Local 9th Age League - 1600 points

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    • Local 9th Age League - 1600 points


      After generations of Warhammer and years of local tournament- and league gaming and roleplaying in Joensuu, Finland, we finally decided to give 9th Age a go. Woe be GW, long live Warhammer, and so on. Let's just say that we've enjoyed a long and healthy tradition of gentlemanly wargaming, and no chance we'll just let it slide into abyss.

      Long story short, I though it'd be good to link the lists and give some simple and short reports on how things are picking up. We're playing 4 rounds of 1600 points, since we have two newcomers, and it's nice to get to know the new rules with smaller armies. Lots of wacky stuff underway.

      Here are the lists:

      Discussion in Finnish, so that'll most likely be of no use to you guys. But I'll either try to remember to give some feedback based on the games, or convince Palmus to do that if I can't bother.

      Ratmen players are newcomers, but still I think their lists are pretty strong in comparison. We're still missing Palmus' undead list.

      First game played today, with both Empire armies clashing. I misread the whole griffon thing being a Monsterous Cavalry model now instead of a Ridden Monster, so he fell to arrows (I though he had no armour save, and didn't even wear a suit during the game! Fixed that later to reflect the proper rules.), and there was some leafing about with the rules, as is to be expected. Oh, and we decided it was okay to buy a set of heavy armour to core troopers to reflect the models. As it happens we both have newly painted, full plated Perry plastics and metallics, and having them with light armour seemed wrong. It plays really well as well, and was really enjoyable.

      Notes from first game:

      Cannons didn't hit anything, but were extremely enjyoable to play with and against! New rules trump the old ones for sure, and the scattering landing point was an idea I fiddeled with years ago myself as well.
      Magic was pretty random and uneffective - but then again, a single scored Harmonic Convergence turned the tide in the middle... I don't know how I feel about heightened casting values. Didn't even consider picking Chain Lightning over Comet.
      The griffon list (mine) wiped the other list out, but plenty was due luck as well. The rules played okay.
      The deployment rules sped things up loads, and seem interesting enough.
      Steady Men! is really strong and plays wonderfully well. We'll see how effective it's against harder hitting and -shooting armies.

      At least people have been really excited about 9th Age armies thus far, even though things are never perfect. Still, we're happy to have 6 players, especially with 2 new, even though we're used to leagues of 8ish players or so.

      More to come!
    • The Chaos Dwarfs massacred the Doomwheeling ratmen.

      Fair enough, the ratmen player had had his previous match somewhere mid 8th edition, and even then he hadn't had more than a few games on.

      Still, the game was a wee bit random, and the ratmen could've triumphed, since as he marched onward, the CD wizard rolled mainly triple ones, and warmachines did absolutely nothing. A few turns later he turned those ones into sixes and everything was obliterated.


      -Doomwheels are definitely a support units at the moment, not a unit breaker. Kobolds with Parry held and eventually broke the Doomwheel, thanks to only grinding attacks being really effective.
      -Dice and random are still in. This might be part of your design, though.

      Ratmen vs Ent. Dynasties still to go before round 2.
    • The third game, Ratmen vs. Ent. Dynasties was played a week ago, and you can read about it fromm's post on the Ratmen TAC playtest thread.

      I didn't see the game, or rather didn't pay too much attention to it, but let's just say I don't know what happened there. Or, why the Dynasties actually dropped and handed the victory to the Ratmen. But, well, that's just a thing that's against my gaming mentality. The game itself seemed fun and relaxed enough.

      The second round started, with the following pairings:

      Griffon Empire vs. Infernal Dwarves
      Gatling Ratmen vs. Infantry Empire
      Dynasties vs. Rolling Doom Ratmen

      We'll try to get the games played within a week or two.
    • Rune wrote:

      Or, why the Dynasties actually dropped and handed the victory to the Ratmen. But, well, that's just a thing that's against my gaming mentality. The game itself seemed fun and relaxed enough.
      Well, in all fairness, at the moment all I had left on the field were an unit of four chariots and my wizard box, which had a lot of angry slaves and rat ogres staring them down. And I didn't have a single spell to actually back away from said rat ogres. I may have been able to save my chariots, though!
    • Dice went apes*it in Empire vs Skaven game, and another 6-0 fold for Skaven. Without any magic. Iiiinteresting.

