The Great Horde of Chaos

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    • WastelandWarrior wrote:

      Ah I'm not going to bristol so I won't get to see the army in the flesh this time! good luck with the painting and hope you enjoy the tourney.
      Ah! Dam. Well, hopefully there will be some nice official pictures from the event. Hell, if there aren't, I will be trying to take pics of it anyway.

      Little Joe wrote:

      Nice shading within the Blunderbuss regiment! :D

      This will look amazing when done.
      Thanks! The picture oddly came out better on the forum than the site I was using to host it...weird.

      And I hope so :D. It's promising so far.

      Dan wrote:

      Little Joe wrote:

      This will look amazing when done.
      If I know Tyranno, this army will never be done. ;)
      Normally, this would be a great tongue-in-cheek joke about my scatter-brained attitude towards this hobby :P . But not this time.

      Oddly, being ACS has made me committed to representing this army properly. And I have given plentiful thought to the overall theme and look I want to aim for. Plus, the upcoming event in February has given me a serious deadline. In fact I did a bunch of painting and sculpting just a few hours ago.

      Once that is done though, there will still be plenty of units to finish; and using a bunch of well-painted units next to grey plastic will look very jarring to me. So trust me, this IS going to get done. (I mean, I have most of the units at a 90% completion rate already...they just need a little push after this event)

      TobiasP wrote:

      Man thats bull looks promising/interesting!

      And good work (as always) on the rest!
      I saw the model when it was revealed and had to do it. I do NOT recommend this idea for anyone not extremely confident in their modeling skills though, it is an absolute nightmare to work with.

      Thank you! Next update shouldn't be as long a wait as this last one.
    • I just wanted to say your work is a massive inspiration for me, so much so that I created an account just to praise and question you! All your conversions are so creative and fun to look at, you've thought up kit combinations that have blown my mind. I think my favorite thus far are the immortals, do you mind laying out how they were pieced together? You mentioned they were made with the BB dwarf bodies and that's pretty evident, but what about their weapons and shields? The tops of their helmets are my favorite bit, they remind me, as I'm sure they were designed to, of the classic 60% hat to 40% dwarf ration of the original models, just toned down and sprinkled with cool flakes. What are the pieces that were used for these hats? The etchings on them really complement the boxiness of the armor, I think it looks superb. Thank you so much for posting this project on the internet, and know I'll be keenly watching for updates!

      Edit: Oh shoot, I've been thinking about it for a while and have arrived at a guess: Is it the top of the hammerer's helmets?

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    • TobiasP wrote:

      And i think we need that Bull update now tbh :)
      Not much to update on I am afraid. Since I have no plans to take it to any upcoming event (which is creeping up on me), it is taking a back-seat.
      But there has been little bits of progress recently (like sculpting it's lower jaw), not enough to show...but it means there should be an update on it next time I have photos or the one immediately after that :).

      Randy wrote:

      I just wanted to say your work is a massive inspiration for me, so much so that I created an account just to praise and question you! All your conversions are so creative and fun to look at, you've thought up kit combinations that have blown my mind. I think my favorite thus far are the immortals, do you mind laying out how they were pieced together? You mentioned they were made with the BB dwarf bodies and that's pretty evident, but what about their weapons and shields? The tops of their helmets are my favorite bit, they remind me, as I'm sure they were designed to, of the classic 60% hat to 40% dwarf ration of the original models, just toned down and sprinkled with cool flakes. What are the pieces that were used for these hats? The etchings on them really complement the boxiness of the armor, I think it looks superb. Thank you so much for posting this project on the internet, and know I'll be keenly watching for updates!

      Edit: Oh shoot, I've been thinking about it for a while and have arrived at a guess: Is it the top of the hammerer's helmets?
      Wow! Thank you! That is quite an honour.

      Don't worry, I will lay out exactly how I built my Immortals. In fact anything anyone needs to know, I will explain.

      Firstly, they are built from the Blood Bowl Dwarves. Although, one body has no armoured helmet, so more had to be acquired than the box contained.
      Next, I cut off all Dwarf paraphernalia; like beer kegs and some dwarf insignia. The Dwarf beards were also removed, along with their topknots. Right hands and most of the left arm were removed as well. I then flattened the top of their helmets, apart from the forward tip of the spike. And then took some (as you 100% guessed correctly) Hammerer Helmets, and cut just the top part off. (A tip is that both the BB Dwarves and Hammerers have the same metal eyebrows, so cut the Hammerer just above that, so the BB ones have the brows on)

      To cover the top knots and lack of beards, a flat plate was sculpted over the back of the helmet, and Mesopotamian curled beards will be sculpted on the less armoured heads (currently not finished).

