement. Our chariots are a little cheaper (100P for blazing) and that gives a bolt throwershot with BS4, 4T 4W and 4S on the charge, 6+ armour save.

      Along with access to magic items, he would handedly beat my 415 point Pestilence DP (we did the math for fun) it makes no sense to me. Daemon Prince, pestilence with plate, fly, Ironhide 2l caster = 415 point.

      Mounted Sirens are nice, but extremely made of glass, only use is chaff I fear (maybe better in a none shooting meta) and they fill that roll well (for 85 points)

      Blood chariot…. BS3 is not good enough, did not strike back against the 5 Reiters when they charged and did their 10 attacks I10 S4 AP1 attacks. Never tried it in close combat, where it would only be slightely worse than the EoS altar thingy ;)

      Light magic > DL L - I feel the black orb is a must.

      Our core seems bad. We talked for a while and we agreed most of the EoS core seems superior. Far cheaper, more buffable and easier to customize to the army strategy. Horrors being the exception because of their magic. In short:

      • They make better anvils since they have twice the bodies with shields (or more) + steadfast.
      • They match slaughterers well with both greatswords and halberdiers.
      • We both kinda like sirens, but twice as many bodies and customization wins here again.
      • And then, there is the shooting…..same as our horrors but with more str. Ap. And again the possibility to use orders and customize to what the army needs….
      In conclusion:

      I still don’t see how DL should be played, I misplayed and got punished, but with a feeling I never would have won anyways.
      I can’t seem to form a plan for DL no monster mash (especially not at 1500), not a shooty army post igniter/horror shooting nerf, we don’t do blocks well (AT ALL) but maybe a flying MSU army (except not that msu, we can’t bring to many duplicates) is the way to go?

      I won’t get my ogres out just yet, but I feel thoroughly disheartened. I haven’t seen a batrep yet where daemons actually won. At the moment I feel we are a weakish army, with few options to customize L

      Someone please post a batrep where you win! :)

      I will try to put up pictures later :)

    • After an total defeat against dwarfs last weekend, today i will battle against Orks.

      My list:

      Weaver of Change
      Veil of Shadows, Token of Change, Scrolls (Fire Magic), Trident
      Harbringer of Pestilence
      BSB, Level 1 Pestilence, Sevent Seal, Bloated (4+ Regen)
      26 Tallymen
      Full Command, Parry, War Standard
      10 Horror
      Firebolts, Standard, Far Seeing
      10 Horror
      Firebolts, Standard, Far Seeing
      5 Furies
      4 Sky Serpent
      2x2 Clawed Fiend
      Barbed Claws
      2 Plaguelings
      Daemon Engine
      Change, Paired Weapons, Hellish Bombard
      Blazing Chariot

      This list is not written especially against orcs. Fire magic to kill fast cav and small units (much easier thanks to lore attribut), Token of Change if high strenght / ap6 needed. Due the fact, that our core units suck or are way overpriced, im limiting it to the absolut minimum with 1 ... lets call it "hopefully" stable objectiv unit and 2 unit horrors ... because ... because .... yeah, atleast they can do SOMETHING without bsb or harbringer.
      So, in my opinion the only way to play DL right now is PEW PEW and hope that they don't reach us until the enemy units are on DL level.
      Battle report follows this evening/night.

      1) 2500 points. Enemy level : expert. Draft 0,99. vs Orks

      Orc list ~
      Iron Orc Warlord (Items doesnt matter)
      Orc Big Shaman lvl 4
      Iron Orc Chief BSB
      Orc Shaman lvl 2
      Forest Goblin Chief on Spider
      20 Orcs CSM with Bows
      20 Eadbashers CSM with Paired Weapons
      20 Goblins CSM Shortbow/Shield
      2x5 Forest Goblin Raiders with Throwing Weapons
      19 Iron Orcs CSM, Plate Armour
      Orc Boar Chariot HA
      2 Gitlauncher
      2 Wrecking Teams


      Truth to be told, this game was nothing. Thanks to the fact that my Firemagic and shooting was only able to kill the wrecking teams (after 2 rounds of magic) and 5 Forest goblin raiders - without a really big mistake on the orc side it would be a landslide victory for him - so it was a draw.

