Understanding the current meta

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  • Understanding the current meta

    What do we feel are the key mechanical archetypes of each army (/each variant list within an army)? eg.

    Empire - all-round balanced army.
    Reptiles - strong slow-moving combat + weak quick-moving combat, strong magic, no artillery but strong close shooting.
    Dwarves - slow moving defensive combat, great shooting, manoeuvrable war machines.
    Chivalry - manoeuvrable hard-hitting cavalry, weak defensively, limited but powerful artillery.

    Feel free to disagree, but later it would be nice to build a consensus as to what we think armies actually in order to see how they can be improved without treading on the meta/ playstyles of other armies.

    Feel free to post about paradigms which you think aren't currently used e.g. "an army that can sacrifice models for combat buffs"
  • In the broader sense, the 0.7 TAC Meta offers some interesting strengths:

    Dwarves are great at the Low n Slow thing with their Honorguard. Infantry armies are way better than in 8th. Gunline, on the other hand, has been nerfed a little too much (imo). Elves of Nature don't seem to have many good options, and Empire's main archetypes from 8th (cavalry, especially monstrous, and Gunline) are the two main styles tweaked downwards in 9th. So I'd expect at tournament armies with strong infantry, especially when backed by mobile combined arms, to do very well. That means - as best as I can tell - Dwarves, EoL, maybe even VC, MAYBE even WoW. What do other think?

    As for army Archetypes, in Empire we're pursuing four: Cavalry, "Tercio" (infantry-heavy), Gunline, and Fanatics. We'd like all four have at least one tournament-viable list come out of it. For Dwarves (my other main love and current main army), I can see Low n Slow, Movement Tricks, and Gunline in the current list; Runegolems would buff the proposed Steam Cavalry Archetype.

    EDIT: I also sense that Entombed Dynasties are strong, but I haven't played with them, that's just a judgement call. Good range of options, quick, decent in the Shooting phase, with some killer units for CC.
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