      I sculpted tunics onto all the dwarves after that, and attached Beastmen Gor faces to them (heavily cut down, so they didn't stick out too much. This stage is not 100% complete). And eventually I will attach curled beastmen horns to the shoulderpads, giving the Immortals a massive bull icon to their armour.

      As for the weapons and shields...both from the Tzaangor box set. I play BH, and one of my Wildhorn units is made from the Tzaangors, so I had plenty of their scimitars and shields leftover. Both are pinned on for extra reinforcement, and some green-stuff is attached to the wrist to make a metal plate and help the hand blend in with the Dwarf's arm.

      The Standard Bearer and Musician required some different steps as well. Like the Musician using the same Bloodreaver head as all my other dwarves, instead of a helmet. And the Standard bearer using a banner instead of a weapon.

      I hope that was a comprehensive enough explanation :). But of course it will be much easier to observe with single model shots and finished models (hopefully soon).

      And thanks again for the compliments on the conversions. They are all based on a singular idea I have been running with, and in fact my Citadel Guard are currently getting a re-work to bring them forward into this style.

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    • Surprise!

      It is me! Back from an 80-person tournamnet in Bristol, hosted by the wonderful @cm284 (who is far more handsome in person than his avatar lets on).

      Now, I don't have any pictures to upload yet, or battle reports...but it is late as hell and I am tired. But I am posting this to say I will be making a long(-winded) post about my exploits ASAP. Along with pictures of my painted army.

      Stay tuned... and to tide you all over, here is a picture of one of my Kadim Incarnates being sat down to have a think about what he has done...

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    • Alright folks, here we go. This might just be my longest post here, so bare with (and I will use spoiler tags to help make it shorter), and there shall be a reward at the end...
      Also, I cannot remember all the details, so I will try to keep these as brief as I can.

      My List:

      My general idea was to try and make a bit of a counter-punch style list. My big block of Infernal Warriors are mostly there to bunker my mage, and flaming banner plus Haze of Magnesia was there to help put people off engaging them in combat.

      Train and Taurukh Anointed are mostly monster-hunters. Kadims and Titan's shooting attack are anti-infantry. Disciples and Bolt-Throwers are cheap chaff. And Citadel Guard are anti-elite infantry and a different bunker option for my BSB.

      Game 1: Orcs & Goblins
      Display Spoiler

      Feral Orc Shaman: General; Wizard Master,
      Thaumaturgy, Paired Weapons; Hero's Heart,
      Pan of Protection Pinchin', Skull Fetish,
      Warcry, 610

      Feral Orc Chief: BSB, Paired Weapons, Light
      Armour, Essence of Mithril, 260

      Common Goblin Witchdoctor: Wizard
      Apprentice, Pyromancy, Wolf Chariot, 145

      Common Goblin Witchdoctor: Wizard
      Apprentice, Witchcraft, Wolf Chariot, 145

      Common Orc Shaman: Boar Chariot, Wizard
      Apprentice, Shamanism, 180

      2 x Feral Orc Chief: War Boar, Great Weapon,

      2 x 35 Feral Orcs: Spear, FCG, Green Tide
      Banner, Mammoth Stabba, 610

      2 x 15 Iron Orcs: Musician, 315

      2 x 10 Gnasher Herd, 120

      2 x Orc Boar Chariot, 150

      2 x Git Launcher: Orc Overseer, 205

      Total: 4,500

      A very strange list here. I was not quite sure what to make of it, but I knew that the Infantry were all combat threats and needed to be avoided/dealt with at range as much as possible.

      The scenarios were all pre-determined, but deployment was random, so we had Breakthrough with Counterthrust. I deployed my Bolt-throwers quite far forward to try and push his infantry back as far as possible, and then deployed the rest of my army further back myself to give myself as much time as possible.

      Unfortunately for my opponent, there were two huge impassable pieces of terrain in the middle of the battle, creating a choke point that only 1 Feral Orc unit at a time could pass through.

      Haze of Magnesia turn one on one of the big blocks was a big break for me. Along with using my Bolt-Throwers to kill nearly 10 of the Iron Orcs in 2 rounds.

      Things went south when a Goblin Chariot Shaman hit my Kadims in the flank with a long charge, and a powerful magic phase saw it get tons of buffs and wipe the unit out in a single round.

      But on the other hand, Enveloping Embers was cast on the Magnesia-ed Feral Orcs, slaying 27(!!!) of them in one go. And the second feral Orc unit got a Haze of Magnesia token as well. Which subsequently also got burned, but lost "only" 19 models.

