Scorby's conquistador themed empire army

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    • Scorby's conquistador themed empire army

      Greetings everyone !

      As some may have heard around parts of the empire forum, I am starting a new project. I hope it will interest some of you, as I am really thrilled about it !

      Just a quick presentation first :) !

      I'm Alex, 26 years old french dude into wargaming and hobby since my teenage years. My first army was and still is Lizardmen. Why ? Because I simply felt in love with the lore and the unique character of this army. I am passionate about mesoamerican history and culture, maybe that's why... Short story, my mother made me watch a mayan documentary when I was about 12 and didn't care much about anything (from her point of view), teenage spirit you may say... anyway, after a while, I was really into it and when I turned to tell her how cool this was, I cought her sleeping. Fun part is since that, I am really interested into mesoamerican stuff. I even studied mesoamerican archaeology after my former studies of architecture.

      But hey, this is not a biography, let's get into business !

      The project :

      Well you may have guessed, it's about an empire army. But I want to give a special character to it. I've always loved the lizardmen lore and also the stories around it. So after 10 years of slow painting, I now have an almost fully painted lizardmen army. At the same time, I'm trying to play at a more competitive level and after seeing incredibly beautiful themed armies at the last french team tournament, I said "why not me" ?

      So the idea is to make a "Conquistador themed" empire army. After some research and readings, I got the character I wanted to give to it. I want them to give the feeling that they have been struggling for a while in the jungle. Basically I want them dirty, rusty armors, mud... etc.

      Inspiration :

      Of course the inspiration comes mainly from historical and modern representations of the Spanish conquest. Here are some pictures :



      This took me a lot of research... I'm going to use some GW Empire models with some conversion thanks to the Maxminis conquistador heads, maybe scultping some capes or other stuff. Even if I don't have much experience in sculpting...

      I also have some Dog of war models that I want to fit in, in order to get a "mercenary look" for the army.

      I will also use some Gamezone for characters and light cavalry, Avatar of war for some characters as well :


      MoM miniature is also doing some interesting and cheap stuff that could fit my theme, I might use some of these


      I also found These Brother Vinni pikemens that look really cool :


      But the main part of the army will come from this amazing kickstarter I found out : Tercios Miniatures. I'm really looking forward to getting these models !
      Here are some pictures :

      You can find the whole range here : Tercios Miniatures

      Thanks to some people from the empire section I will probably use other miniatures from the perry brothers and/or warlord games. But for now, my wallet took a critical hit, so I will focus on what I have and will recieve soon :).

      Next part very soon !
    • Color scheme :

      This is a part where I'm struggling a bit.


      The question is either to make the army look like "historical" conquistadors, mainly using red, black, brown and steel like in the pictures above. But I'm not sure I want my army to exactly look like spanish conquistadors, I'd like a tad of fantasy to it..

      Therefore I'm thinking of appropriating a more personal color scheme without loosing the spirit, I loved this illustration a lot:


      I like the general green tone of the character and I guess it can very well fit the idea of the army "trapped in the jungle"

      One solution could be to have slightly different color schemes variations through the units to give a "mercenary look to it". I could also help me fitting the different models range... I'm not sure about what to do yet.

      I just hope that with the conversions and the models themselves, the feeling will still be there. What do you think ?

      Bases, Fillers and accessories :

      I think this is a very important think not to forget to give the army a strong identity. So far I'm planning to base the models with dense vegetation, mud, bamboos, etc. I would actually really like some inspiration about that and how to manage it.

      I found out that aquarium plant repainted can look pretty good. I might give it a try...

      For fillers and accessories, I'm thinking of course about Saurian Ancient bitz, that I have a lot, to make loots and treasures.

      Otherwise, I will potentially use chests, bags of goods and think like that, to show the "adventure" aspect of the army :


      First tests:

      Well I have this project in mind since a while now, but I don't have so much time for the hobby, because of work and as I like it not to invade my intimate space with my girlfriend.

      Anyway ! Be aware that this is a long term project and I'm happy to share it with you :)

      Here are my first color scheme tests on some old empire models (not converted at all). They are a bit rough because I painted them rather quickly.

      I'm really not familiar in human skin painting, so any tips is welcome...

      I also have to improve my weathering techniques but I'm quite happy if not for the quality, for the harmony of the models.


      I really look forward to your comments, questions, suggestions, critics... everything !

      Thanks for reading and I hope to post some new stuff soon !

      By the way, I'm sorry if my English is not so good, I'm trying my best and I hope it's not hard to read or understand.

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    • really cool ideas! What are you planning on doing for basing?

      Edit: Ahhh, i just read it.

      The jungle will look awesome.

      You could look for some lizardmen /saurians bits and add some aztec Temple things as well. :)

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    • Thank you guys !

      I know it's a big block of information but everything is in my head right now :)

      So far I'm planing on making jungle basing, or maybe something to look like a camp of some sort...

      For jungle basing though, even if my main army is lizardmen, I never did it and I don't know how to make it without being to much. I'm affraid of putting to much vegetation that will hide the minis or make it look messy.

      I think using aquarium plastic plants could work fine but I'm struggling to find the right ones. Also I found some paper cut plants that seems to look good but I'm a bit afraid that will be too much work. Anyone has experience on that ?

