Rule team's explanation of changes needed

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  • Giladis wrote:

    I mean you can set up polls but each vote must be accompanied with an explanation.
    Can you phrase this differently? I apologize for having difficulties following you. The act of setting a poll does not preclude the act of requesting written feedback. Polling is an additional tool. It provides additional information. This information can be taken in consideration or discarded at will. It should be quite inconsequential if one thread is home to polling feedback and another thread is home to written feedback. I am confused why one must be accompanied with the other in the same thread.
    Once again I ask what would be a sufficient sample size to consider the result of a poll valid?
    I cannot answer this question because I have not expressed that a poll can be valid or invalid. The concept of validity and invalidity implies a tedious and lengthy decision making process. I have not recommended a tedious and lengthy decision-making process. I apologize if I gave that impression. I only recommend that this project should take full advantage of a tool for the purpose of communication.