The Great Horde of Chaos

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    • Says it all really haha!

      I know I know, "MORE ID stuff?" But you see, ACS' gotta represent man!
      First up we have these pair of Bulls of Shamut. Not a whole lot here, I just really love how the tails came out.

      Here we have my Volcano Cannon! As you can see, going with the train theme here.

      The bound daemon version of the Volcano Cannon! I used a Juggernaught head, as I preferred it to the one that came in the box. I hope to add some big bull-horns later.

      My best attempt at a Prophet. I really love his pose and expressiveness.

      Ok this is a new idea, but these are going to be my slave orcs. Why are they so slim? Because I HATE the WoW/GW Orc design, I really do. It looks goofy and off-tone to the rest of my army. Were I playing pure Orcs & Goblins I wouldn't care, as it would be a running theme. But here the big boggle-guys just look out of place. Expect some plentiful sculpting on these to make them more barbaric-looking!

      Basic Infernal Warriors. I am not 100% set on their weapon options, but after the next pic I think I will go with Great Weapons to contrast as much as possible...

      With these Blunderbuss Warriors! I only have the right-most one finished (or near finished). He still needs a little more sculpting, shoulder-pads and a shield across his back.
      I really love how these came out and I cannot wait to field massive units of these.

      My Citadel Guard! I have re-done the helmets from the ground up to match my armies different design direction (the Immortals might get a tune-up as well), and so I wanted to use a more Mesopotamian-feeling helmet. I am going to give them either a bladed ridge or a bristle brush like a Hoplite later...but not sure which to pick...(any thoughts would be appreciated).

      Stepping away from Infernal Dwarves for a moment here, we have some minotaurs! Nearly finished, minus some sculpted dreadlocks...and an actual banner. I am really happy that I finally have Minotaurs that don't look like crap xD.

      And finally my new Beast Herds giant...with Beer Barrel! I love this pose, looks like he is going to slam-dunk that Beer Barrel right onto someone xD.

      That's all for now folks! Sorry for being gone so long! Duty calls and all that xP.
    • Little Joe wrote:

      Wow, these conversions are amazing, so much CHAOS!
      Thanks! It's all I do it seems is convert stuff xD.

      TimW wrote:

      Thanks! :D

      Ok so no photos for this update, but that's because I am kinda busy bla bla bla info you don't care about. But! I have a campaign coming up. It's an escalation event, so progressively you use a similar list and it expands with more troops as you go, but keeping most of the same ones you started with.

      There are some restrictions for the early games, like no unit about 600 points, and first set of games is 2000 points total.

      Here is what I have:

      Army 2000pts
      Prophet: +Adept +Blunderbuss +Shield +Tablet of AshurukAlchemy 370
      Hobgoblin Chieftain: +Paired Weapons 75
      Infernal Warriors: x23 +Blunderbusses +Shields +Banner +Musician 583
      Hobgoblins: x39 +Spear & Shield +Banner +Musician 332
      Taurukh: x5 +Shield +Musician 170
      Taurukh: x5 +Shield +Musician 170

      Titan Mortar: 300

      Main strategy is to use the Blunderbuss and Hobgoblins near each other for Hammer+Anvil tactics, with the Blunderbusses trying to mow down stuff in front of them first to soften them up.
      Titan both helps whittle down big infantry blocks and helps negate return fire from other war-machines.

      Taurukhs are just scoring darts. I don't even trust them to fight their way out of a paper bag, so even at this small a game size I don't expect them to kill anything. I would rather 1 big unit of 10, but I need the fast scoring so go figure :/.

      But I am pretty happy with most of this, apart from the random Hobgoblin. He was basically there as I had 75 points leftover and wasn't sure what to put in for that small amount. He mostly works as a combat buff for the Hobgoblins to help them cut through tougher opponents.

      But if anyone has a better idea than him, I am all ears.

      So anyway, these are the models I will mostly be aiming to finish building before anything else (apart from the aforementioned Hobgoblin, for now). There is a soft score for painting, so I will actually be aiming to get that done as well for once haha! So that's what you have to look forward to soon!
    • Miss me?

      So with the usual Infernal Dwarf fare, here are my blunderbuss Infernal Warriors!
      Kinda wish they didn't cost the world...then they might actually get their points back once...