      I did my match against the Chaos Dwarves today, and succumbed to him 5-1. A very even match though, but there was a lot shooting with "5+ you die" rolls. Both rolled pretty evenly this time, and I had a bit better targets for him. With most of my characters dead, and my halberds breaking from the last effort charge from 1-wound Steeldeamon, his characters in the almost untouched dwarf unit had enough points to bring the match to 5-1.

      Both did some major mistakes, which could've costed either the game, so an even match with mistakes and dice rolls. A good learning experience, with some "why did they make these things like this?" cases.


      We used the random terrain rules for fun, but rolled basically everything to the other end of the table. It was okay with a ruin shuffled to the mirroring location across the board though. Kinda fun.

      Magic is really, really random, and it doesn't feel really as much fun. I'm using Heavens, and even a level 3 in 1600 points doesn't feel like a whole lot with so high casting values, and short ranges. I kind of get what you're trying to do here, but it wasn't a whole lot of fun to be honest. To be fair, I'd tackle the problem with either more dice on the phase, lower casting values with lower spell power, or something similar.

      I can't see a lot of use for Chain Lightning with such a huge casting value.

      Goblin archers with Ws3? We both were a bit surprised. They more or less neutered my flagellants, and we both felt it wasn't really called for. Parry's fine, but there should be more division between low-end, middle-range and elite infantry and models (taking unit's role and race into account).

      Cannons are just a wee bit weird. They're really, really hard to hit with, and without a direct hit S5 doesn't really cut it. I got lucky, but felt that I couldn't rely on them one bit. Mortars, rocket batteries and stone throwers feel highly more reliable. Either make the extra move longer, or give S10 on the extra move back, or make him auto-wound or something. All of them work fine.

      Steeldeamon is rough. His cannons can one-shot any monster, and with free pivots he's probably a bit too hard to outmanouver. Maybe streamline both steam tanks to same mofit? Random Movement, and all that jazz?

      Neither of us quite understood why dwarf machine crews have S4, or the lord wizard has Ld10. We both felt that was just kind of wrong. "Cause he's a dwarf" doesn't really cut it, since they are highly resistant to psychology already. Fighty lords should almost always have better Ld than the wizard lords, as we discussed.

      Stuff like that.

      Runedit\\ Oh yeah, one really improtant thing. Why is the moving gap changed from 1" to ½" even from enemy models? That means that single cavalry models can fit through 2" gaps now instead of 3", which just seems unrealistic and weird. I'd rather write the rule as follows:

      "All units have to start and end their movement no closer than 1" from other units or impassable terrain. While moving, impassable terrain and friendly models can be ignored, but enemy models pose too much of a threat even whilst rapid movement or charges - a unit cannot enter within 1" of an enemy model, unless he's charging that model."

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Rune ().

    • KeyserSoze wrote:

      Also, Steeldaemon has Volley Gun, which means he can easily receive -1 to hit, and also has a small chance of missfiring.
      Yes, that's true - the he also recieves -1 to hit from moving, as well as long range. :) The S6 and Multiple Wounds (D3) are pretty insane though, and even two or three hits (quite possible with a single shot) can bring down most monsters. Ogres are wiped out in numbers by the Steeldeamon.

      Not overpowered, though, just preeettty strong! Let's keep in mind we're playing only 1600 points though, so there's a precious little on the table to work around with anyways. With more models and units things might be different, certainly.

      Let's face it though, misfire happening is so preciously rare.

      One more thing:

      As per the secondary objectives being percentages of game size in points (namely 10%), points from BSB and General could be percentages as well, just to help with scaling of the game sizes. 5% for either sounds about right (still 100 points in a 'regular' 2000 point game).