      Personal conclusion after the game:

      Hellfire = Nearly completly worthless, only "atleast" a little random gimic against targets we can kill easy anyways.
      Tallymen = Not worth their points. In addition to the fact, that the tallymen self got weaker and pricier, our harbringer is a lot easier to kill too. No fencers blades or 2+ AS gift, no 4w with palanquin, no -1 to hit for mark of nurgle and still atleast 160p for 2w - no armor - ws5 - 4+ regen save.
      Sky serpents = they are okay, not because of their slashing, w3 hits s3 are - as same as hellfire - only usefull against targets we can grill easy anyways, its their 3A S4 profil.
      Clawed Fiends = Fine as pair, but i would never consider playing them 3/4/5+ models big in an non-lust mono army.
      Daemon Engine = Simply good. Our best unit in the book (sad but true), mark of change is set for flexiblity
      Weaver of Change = im playing him since 7 edition as my favourit GD ... and its gone. Im not going to pay 640p ever again. Overpriced as the other Daemons, but in addition the worst in CC.
      Horrors = Firebolts overpriced as Hellfire, but our "best" core-unit.

      As i mentioned before, nearly every single Daemon-army feeling is gone thanks to nerfing with an machine gun than a scalpel. We got more nerfed than most of the other armys and still have to fight with ridiculous ancient restrictions from a time of glory. I think the only useable daemon lists right now are pew-pew lists without GD.

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Zwei ().

    • I just finish a game with my V0.99.0 Mono Pestilence 2500pts against a Vampire Covenant.
      2500pts, both are expert.
      Deployement standard.
      Objectif : secure target

      his list :
      1 hero vampire, strygoi, tullius teeth (wtf !!!), bestial bulk
      1 hero vampire, strygoi, BSB, bestial bulk
      1 necro, dispell scroll
      1 necro, +1 spell
      20 zombies, S
      50 squlettons, fcg
      50 squelettons, fcg
      5 direwolf
      7 ghast, C
      2 varkolak with vampiric (3+)
      1 cadaver wagon with endless horde
      1 altar of undead with dark tome
      1 dark coach with extended chassis

      spells :
      me :
      death : 0,1,5
      disease : 3

      him :
      necromancy : 0, 0, 0, 4, 6

      final score : 1300 VP for me, 1340 VP for him, but he got the objectifs so 7-13

      Two lists very weak in CC, but with good regen, none of us had flaming attacks so it was the most boring CC ever seen.
      Again the beast did nothing, the loss of 1W put them in the useless zone for me now. May be in units of 2, but never 4 again. It's a wasts of point.
      Blight flies is a must have to deal some damages, the aspects is again unreliable, it helps me may be 2 times in 10 rounds of CC.
      FoP is good because nobody wants to stike him, expect with poisoned attacks.
      tallymen need parry but it's sooooooo expensive ... and they are so lame at dealing damages.
      I don't want to put my herald on fly because if there is cannon or catapult, he's dead turn 2, but he would be more effective with blight flies than with tallymen.

      Idea :
      - parry for tallymen at 1ppm, or 2ppm but with tallymen at 11ppm. For now they are too expensive compared with every other base infantry models in all other AB.
      - minor aspect could deal a auto hit S4 on poisoned attack
      - minor aspect could be : lethal strike rule on poisoned attack (because mono-pestilence has hard time against good armor save)

      For me minor aspect is a real problem because it rely on luck only.
      J'veux pas avoir l'air d'une tantouse, mais j'adore le 9e Âge.
    • Size of Game: 2500 Length of Game (3h)

      We played with the Version 0.99.0 Beta

      Victory and Winner: 12-8 minor victory for DL

      Player Experience Level: Intermediate Opponent Experience Level: Intermediate

      # of Game With Current Draft 1 # of Game with Current Draft 1

      If you felt game was generally balanced (No) If opponent felt game was generally balanced (?y?)