      Prototype Great Weapon Infernal Warrior. Getting a hold of more of those arms might be a challenge though...

      Citadel Guard with Hand Weapon and Shield. On the left is the champion. Thinking of altering the helmet so the sticking-out bits are horns.

      Flintlock Citadel Guard with Musician.
      These went through a redesign, so their beards are now consistent with the rest of my army.

      Kadim Incarnates, still not 100% sure if I like their helmets though.

      Back of the Titan Mortar with its crew all in place. Still not finished painting it...but some paint is better than nothing right?

      Rocket battery! Looking 1000% times better than it performs...
      Kinda wish I didn't make sure an impressive model for something so pants...

      Tauruhk Subjugator, nearly finished (just small detailing to go). And can someone explain why so many of my pictures come out blurry, even when on my phone they seem fine?

      And last of my Infernal Dwarf pictures, my tauruhks. They just need a little double-checking to make sure they are ok, then paint. (Hell, one is party-way through already)

      And lastly, for a bit of a switch-up, is my Tyrannosaurus with her rider. Now complete with Spirit of the Stampede physically present on her model!
    • wow, wow, wow, input overload.

      When I saw that unit of ID it reminded me first of old tomb kings lore with them getting guns from ind. I saw the skulls before seeing stunties. It might have been expensive, it sure is unique and they look awesome.
      Actually the whole bunch is amazing, the T-Rex looks a lot more dinosaur for sure.
    • Little Joe wrote:

      wow, wow, wow, input overload.

      When I saw that unit of ID it reminded me first of old tomb kings lore with them getting guns from ind. I saw the skulls before seeing stunties. It might have been expensive, it sure is unique and they look awesome.
      Actually the whole bunch is amazing, the T-Rex looks a lot more dinosaur for sure.
      Haha! A few people have seen the skulls before their faces. The idea with them was to cover up the elven symbols on the Black Guard helmets. Once I paint them though, the mistake will be much harder.

      Thanks! I am really happy with how they came out, but I am considering attaching shields to their backs (as everyone forgets they have parry, and I like representing equipment appropriately). So not 100% finished yet.

      Yeah she does. Some days I just sit and look at her xD. That picture does not do her justice at all. In fact all my carnivorous dinosaurs are extensive sculpts over the carnasaur model.
    • Thanks! They are kinda taking up the majority of my modeling time these days. The entire army is a massive labor of love.

      Henrypmiller wrote:

      I really want to see some paint on these models! The conversion work is impressive!
      So do I haha!
      And thanks. I find that as I focus mostly on this army, my style only improves.

      Karak Norn Clansman wrote:

      Wow! Impressive conversions and vision for your armies! You should register on CDO and showcase your army there as well, please. We would not like to be without your Infernal Dwarves in the hall of fame, so to speak. :)
      Why thank you :).
      The vision is based on a mix of sources:

      The Beards are Hittite, with a design leaning closer to the mustache-less version. This is mostly because I wanted the physical dwarves to stand out when placed next to Dwarven Hold Dwarves (also I don't want to sculpt 100+ mustaches...blech!)

      Most of the armour and weapons are a mix of Persian and Hittite as well. With emphasis on using scimitars as the hand weapon of choice (as almost no Dwarven Hold Dwarf seems to use a sword, this helps with standing out further).
      The shields are all curved in various ways as well, with hooks and barbs. There will be no round shields once I am done, save for used as armour plating or as buckles.

      The basing style will be based on Solstheim from Skyrim. Specifically the southern ash-coated part.

      Meanwhile the war machines are mostly based on Railway guns used during the First and Second World Wars. With the Titan Mortar design being a very close match to the Howitzer.
      The exception is the Hobgoblin Bolt-Thrower, which have a more Classical Era design.

      The Hobgoblins have a hybrid design based on both the Mongols and Scythians. (Moreso from the latter, but the shields are the former...because sourcing a lot of Scythian shields is a pain)

      And despite them being only 1 unit in the army, I have a specific design to my Slave Orcs (and just to add. The design I posted about recently has been dropped. It was too expensive and didn't work well). They are all strongly Hunnic, ditching the boggle-head GW aesthetic completely in favor of something far more realistic.
      They also allow me to sing at any given opportunity...

      I shall upload to the CDO forums once the army is "worth showing". As in; finished and painted. I would rather only bother one forum at a time with "Here are some WIP' go wait a year before I have anything finished to show of" :P.