      At this stage, I started marching the Infernal Warriors up, intent on wiping out the few remaining feral orcs and taking the objective. As on my left flank, the Boar Chariots, Gnasher unit and Iron Orc unit kept my Anointed unable to go and take it. A failed charge from the Iron Orcs late on left the Orc Chariot Shaman charging in alone and getting beaten.

      The Train also took down all the Feral Orc chiefs, fleeing Orc Shaman and the over-confident Goblin Shaman.

      In the final turn, the weakened Feral Orc unit was Charged by my Infernal Warriors, beaten, and all I needed to tie the objective (due to me being too cagey with my Titan Mortar and not charging some Iron Orcs that took the objective later on) was to overrun by 5. Rolled a 4.

      End result: 9-11

      Game 2: Dwarven Holds
      Display Spoiler

      Anvil of Power, 185

      Dragon Seeker, Monster Seeker, Rune of
      Quickening, Rune of Smashing, 360

      King, Ancestral Memory, Army General,
      Shield, Rune of Destruction, 2x Rune of
      Might, 2x Rune of Shielding, 520

      Runic Smith 3x Battle Runes, Rune of the
      Forge, Shield, 245

      Thane Battle Standard Bearer, Holdstone,
      Shield 3x Rune of Lightning, 300

      30 Clan Warrior, FCG, Shield, Spear, 530

      32 Clan Warrior, FCG, Shield, Spear, Runic
      Standard: Runic Standard of the Hold, 597

      27 King's Guard, FCG, Runic Standard: Banner
      of Speed, 744

      2x 8 Ranger, Crossbow, Shields, Crag
      Wardens, 204

      8 Seeker, Skirmisher, 189

      2x Steam Bomber, 210

      Total: 4,493

      Multiple big blocks of res4 infantry with high armour. Not my best match-up to say the least. And this proved to be my absolute low-point.

      Objective was Hold the Ground and deployment was Dawn Assault. The latter meant that my massive units became very cramped, forcing me to make decisions I didn't want to take due to lack of space, and trying to avoid him scouting into my deployment zone.

      Over the course of the game, I barely hit anything with ranged attacks (and what few I did got stopped by lucky 6+ armour saves), I only cast a few spells successfully, and my Kadims embarrassed themselves by failing to beat the Anvil in combat (and then getting flanked).
      Oh! And double 1 from the Titan Mortar's shot turn 2.

      Eventually I had to start making risky plays to try and get back in to the game, which promptly all fell flat on their face.

      Citadel Guard also were just as dippy, by rear-charging a unit and hitting with 0 out of 11 attacks.

      0-20 result, and that it probably generous. Opponent made all the right plays he needed to, and I just couldn't get anything to work.

      People say don't blame the dice... but here I am going to blame the dice :P.

      Game 3: Saurian Ancients
      Display Spoiler

      Cuatl (General), (Battle Standard Bearer),
      Wizard Master (Alchemy), Grasp of the
      Immortal, Symbiosis, Binding Scroll, 795

      Saurian Warlord on Raptor, Cleansing Light,
      Taurosaur’s Vigour, Talisman of Shielding,
      Dragonfire Gem, Great Weapon, 560

      Skink Priest, Wizard Apprentice
      (Shamanism), Book of Arcane Mastery, Sun
      Tablet, 215

      15 Saurian Warriors, Standard, Flaming
      Standard, Spears, 340

      15 Saurian Warriors, Spears, 285

      15 Saurian Warriors, Musician, 275

      5 Skink Hunters, Blowpipes, Vanguard, 140

      2 Weapon Beasts, Salamanders, 325

      Weapon Beast, Salamander, 165

      Weapon Beast, Spearback, 135

      4 Rhamphodons, Shields 309

      Taurosaur, Engine of the Ancients, 540

      Stygiosaur, Mystic Traveller, 415

      Total: 4,499

      Shout-out to the PTG-Gaming lads for filming at the event, and for being my opponent this round, who was an absolute sport against my insanely hot dice this game.

      A list with a bit of everything here, Alchemy Initially had me concerned, but large numbers of monsters was what I had prepared for. So I felt ready for this.

      Spoils of War and Refused flank were the setup for this game (although oddly the end movement for our armies would make you think we rolled Frontline Clash)

      Memory is a bit foggy for the early-game, but what I do remember is me trying to make a long charge with my Kadims to try and secure an early advantage, and getting punished for it. But a lucky Silver Spike shaved half the HP from the Taurosaur.

      The train pulled its weight during this game, killing the 2 Salamanders and Stygiosaur. Allowing my Anointed free reign over my opponents right flank, beating one spear unit and then the Coatl's bunker (but unfortunately failing to chase him down).