      My list
      LordsDaemon Prince, Mark of wrath, Plate armour, Iron Hide, Trident of Torment @ 355
      Daemon Prince, Mark of True Chaos, General, Plate Armour, Lvl 2, Path of Heavens, Fly, Skull of Cacophrax @435
      HeroesHarbringer of Change, Lvl 2, Path of Alchemy, Seventh Seal, @165
      Harbinger of Pestilence, Pestilent Palanquin, Dissolving Touch, Token of Pestilence, Bloated Putrefaction @225
      Core10x Horrors, Full command @170
      10x Slaugterers, Musician, Standard @130
      25x Tallymen, Full command, War Standard@ 325
      2x Plaguelings @75
      2x Plaguelings @75
      5x Furys @70
      5x Furys @70
      Blazing chariot @135
      Daemon Engine, Hellish Bombard @270
      Army Total @2500

      Opponent list
      Lord king on throne Rune of Destruction Rune of Might Rune of Shielding Rune of the Forge Shield hold stone @395
      hero thane bsb shiled rune of shileding @118
      thane clanleader shiled rune of shileding rune of infamy @143
      40 warriors GW fullcom Runic standard of swiftness @445
      19 warriors spear shield standard vanguard @190
      26 deep guard full com @380
      Steam Copters, bombing run @100
      Steam Copters, bombing run @100
      Catapult @90
      anvil rune of shattering rune of gleeming rune of resilience @155
      anvil rune of shattering rune of gleeming rune of resilience @155
      4 hold guard champ @225

      Game setup
      2 hills, 1 house, 2 walls, 1 water, 2 forrests
      He picks side, we each dropp one unit untill ive seen his Warmachine locations then i dropp the rest for +3 on dice roll.
      My spells are, Transmutation ofGold, Bane of ForgedSteel , Thunderbolt, Wind Blast , Blizzard and all the given spells from the unit entries.
      I win the roll for first turn.

      My deployment looks like left flank i put my blazing chariot, both DPs, horros, with LoS behind a hill and the house from one anvil outside range and from the Catapult. Mid i got both furies, Tallymen and Daemon Engine, Right flank i Got my Slaughterers, I Scout one Plagueling on the right flank and one in the middle.
      He deploys straight against my DPs and Blazing+ horrors. One gyro, Hold guardians and a Anvil. In the middle he puts his spear block, his GW warriors (Inside a water feature which I Vanguard block him in so he cant march from it) and the deep watch next to them. Catapult in the waters also and on the right one anvil and one gyro.

      DL turn 1

      I move upp my furies to the sides some more, DPs move up but still not in LoS for Catapult and anvil, blazing chariot tag along, Plaguelings take the house, other plagueling and slaughterers move up right flank to hunt anvils.

      Flunk both spell I try, Lightning bolt with 4 dice, breath flunks with 3 dices.

      blazing misses, Daemon engine does 2 wounds to Catapult

      DH Turn 1

      Left flank with Hold guardians and gyro hang back as a treat to my DPs, Spears charge house, GW dwars walk 3 inches (Yay), Deep guard goes full throttle straight forward, gyro run up to shoot at plaguelings

      He kills 5 furies with shattered earth bound spell, Gets of distracting on hold guardians gets of 3 wounds on right flank plaguelings (Good phase for clearing chaff)

      Left gyro copter shoots of 1 wound of wrath DP, 2 wound on Plagueling from Right Gyro

      Spear warriors win combat against swarms by 1 but they stick around

      DL turn 2

      Right flank plaguelings try to charge anvil (Fails) Slaughterers move up for next round medium range charge, DPs stay rather stationary, moves a little towards centre, Daemon engine and tallymen side step both 2 inches. Blazing chariot blazes onward for closer range. Furies goes behind his line close to the Catapult.

      I get nothing done

      blazing chariot finishes of left flank gyro, Daemon engine misses.

      Plaguelings loose combat but sticks around

      DH Turn 2

      Hold guardians stay put, Warriors and deep guard push up the middle, gyro copter bomb runs the plagueling on the right and does another 3 wounds

      He Gets of distracting on hold guardians again

      He does 1 more wound to my plaguelings, does 2 wound on engine from Catapult

      Plagueling loose but stick around

      DL Turn 3

      I move both my DPs to get cover from house against hold guardians as the GW warriors show full flank to me. Furies charge Catapult (success) Slaughterers and Plaguelings fail charge against anvil horros move closer to mid

      Better magic phase rolled a 5 and a 4 and i channel so 10 for me 5 for him. I get of a thunderbolt and do 2 wounds to the gyro copter...
      Get of my Transformation on the 40 block of warriors, 14 dies, i miscast taking one wound on herald and one wound on champion.