      I'm glad you like the color scheme. I didn't mention it but I will be using red for some details like banners, feathers and so on to pop out and give the conquistador spirit.

      What do you think about making slightly different color schemes throughout units ? Keeping the red as a guideline for the whole army. Will it break the army's coherency ?

      I'm really looking for feedback so please, don't hesitate to throw any ideas/ tips, etc. It is very encouraging !

    • I personally find that if you go with dissonant colors then you have to be 100% sure the models all share the same style. Excepting of course if you are aiming for a ragtag, irregular sellsword theme. (Which I think you might) I find a uniform color scheme will let you get away with more model variety and still make it look like an army. As I think ninth is all about adding as many cool miniatures as possible to your army I fear you might shoehorn yourself there. Just my 2 cents.

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    • You can buy jungle resin bases. They are okay but I think it looks better if you build it up yourself.…tures/jungle-square-bases

      I was going to suggest aquarium plants. I think you have to try it and see if it works. One or two plants here and there with some unit fillers thrown in I think looks good. Just not on every base.

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    • Thanks, @Vharcaen

      What I love about 9th, is that it allowed me, if not encouraged me to look for other miniatures to fit my theme, I would never have done that before. And I'm so happy to grab some here and there, from several manufacturers.

      As you have understood, I will have a lot of various models, that will more or less have the same conquistador spirit. So I think you are right in saying that a uniform color scheme will easily make them like an army.

      What I'm not sure about is that I want a ragtag (I learned a new word ;) ) sellsword style. I guess it quite fits the spirit I want to give to my army but on the other hand a uniform army works as well and might look better on the table...

      What do you mean by :

      Vharcaen wrote:

      As I think ninth is all about adding as many cool miniatures as possible to your army I fear you might shoehorn yourself there.

      @Henrypmiller , I would prefer to make the base myself, I think those bases look good, but for an infantry army, it will end up very expensive.

      I think I will go for aquarium plant testing, repainted of course. I will soon get an aribrush which will make it easier. I also agree on just putting a few and maybe some fillers with just vegeration, good idea !

      It's really motivating, thanks a lot.

      Also the two spearmen examples that I posted are raw, meaning that I won't use them like that they were just for the color scheme testing. They don't look like conquistador at all... so the spirit is not there yet ;)

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    • You can add bright colors to animals on your bases, like salamanders (gw woodelfs maybe?) And parrots or the snakes you'll probably have in your Lizardmen bitsbox. This way you can maintain the uniform colors without losing bright colors.
      And in the old gw quest boxes were some big spiders and rats, also common in jungles I believe. Or the toad/frog of the Bretonnian sorceress special character...
    • Scorby's conquistador themed empire army

      Scorbol wrote:

      What do you mean by :

      Vharcaen wrote:

      As I think ninth is all about adding as many cool miniatures as possible to your army I fear you might shoehorn yourself there.

      I mean you might make it less easy for you to add different looking, cool models.

      For me ninth age is also about adding minis from different manufacturers because I like how they look. I'd personally hate not being able to do that and I think using a uniform color scheme, makes just that aspect of our hobby easier.

      I'd dislike finishing an army, putting tons of effort and time in it for it to not feel like an army. I hope I'm making some sense.

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    • @MarkvanDijk Thanks for the tips , i do have some lizard lurking in some boxes, They will probably find their uses :)

      @Vharcaen Yes I understood it that way, I just didn't know about the expression "shoehorn yourself" haha.

      I think I will stick with this color scheme for the whole army, just adding touches of red to pop out. And probably use other elements to add bright jungle colors to them.
    • Looking great! My current project is a Conquistador-themed Empire as well - I've got big blocks of the MOM miniatures Halberdiers.
      Have also been fortunate enough to land some old Pirazzo's Lost Legion for my crossbowmen.

      Shieldwolf makes some Siberius lion-riders (gryphon-riders) that are wearing Conquistador-looking armor.

      Last, a note on Gamezone. I had a spare battle standard bearer from them hanging around and he's quite a bit smaller than the MOM halberdiers. Don't plan on mixing the two companies together in units.

      Keep up the great work!
    • Hello !

      Thank you all for your support ! I've been on vacation, then back to work + I had a tournament with my SA so not much time for the hobby.

      I'm waiting the kickstarter that will be the main part of the army. It should be shipped end of september.

      In the meantime, I recieved some perry miniatures that I'm starting to assemble.

      I've got some footknights that I'm converting with the maxminis heads, it's looking quite good. I also got some mercenaries from them that I will assemble in the same way.

      Finally I'm working on the war altar from them as well. I just need some of the minis from Tercios to mix all together.

      As I said, it's going to take a while because I am slow (and I don't have so much time), but I will post some picture of the progress soon !

      Cheers !
    • Hi,

      Just a small update : here is the WIP of some "converted" perry footknights and the start of my war altar.

      The knights will probably be played as Imperial Guard, I'm planning on adding shield on them that I will duplicate from the kickstarter shield bearers.

      The altar will recieve a priest on top in the inquisition style probably, some horses and goods from various bits.

      I hope I can work on the project more soon, it's quite exciting I must say !

      Comments welcome !