Player-Driven Story Arc?

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    • Player-Driven Story Arc?

      As I sit here listening to the Sylvan Elf art review from the @ammertime podcast I can't help but think of HOW the storyline of the 9th age will be developed.
      I propose this:
      What if the player base were given different tournament style opportunities to play games that result in the next step of the 9th age story?
      So what do i mean by this. I mean that whatever army wins the tournament - that army has a very dominant part of the following story arc of the 9th age lore. Perhaps a series of tournaments held around the world within a specific timeframe that all report their results of each battle, by each player, by each round - all resulting in the collective information being pooled together to determine the fate of each armies story of any given point in time of the 9th age story. I just thought it'd be fun to give the players a stake in the tale of 9th age. Thoughts?
      Discuss. Ready? Go!
    • The bad part about doing it tournament style is that if at any moment an army is stronger than another army, it will give them an edge. And then there's the fact that sometimes that kind of development could be incredibly limiting to the team writing the new parts of the storyline, as awesome ideas might have to be discarded because their army didn't have a good enough win ratio.

      I think something like that might be possible, but from a different perspective.

      Let's say that the next story has a great army of VC fighting the EoS for reason X. The story team has several possible outcomes planned, so they say, "Hey, VC and EoS players, if you want you can submit us the result of your games in an scenario following these rules. The winner will determine the final outcome of the storyline". That might be doable without making good stories be thrown into the bin.

      Your mileage may vary, of course.

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    • There will be stories connecting various characters but the B&A team is creating a setting for players to tell their own stories rather than making some grand overreaching march of history.

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