      Kdownunder wrote:

      You have really nice stuff assembled I am anxiously waiting to see them getting some paint. Really nice kitbashing, keep up the good work!
      Thank you!
      I have sprayed quite a few models now. But I paint like an assembly line, so I am waiting for just a bit more to be "done" first.

      Now for a little question (sorry, no model pictures this time, but things are progressing very well and I would rather wait so I have more to show...). With the army still kinda in an unpainted state...would anyone be interested in full army shots yet? It would be a lot of grey plastic or black-sprayed models. But I was kinda curious about how much exactly I had, and wondered if people would be interested in photos when I do.

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    • Tyranno wrote:

      So with the usual Infernal Dwarf fare, here are my blunderbuss Infernal Warriors!
      Kinda wish they didn't cost the world...then they might actually get their points back once...

      Background Team

      Rules Team

      Conceptual Design

      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :BH: :DL: :DE: :DH: :EoS: :HE: :ID: :KoE: :OK: :O&G: :SA: :SE_bw: :VS: :UD_bw: :VC: :WDG:
    • Not sure if you love the Blunderbusses or my comment...but I will take it haha!

      Laurfelt wrote:

      This is seriously AWESOME!
      Thanks :D

      Surprise update outta nowhere!

      Hello again! Today I bring...dare I say it...semi-painted models. Yes you read correctly, I have been painting. I know, shock, horror, le gasp! But it's true!

      So let us begin...

      You thought I was going to start with the painted stuff? Haha! No! I like to lead up to the big stuff!

      But as to what we have here; these are my Immortals again. This time I have re-done their helmets with a more toned down and uniform flat-top. The musician has also dropped his helmet to actually use his horn, and the Immortals with non-matching face-plates have been converted to have matching helmets.

      There is still a way to go with these, like adding tiny hints of beard to the face-plates and re-doing their tunics.

      Disciples have got a huge makeover. For starters they will no longer have helmets, which have been moved to their gut-plates. Instead we get to see their faces, and their beards match all my other units.
      Their weapons are also present, as various curved nasty daggers.

      Here are my hobgoblins. Hard to spot, but the back ranks are all notching an arrow, whilst the front ranks have just loosed one each. It's all about the little details...

      Early start on the Bolt-Thrower. I am sculpting some new edging to it and removing the stormcast paraphernalia. Also their will be a large bolt sticking out the front when I am done.

      A new model for my blog, the Great Bull of Shamut! Still a way off being done, but the body is together (and trust me that took a lot of work). Progress has stalled a little, as I am not 100% satisfied with his shoulder plates, plus other models have a higher priority as I am planning to enter an event in the new year (and the Great Bull is not part of my list).

      Finally some painted stuff.
      On the low end of the completion scale are my Taurukhs. Just a splash of brass on them for now and some paint on their heads.

      A bit further along are the blunderbusses. With the musician being the closest to completion and showcasing the dark brass colour I am aiming for.

      (I have no idea why, but the painting looks awful in this isn't that bad IRL I promise!)

      Here we have the Subjugator from a while back. With armour now almost complete and skin receiving it's second coat.

      (It's always at the end you spot points you missed...SIGH!)

      And last, but certainly not least, we have the Prophet on Lamassu. I am sorry for the funny angle, but it is nearly impossible to get a shot with both their faces fully in-focus.
      Hopefully you can all see the white skin with black tips to the wings I am going for. Contrasting the dark armour of the rest of my army.

      Hope everyone enjoyed! See you next update...whenever that is, but I hope before the event I am going to haha!
    • ToDD wrote:

      You're a mean converting machine! For convenience's sake consider every single post liked.

      Also the Lammasu looks like Tim Curry from Legend, which justifies special like and mention, because Tim Curry.

      You are not the first person to mention that, and I am sure you will not be the last xD

      WastelandWarrior wrote:

      good to see the painting has begun. What event are you planning on attending? is the plan for a fully painted army ready for it?
      The Art of War 2; Bristol Independent Gaming (BIG), Sat 9th - Sun 10th February 2019.
      ^This one.

      And yes, the plan is to have a fully-painted army (plus counters, tokens and other relevant stuff) ready for it. All models that have been painted so far have a spot on my current list, so I am making good progress :).

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