      Blazing misses, Daemon engine killes 2 warriors on a scatter of 4

      Furies kill of Catapult, Plaguelings stick around

      Dh Turn 3
      He sees his mistake reforms his warriors and deep watch to face both DPs

      He gets nothing

      Nothing I remember

      DL Turn 4
      Charge GW warriors with Both DPs and Tallymen, Tallymen fail to roll avarage, Chaff away deep guards with last furie block. Chaff away hold guardians with Herald of change. Slaughterers charge anvil

      Big game changer here, got of no S from Great weapons, Blizzard on warriors

      Daemon engine kill the champ in hold guardians, blazing misses

      Challenge against his champion full overkill, wins combat they stay on steadfast LD 10, slaughterers kill anvil and reforms to face gyro

      DH Turn 4

      Spears move out of house to follow hold guardians, hold guardians charge harbringer, he charges furies with deep wath and pivots after showing flank to my engine

      He gets of distracting on Warriors

      Gyro misses slaughterers

      Wrath DP Kills smith for full overkill in combat. they stay at 10 models so steadfast.

      DL Turn 5
      Movement Tallymen and Engine charges Deep wath unit both has auto range atm. Slaughterers follow Copter which flees, horrors and blazing charges the flank of the hold guardians

      I get of blizzard on deeps watch, i get both breath weapon for tallymen and breath weapon for horrors

      One warrior left, he flees and is cought by General, wrath DP resteains, One hold guardian oneshots blazing chariot after taking 1 wound from combined attacks of breath block and chariot, horrors sticks, Champ Looses by death of war throne since his general flunks his rolls. I win they are stubborn LD 10 reroll

      DH Turn 5

      Spears charge horrors gyro rallies

      He gets distracting on deep watch

      He whipeas my horrors And pivots against main fight. Harbringer survives challenge round but does nothing back. DL wins combat the stick around

      DL Turn 6
      Slaughterers run up and takes objective, Wrath DP charges deep watch unit

      I get of blizzard

      I kill his BSB with my DP and My Harbringer survives yet again

      DH Turn 6

      He charges with hold guardians but fail, move up spears for second objective

      he gets distracting

      He kills my Harbringer with on hit does 3 wounds I win combat but he has 4 guys left so he stays at LD 10

      Small Victory for Chaos after all of that

      My Thoughts about DL
      Nothing felt really weak but yet again nothing except Daemon Engine felt to do much for their points either, Tallymen only stayed since i managed to keep his combat lord in challenge for so long. I do not like the new breath weapon for change path d3+2 felt really weak, if this was a problem with horrors change their default spells instead. Attribute is shiat if you dont run Change only or loads of horrors
      I give the power feel of the army a 3/5 and the point value 2/5.

      My thoughts about DH
      Holy shiat they get some much for "free" All my spells gain one casting value, throne feels like an auto include unkillable, character ender which buffs their entire army for really low points. They felt really strong with the hold guardians at multi wounds D3 with S6 T5, why do a war machine army need this much anti character/moster stuff? Only thing they really lack is charge range and good chaff imo. Power feel 4/5 (all eggs in one bucket kinda deal (combat)) point value 4/5 They seem to get stuff cheap as hell. Like the shield plus one rune of shielding for a total of 23 points a 4++ in combat from the front (comboed with holdstone this is sweet)

      His Thoughs about DL
      He did not respect my combat blocks so he just ran for them. This turned out to be my advantage since he left his flanks wide open. Considering that I got all the charges in the game and clearly won the chaff game by a mile, got great magic phases with multiple charges in the right times he thought that that should have ended him. It did not ^^.

      His Thoughs about DH
      He likes the army alot, more choices than before and the changes made sense to him. Even with the WM nerf from the throne this is an auto include for him. He just felt that he had the strongest performin combat blocks in the entire game. Only problem was to get the right combats

      My thoughts about the game
      Simply such a hard match to kill in combat. Even with all i had to my advantage i could not get a large win. It did not feel that balanced to me but this might differ with more games under my belt and with different tactics

      His MVPs according to me
      His hold guardians and his throne. I could not touch these with anything else than a stick

      My MVP
      Heavens DP, try him out hes good,

      His MVPs according to him
      His Anvild and the throne

      My MVPs accordin to him
      Daemon engine

      Cheers and comment =). Ill do as many reports as i can
    • Game vs. Lizards

      Prince (245), General, Mark of Lust, Level 1 Lust (40), Lash of Lust (40), Wings (40)
      Prince (245), Mark of Lust, Level 3 Shadow (130), Lash of Lust (40), Wings (40), Veil of Shadows (35)

