Average points for each army book at danish ETC warm-up

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    • Average points for each army book at danish ETC warm-up

      Here goes @Fnarrr

      Average points for each army book at danish ETC warm-up

      First number is average points made at the tournament/player, 2. number is points/game. (80 players)
      The number in (xx-xx), is lowest and highest individual score

      BH - 5 players: 72,0/12,0 (66-78)

      DE – 4 players: 53,0/8,83 (42-71)

      DH – 4 players: 51,75/8,625 (33-82)

      DL – 3 players: 38,33/6,39 (37-39)

      EoS – 9 players: 54,66/9,11 (25-84)

      HbE – 5 players: 59,40/9,90(44-70)

      ID – 6 players: 52,66/8,77 (41-67)

      KoE – 3 players: 69,33/11,55 (39-87)

      O&G – 5 players: 66,40/11,06 57-75)

      OK – 2 players: 65,50/10,92 (49-82)

      SA – 4 players: 55,75/9,29 (25-75)

      SE – 8 players: 59,5/9,92 (27-87)

      UD – 4 players: 73,75/12,29 (65-82)

      VC – 7 players: 64,43/10,74 (43-84)

      VS – 9 players: 59,44/9,91 (17-83)

      WotDG – 2 players: 70,50/11,75 (49-92)

      Remeber, this is from a team tournament :)

      Banned for posting memes - twice :D

      Herminard wrote:

      *nerfs are so 2016

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    • Kpl.blutch wrote:

      Remeber, this is from a team tournament :)
      I don't know if thats worse or better to be honest (when analysing for reliability) - your captain's pairing skills & your team role, vs complete randomness of the draw...

      Thanks for pulling these out though, they do make an interesting read!

      Sorted by average:

      UD - 12.29
      BH - 12.00
      WoDG - 11.75
      KoE - 11.55
      O&G - 11.06
      OK - 10.92
      VC - 10.74
      SE - 9.92
      VS - 9.91
      HbE - 9.90
      SA - 9.29
      EoS - 9.11
      DE - 8.83
      ID - 8.77
      DH - 8.63
      DL - 6.39
      Hristo Nikolov
    • The tournament is extremely competitive since it basically is the last team-event before the ETC-deadline, and everyone wants to get the most data out of it.
      The player pool contains a non-negligible portion of the top players in the world
      What armies are used for what roles is very different between the teams, and also depends on how good each team is in the pairing process. Teams that are weaker in the pairing might get their striking armies into bad matchups, and hence fail to score points from the other team.

      The fact that the ninth age meta is still evolving also means that people underestimate how good/bad some matchups are, and hence relatively large swings can be seen in some of the results.
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    • Musings:

      - DH performed poorly, likely because they were chosen as a "safe" bet, intended not to win big but instead win/lose narrowly in hard matchups.

      - KoE and WoDG performed well, but possibly because they were a "designated heavy hitter", intentionally given a good matchup they could smash off the table whenever possible.

      Background Team

    • Kapten Kluns wrote:

      Interesting. How would a normal build look within an ETC team
      Honestly, there is no answer to that. Really depends on a team.

      As a casual observation (there will be *many* exceptions), the very top teams seem to have less clear differentiation in army roles.
      An army that is an obvious 'designated hitter' will likely be countered (unless the team wins the matchup war (which the top teams tend to)).

      As a general rule, would say the top teams have a predominance of relatively balanced armies, with some skewing, as some degree of protection is easy enough to get

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      2015 Team England - Vampire Counts

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    • In summary, the team aspect doesn't affect it all that much.

      With such a small sample, I wouldn't really worry about anything that averages between 8.5 - 11.5 - that could literally be one guy making a big mistake in one game because he was rushing because he needed the toilet real bad.

      DL certainly catch the eye as a severely underperforming outlier, and UD and BH are worth keeping in mind.
      Hristo Nikolov