      Repeated Totemic Summons kept my Titan Mortar out of the game dealing with them. And the Warlord Cowboy managed to kill my BSB.

      End of the game saw my opponent take the objective, and with me unable to claim it, I managed to chip the final wound of the Taurosaur (which had been wandering around on 1 wound for pretty much the entire game).

      Result was an 8-12. Well played by my opponent.

      Game 4: Empire of Sonnstahl
      Display Spoiler

      Knight Commander: General, Horse, Shield,
      The Light of Sonnstahl, Witchfire Guard, 395

      Marshal: BSB, Horse, Great Tactician, Shield,
      Death Warrant, Stalker’s Standard, 395

      Prelate: Horse, Plate Armour, Shield, Locket
      of Sunna, 295

      Wizard: Horse, Wizard Master, Cosmology,
      Magical Heirloom, 420

      Wizard: Horse, Wizard Adept, Pyromancy,
      Book of Arcane Mastery, 280

      15 Electoral Cavalry: Knightly Orders, Full
      Command, Lance, Shields, Banner of Speed,

      9 Electoral Cavalry: Musician, Shields, 327

      2x3 Knights of the Sun Griffon: Musician,
      Banner, Stalker's Standard, 375

      2x5 Reiters: Brace of Pistols, 175

      Steam Tank, 475

      Total: 4,497

      With no wins and only 17 points to my name, I felt urged to make a comeback on day 2. An all-metal army looked like the perfect opponent to test out Alchemy's fury, but nothing is ever that simple.

      Counterthrust came up again, and objective was secure the target. A bizarre combination that left us both with very limited amounts of space to put the counters.

      Things did not go well from the start, with both bolt-throwers taken out turn one. No chance of free knight kills for them. But in retaliation, my Kadims attempted to charge both Reiter units, who both fled and never rallied. Unfortunately this left my Kadims open again, and I underestimated the large Knight unit's speed. Despite getting an insane amount of hits and wounds, only 1 armour save failure meant I lost my kadims again with no struggle.

      Over on my left flank, the 2 Sun Griffon units (props to my opponent's amazing models for them) kept dancing away from my Anointed. And my train, despite getting plenty of shots on one unit, had all failures due to 100% passed armour saves.

      Things fared no better with my magic, with a total of 4 knight kills over as many phases. And only a single wound on the Tank (after a second was healed).

      The Sun Griffon knight unit closest to the train decided to charge it, producing one of the longest combats I had in the event. (Citadel Guard tried to join in, but only served to provide combat res, and fled)

      The Knight bus was approaching my big block of Infernal Warriors by-way of going around the big hill in my deployment zone. And so in a desperate move, I blocked them off with my Titan Mortar.

      The Tank meanwhile engaged my Infernal Warriors, killing many and only taking one wound back. But in my turn, I used Haze of Magnesia to turn the tables, and reduced the tank to scrap metal.

      Meanwhile, growing weary of the Sun Griffons dodging my Anointed (not to mention the Pyro mage rolling like crazy and killing on of the bulls), I moved the big bulls to go chase the Wizard bunker that was hanging out near the objective on my right.

      At this stage, the game was entering its twilight, and the Knight bus backed off to try and help claim the right-most objective. And the Sun Griffons charge my Anointed in the rear.

      Things had not gone well. Bad luck at the worst time and once again forced me to make difficult decisions. But as I prepared for the seemingly imminent failure of my Anointed, a bit of luck saw me roll a little high. And with 2's to wound against the Sun Griffons, I thankfully got no ones pop up and two of the Knights were clobbered. The last one stuck around, but bounced off the bulls and was crushed. A shocking turn-around that did not end there.

      Over in the left flank, my Citadel Guard had rallied, and were now tip-toeing onto the left objective. Meanwhile the train was finally starting to grind down the Sun Griffon Knights (no sign of a win yet though).

      And in the final turn, my Anointed sat on the right objective with both his knight units. And my Prophet finally seemed to remember how to do damage with his spells, killing all the Knightly Order cavalry, leaving just the characters standing, contesting the right objective.

      Meanwhile on the left, my Train chipped the final wound off of the last Sun Griffon, leaving just my Citadel Guard sitting on it.

      With the only points being my Bolt-Throwers, Kadims and Titan, I was already in a positive score of 13-7, which the objective pushed to a 16-4.

      That was the big break I needed.