      Harbinger of Change (100), Level 1 Alchemy, Token (20), Skull (15), Far Seeing (15)

      30 Tallymen (340), Parry (60), Full Command (30), Icon of the Relentless Company (15)

      10 Horrors (80), Firebolts (20), Champion, Standard (80)

      5 Igniters (135)

      2 Clawed Fiends (100), Paired Weapons (10)

      3 Crushers (170), Standard (10)

      5 Furies (70)

      5 Furies (70)

      2 Plaguelings (75)

      Daemon Engine (230)

      Lizards were Cuatl w/ heavens, 3d6 magic phase, priest, 2x skrox, 5x skink skirms, stegadon, 3x pteradons, and something, I forget what.

      Hold the center, ended up 20-0 DL victory. He got half points for my caster prince, engine, and both fury units, while I killed pretty much everything else. 90/100 balance 90/100 fun

      He spread out a little too much, and I got the first turn, so turn 2 most of his skink formations were either fleeing or in combats they were losing. My lvl 3 Prince got lucky and survived 2 Lightning Bolts to the face, before sucking the Cuatl down the devouring darkness. Horrors really went to town in the magic phase, blasting 4-5 skinks a round, 1 dicing their spell. A long range charge from the Crushers caught a skrox unit in the flank and ate 11 skinks the first round, pinned them for Tallymen to come in the front and finish them off, then the other skrox got Lashed down to ineffectiveness. Engine chased off the Stegadon, and that was all she wrote.


      Path of Shadows is a shadow of its former self. The default spell is kinda lame that you can cast the boosted version, and 1/3 of the time it'll be the same as the minor version. Plus the attribute being nerfed to insignificance. But this maybe wasn't the ideal test, its kinda pointless to debuff the S or T of skinks, lol.

      Lash of Lust is more difficult to use, but still devastatingly effective when you get in position. Killed 8 Skinks turn 2, 9 more turn 3. I'm not really sure the range nerf was needed on top of the no march and shoot, seems kind of redundant, once you're in range you stay in range, and the march restriction mostly killed first turn shenanigans anyways.

      There's still a ton of skink skirmishers. They are less effective now though, seems like. My chaff wasn't much more expensive, and would usually beat them in a straight up fight, so they didn't do much besides run away and die. Blowpipes are nasty though, my Engine was lucky for its 4+ save after taking 40 shots in turn 1.
      Classic Ogres for the win! My Blog

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    • Two games today. I'll do a write from last week as well as this week with pics soon.

      First game was a loss.
      Second one a win (would have been a major victory, except for that damned BSB holding up the 20 horror block solo!)

      To open, amazing, amazing games with @Snorri Nosebiter today. Easily one of the most enjoyable opponents I have ever had.

      Now to brass tacks:
      1. Most of Mono Change feels right, at the moment. A slight buff to hellfire still seems necessary, to me.
      2. Daemon Princes... Big Birds.. whatever. No more. Between the focus they draw, the survivalist instincts the former lacks, and the confused role the latter has, I am done with Lords in this army. It's Harb spam from here out. Best part, the Daemon Prince scaring away some halberdiers, redirecting into a lone Wizard, whiffing on all of his attacks, and getting 6'd to death... yeah... sit on that for a moment. Yes, he had taken some damage prior (also irritating, T5 sucks on him, and militia are surprisingly effective) but still... he got killed by an effing wizard. At least in the first game had the dignity to get pasted by grapeshot (bad distance judgement on my part) and hiding the rest of the battle (until a unit of crossbowmen ended his pathetic existence).
      3. Did I say I'm done with our lords? Yeah, I'm done with our lords.
      4. Horrors are...surprisingly effective tar pits. I've given up on the Firebolts/Farseeing ever being relevant, so that will never be used again... I'll just splurge for a 3rd block of 20 Horrors (unless Imps become a thing...wink wink...nudge nudge).
      5. Daemon Engines are just brutal. Finally tried out the Hellish Breath and...my god... what was I thinking not taking this? 25+ Halbs dead in the second game from his first shot? Unreal... just...unreal.
      6. Can we buff hellfire a tad?
      7. Blue Fire spam is super, super fun... but can bite you in the posterior... I had a strange habit of rolling back-to-back 1s on this.
      8. Blazing Chariots are still my MVPs (maybe shared with the Daemon Engine). So much damage, so many options.
      9. Did I say how much I hate our lords? Can I trade any lords for an extra harb slot or two? .... please?
      10. Sky Serpents do what they do... take out artillery and die. Such is the way of their people.
      11. Hellfire needs a slight buff.
      12. Furies are...hilarious. Quite a decent damage output... but they just pop immediately. They died on turn 1 of both games, but did their job!
      13. Path of Change is so, so good on low level wizards.

