Playtesting Ard Orc in core vs Chaos Warrior 2400pts

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    • Playtesting Ard Orc in core vs Chaos Warrior 2400pts

      So out of the controversy surrounding the shift of Black orc in core, i tried out against a Chaos warrior friend.

      Me: Warboss on Wyvern, 2 heroes on chariot, all 2+/4+.
      Shaman orc lv 4
      40 ard orc full equiped, 600pts
      2 pumps wagon + 2 mangler
      6 rivers troll

      Him: not so optimised, but not bad after entring in combat with his blocks
      -3X 18 chaos warrior with various equipment, mostly korne i think
      2X3 jauggaurnaut
      2X5 dogs
      A warlord, a sorcerer, a BSB

      We didn't play finess and went strait at it. So:

      -Turn 6: Only one hero on chariot survives vs his sorcerer and BSB. All others are wipped out. That tells a lot about external balance.
      -My hard orcs got pulverised against 2 blocks of warrior, with a few magical boost that helped him (and mine were canceled). Got something like 30 wounds, dealt 3 back.
      -Chariot heroes did the shit! Both killed their jauggaunaut unit then went back in the middle to get some extra fight.
      -Warboss on wyvern held a unit for 2-3 turn. Ultimatly died. Defense wise he would be as good on foot. Wyvern is only good for extra command aura and some tunderstomp.
      -A-Rock failled to held it own vs jauggaurnaut.
      -Trolls are trolls, they did their troll things.

      I'm short today but i have a few things to say.
      -Black orc in core is not all powerful, the low I still doing its nasty job. For the same price i would have add twice as much boyz, could have been steadfast one more turn and wait for chariot charge on the flank for exemple. I believe Black orc belong there.
      -Heroes on chariot, with th chariot getting the ward save, and 3 items that gives 4+ ward/regen, is THE strongest thing in 9th age. I don,t see any build not unig at least 2 chariot and at least all the 3 magic items.
      -Chaos warrior still deal a lot of punch. Seem correct.
      -Manglers: this is one of the few game where BOTH my mangler hit the ennemy. Lack of shooting and careful displacement with my teleport spell kept them away from his shaft units, and i hit HARD in the chaos warrior, one mangler hit 3 times! I dealt 20 or so kills. Yet... this is not a game winner. Mangler don't enter in combat, they cannot BREAK a unit. He loses a few wariors here and there, but if he strikes before me in close and deal sufficient damange (which is easy against orc), then he can still win. Only need 2 ranks full of warrior right? The extra is just that, extra to get a mangler right in the face and survive.

      I fell 0.7 have a good balance now and i will test it further. Next up: goblins and 12 fanatics, war machine heavy.
    • Re: Parry saves

      I came against chaos warrior with a buff giving me -1 WS. They had 5, i was at 4.
      I had the choice to take shield: they would still hit on 4+ instead of 3+, and with S6 these korne bastards with halleberd would have nullified my 4+ save.
      So i took my GW and the rest is history, got 30 wounds and barely wounded him.

      IF parry save was still a ward save 6+, i would have saved somewhere around 5 boyz. Wouldn't have made a difference in that battle, but the following one my warboss on wyvern could have killed the rest before being killed.
      I'm not sure the -1 to hit for parry is better. Including the fact that i can always have my goblin BSB casting night shround on that unit, makes parry useless.