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  • The Beninator wrote:

    The trouble with using twitch as a way to get 9th age out there is that you really need a critical mass of viewers if you have an infrequent stream that is obscure like t9a, otherwise nobody will ever see it. You may be able to at least generate consistent streaming by "sharing" a twitch account for all UB games that you choose to stream, though the donation thing then becomes contentious, and may be against the EULA.

    I think there is some easy promotion available in twitch/creative for fantasy painting where you can promote UB, ETC, ect.

    Regardless it is an awesome idea, and pinktaco is right that this is the new format for content, which is growing fast.
    I've considered all those factors. The biggest thing is replays and having a youtube channel I can put the videos up in afterwards. For games like table top you don't need a huge following to make it useful. if we pull in maybe 2-5 people to our local store because we're streaming games I call that a win.

    As far as making money goes, if I ever get back the hundreds I've spent on equipment I'll be happy lol. One day I'd hope to set up a Patreon or something and use the money for the stores terrain and tournament prize support. Realistically there's no money to be maid if you're under half a million views.