      Anyways, very happy with the list as a whole... except for that 500 point black hole of irritation that was the Daemon Prince. He's out... Harb on a disc with Lore of Nature (he shall be the Daemon Engine's wound regeneration machine) may try igniters again, dropping Firebolts entirely and going to snag a 3rd unit of 20 Horrors.

      All in all, it's shaping up but both the army book for mono-Change (slightly) and my play (more than slightly) need some work.

      Overall with my Daemons:
      3-3-2 during v0.99.
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    • Another game against lizards, same lists, same values.

      Major Loss for Daemons


      Turn 2 Pteradons dropped rocks on my level 3, then a Lightning Bolt blasted him off the table. Other DP kicked around for awhile before Lightning Blast did the same.

      Daemon Engine tanked two Taurosaurs and ended up killing one and running other down.

      Got off a couple long range charges (22" from furies, 19" from Fiends) on his Cuatl unit, then completely fluffed attacks that round, and only killed 1 or 2 skinks each round after. Tallymen chewed through a block of skrox to try and help out, but by then the other Skrox hit the Tallymen in the flank and the Cuatl escaped. Crushers came into the rear of the skrox to help out, and the units all kind of ground each other to nothing. The Cuatl went to town blasting all my chaff off the board, and that was pretty much it.


      Shadow is out. New magic prince will be lvl 4 Heavens on foot.

      Igniters out. Maybe. I'm going to try replacing with 2nd Horror unit. That might be redundant with my Prince now having magic missiles.

      Plaguelings out, and I'm adding in 2 units of Mounted Sirens. Gonna see how their speed can help in the chaff and flanking wars. Probably Barbed Claws, I wish they could take both options.
      Classic Ogres for the win! My Blog
    • Another game with the second list here V0.99.0 Mono Pestilence 2500pts
      I'm expert, my opponent isn't and played Ogres.

      His list :
      1 great khan, heart-reaper, potion of strength, trolleater, fire gem, bluffer's helm, crossbow
      1 wizard lord, lvl 4 of heavens, book of arcane power, heavy weapon, MR(1)
      1 khan, BSB, dragonskin banner, yeti furs, crossbow, ironfist
      1 hunter, scout, spinesplitter, screaming blades, mithril mail, lucky charm
      9 tribesmen, heavy armor, ironfist, FCG, discipline
      9 bruiser, FCG
      8 bombardiers, FCG, courage
      1 tiger
      1 canibal
      1 frost mammoth

      Deployment standard
      Objectif touchdown

      Spells :
      death : 0 1 3
      disease : 0
      heavens : 0 2 3 5

      Result : 17-3 for him
      he started.

      I managed to front charge his death star with my tallymen+BSB+FoP. Cast the token on FoP, challenge his general with my BSB, win by 3 (2W with the breath attack) but he succeed his break test at 6 reroll ... it's the only moment i could have won, turn 3. After that he counter charge with mammoth in front of FoP, and in flank with the bombardiers. I didn't lose by many, nor the next round, lose my BSB because there were no tallymen in my turn 4. Lose FoP in my turn 5.
      On the other flank of the table, one unit of flies stood up to kill bruisers and deal with the hunter and the canibal. while trying not to lose the 20 tallymen and trying to get them on the other side, in vain.

      Thoughts on deamon :
      Flies are great
      tallymen sucks for 14ppm
      FoP needs token and disolving touch (even if i forgot it during 3 rounds ... and against ogre that's not great). Otherwise he's not great in CC dealing damages.
      herald desparatly needs his palanquin.
      tallymen sucks baaaaaad
      furies are the best redirectors.

      for the first time the minor aspect was usefull.