      Game 5: Warriors of the Dark Gods
      Display Spoiler

      Exalted Herald, General, 850

      Sorceror, Wizard Master, Evocation, Paired
      Weapons, Plate Armour, Ledger of Souls,
      Hero's Heart, 540

      29 Warriors, FCG, Great Weapons, Zealots'
      Banner, 912

      5 Chosen, Favour of Cibaresh, Paired
      Weapons, 280

      5 Flayers, Skinning Lash, Shield, 175

      5 Flayers, Skinning Lash, 165

      3 Forsworn, Halberd, 195

      Forsaken One, 390

      2 x Hellmaw, 1 Ominous Gateway, 660

      Marauding Giant, Monstrous Familiar, 325

      Total: 4,492

      With all the Warriors lists running around (over 10% of the entrants), it seemed a stroke of weird luck that I had not faced one already. But now, in the 11th hour I had one.

      As a nice wind-down, we got Frontline Clash along with our pre-determined Capture the Flags. With only 3 Scoring units each, it was a formality to pick our targets.

      My opponent started pretty cagey with his multi-wound units. Clearly very wary of my Train. Meanwhile I was not a fan of the 29 Warrior unit+mage.

      Turn one I had the Chosen in my face, teleporting right next to my bolt-thrower, Incarnates and disciples. Eager to avoid them, I sent my Kadims chasing the Forsaken One, while the Disciples chaffed up the Chosen.

      The train was left quite in the lurch by his lack of targets, so I tried to use him to road-block the warriors and get some pot-shots off at the Forsworn (which failed). Meanwhile the Anointed got chaffed up on my opposite flank, near the giant.

      Apart from a lucky hit with the titan Mortar (which served only to do damage via the Earthquake effect, not the actual damage), things went from bad to worse. The warriors charge my train, and my opponent succeeded with every spells (despite me throwing more dice to stop re-rolls to wound going through), and I lost the train.
      Then my Anointed Failed a Terror test, got caught and instantly killed.
      And to top it off, my Kadims failed to do more than 2 wounds to the Forsaken One (this took them 4 rounds to do) and were killed.

      In one turn I had lost about 1600 points. This was not going well (and to top it off I had a headache).

      Thankfully my opponent had some paracetamol, so that was one thing literally off my mind.

      But with the Warriors creeping up on my big bunker, things were not going well at this stage.

      Some small things manged to help. My Citadel Guard managed to pull their fingers out and killed all but one of the chosen through a combination of shooting+combat.

      The Forsworn also charged my Titan Mortar after it failed to charge them (another attempt at a risky play of mine that backfired). But they failed to hurt it, and took some damage back.

      The Warrior unit hit my Bolt-thrower and overran into the flank of my Infernal Warrior unit. At this time, a Wrath of God came down and killed 2 of his warriors, but killed an entire rank off of my unit (8 models). But this turned out not to be as bad as it looked.

      Even though my Infernal Warriors missed all their attacks, the warriors had lost their 2nd rank thanks to the Wrath of God, and no longer could auto-break my steadfast. The Infernal Warriors turned around, and with a Haze of Magnesia (that had been lingering since turn 1, and one of my few successful spells) still active on the warriors, things were about to turn.

      The Titan Mortar managed to kill off all of the Forsworn, and then road-blocked the Forsaken One that was trying to advance.

      The Exalted Herald tried to get in one the Citadel Guard combat, but got chump challenged (unit still broke though, but as not caught).

      And then the Warriors got completely minced by my Infernal Warriors, leaving only the mage to run away and get caught.

      Turn 6 for me, and I turned my bunker around, and used one of my magic missiles to blast the final Chosen, with its one wound, off of the battlefield.

      I tried to take the exalted Herald out too, but multiple 4++ saves prevented me from sneaking anything more out.

      I had lost loads of models, but taken the objective, swinging me to a 12-8 win. I was thankful, I had managed to turn what seemed like several looming losses into victories.

      Final Results: 45VP

      This put me at that 45th place out of 80. Not bad for my first event, and it put me second in race category, which I am quite chuffed about.

      Thank you to all my opponents, who were great sports and very friendly. And to everyone running the event, which was very smoothly done (just wished I got my hands on one of those wonderful prizes haha).

      The models:

      And now, the moment you have all been waiting for. Painted models; and of a whole army nonetheless.

      I do have to stress that most of the paintwork is unfinished, as I was so busy converting/building/other life stuff/changing the list at the last minute, that I only had one week to paint everything. So some parts are more complete than others. But, with that out of the way, enjoy!

      Hobgoblin Bolt-Throwers

      Vizier and Prophet

      Citadel Guard

      Bound Daemon Titan Mortar

      Infernal Warriors

      Taurukh Anointed

      Kadim Incarnates

      Infernal Engine

      Disciples of Lugar

      Group Shot!

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