      Thoughts on ogres :
      characters are good
      hunter is a pain in the asss
      9 bruisers don't win against 4 flies, and 6 bruisers still don't win against 2 flies.
      weirdly the tribesmen are tough, with T4, parade and AS 4+
      J'veux pas avoir l'air d'une tantouse, mais j'adore le 9e Âge.
    • You can find my list on my blog or in the Mono-Change Test List #3... it rarely, if ever, changes. Except this time I tried Warp Volley... oops.

      Game 1 - EoS - 2500 points (and it wasn't @Snorri Nosebiter this time!)
      Ugh, this went pretty badly.

      The army I was facing was being played by a very, very experienced Tournie player and was a fairly balanced combined-arms list.

      What I did right:
      • Rolled dice is a quick and friendly manner
      Okay, now that that's done.

      What I did wrong:
      • Horrors surged a little too far ahead, too soon

      • Chariots were totally off balance- bad, bad placement at the start and didn't recover
      • Sky Serpents went far left to take out potential war machines... which were all far right... so, they NOM'D some handgunners.
      • Committed the Daemon Engine against Elite Cav... he held up for a little while... but eeesh.
      • Took Warp Volley on my Daemon Engine (Bombard or Breath forever...)
      • Didn't chaff or redirect with any coherence

      • Forgot I actually do know how to play my list
      • Rolled absolutely AWFUL in my usual 2-phase thin-the-ranks of bolt throwers, volleys, magic and firestorms. I mean... just putrid. Not a SINGLE hit from the chariots on the first turn... killed 2 knights the second... Token killed another 2.... that was about it. Well, the Igniters lit up some reiters....but whoop-dee-doo.
      I didn't tally up, but it was 20-0 if I were to guess.

      Just putrid rolling and absolute brainfarts on my end.

      Game 2 - Vermin Swarms - 2000

      This was an interesting list. Thunder Hulks,
      Abom, lots of weapons teams, 2 big buses of Rats at Arms,
      Jezzails...shooty with some ranks. I took my usual list, trimming out
      the furies, one unit of horrors, one chariot, lowered wizard levels, less magic items, slightly smaller unit of igniters... and I think that was about it.

      What I did right:

      • Focused down the thunder hulks early on with the igniters (surprisingly effective, sometimes)
      • Sky Serpents took down the cannon, nom'd the jezzails and trolled with sweeping attacks. A+.guys!
      • Despite my chariots missing the Abom spectacularly on the first turn (guys...we need to talk...), my Horrors (you are reading this correctly) actually killed him- between fire pillow-arm attacks and a pink fire (that actually did something useful!), the abom went down like a sack of potatoes- very impressive.
      • Once the chariots figured out which way to aim their flames, they began to eradicate the Vermin Warlord's bus of rats with surprisingly accurate volley fire (I figure they sobered up).
      • Hellish breath was insanely good (yeah, this got switched back in readily)... Daemon Engine got one incredible shot down the center of rat bus #1- 24 dead vermin. Got another shot off, later, on rat bus #2- another 14 dead. He also took down the remaining 2 thunderhulks in CC and nom'd a lvl 4 wizard and a Plague Priest... he is back in my good graces.
      What I did wrong:

      • Threw away the igniters mid game, when I really shouldn't have had to- yeah, they were kind of running interference for my Daemon Engine... but, still, I could have played them a bit better.
      • Stupid spell selection. Ended up with 3 weird spells on Change I didn't even look at all game. I should really just know by now to stick with blue fire.
      • ... and for some unknown reason, I felt the need to constantly try for Reign of Confusion... which I got off three times successfully, and did jack and squat.
      At the end it was definitely a 20-0. I lost half of a unit of horrors, a single serpent and my igniters... and claimed the objective. My opponent had nadda' left.

      What I learned:
      • Something I already knew: take your butt-whoopings with a smile and get right back at it.
      • Deployment is as important as ever- and those Serpents are better closer to the middle; being on the wrong flank is just painful.
      • A very bad first round of shooting and magic hurts... two in a row to start a game and I lose...period.
      • Horrors never cease to amaze me... serious considering upping one unit to 20 or 40 for lulz.

      That's all I got... I'll have some horrors painted, based and ready to post when I have them painted, based and ready to post.

      Until next time, stay off my lawn!
      Goblin, Daemon Legions and Warriors of the Dark Gods Player and 9th Age Staffer
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