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    • Kalerith`s Blog.

      Hi, my name is Karl-Erik or Kalerith as I go by in most warhammer forums.
      I live in a small city nearby Stavanger Norway and I spend most of my days either working one of my several jobs or pondering some potencial nasty lists.
      I have played competetive warhammer for about 4-5 years. (Pretty much since I turned 18 and could legaly drink alcohol.)
      Tried out for the Norwegian ETC team one or two times, but realisticly I knew that I was pretty far of getting on the team as there was far better options regarding experience and tournament results. As the competitor I am I accepted this and strived harder to get into the team. This past year I had sucess and managed to get into the entirely revamped Norwegian roster. (Pretty much the entire team turned away from Warhammer and pursued competetive WarmaHordes instead).
      For me this was great as I managed to squeeze into the team playing Orcs and Goblins for my team. I didnt get as much practice as I wanted both as analyzing lists before the event and playing as many games as I wanted with the army.
      We pretty much agreed that we could find a list concept with my main army (VC) which I had played for almost two years non stop.
      We found some cool O&G lists instead, and also (conviniently) I had three Gargantula spiders sitting on my shelf.
      So one week and about three spiders, some warmahcines and a Feral Orc horde later I was good to go.
      I had 6 very nice opponents (including "Youtube celebrity" Blondebeer), and even though my gaming wasnt too good result wise down in Athens, I had a very good time. Also we won best sports so some people aparently thought we were a good time (Also having two raving constantly drunk Viking lunatics on our team might have helped our sportsmanship score).

      For my own part I am looking forwards to Salamanca 2017 (I am 98% sure I get to go unless something happens or I dont get ends to meet financialy).

      Well that was a pretty sizeable introduction.
      The contents of this blog will be painting progress, random ramblings of voe, battle reports, (mostly text, but also the odd video report) and general stuff about the hobby.
      Karl-Erik Hansen

      Team Norway O&G 2016
      Team Norway O&G 2017
      Team Norway VC 2018
    • Not really a proper hobby update I guess, but I have been confirmed to join the Viking Crusade (Team Norway, #TheTrueNorse) for the 4 man tournament in Luxembourg, Luxembourg Bash.
      Looking forwards to the trip in general, team tournaments are always fun, but also visiting a country I havent been to is an important aspect for me personally that made me accept the spot on the squad.
      I see there is a lot of french, german and some belgian and Luxembourg native teams already signed up, but there is room for more people, so if you wanna go there. have fun, roll some dices and play high tier warhammer then you come to the right place. Thus far it looks like its going to be the tournament to watch after the Masters in Hereford and ETC judging from the quality of players signed up by now.
      But I am rambling, hope to see you there!
      Karl-Erik Hansen

      Team Norway O&G 2016
      Team Norway O&G 2017
      Team Norway VC 2018
    • Awesome :)
      I didnt talk much with the italians down in the etc, but i actually have one italian guy in my gaming group :)
      Always nice with more nationalities.
      I am currently signed up with the Orcs and goblins, but as it is at least one, and probably 2, and even possibly three updates betweem now and the tournament its not realistic to say 100% for sure which army I will play. But I always had a soft spot for the greenskins, and I generally like combat armies better than shooty armies. The Orcs can do both, but at least in this patch combat looks stonger.
      Karl-Erik Hansen

      Team Norway O&G 2016
      Team Norway O&G 2017
      Team Norway VC 2018
    • Played a few friendly 2k battles today with a less friendly list. This was a part of the escalation league run by one of the locals.
      I had of course neglected my painting, but with valid excuses for once. (Being sick and working a few to many days whilst being sick).
      We had planned to not do scenarioes, so basicly go ahead and kill kill.
      Also we could have ran warband, but at least for my part I am always building for a tournament so we agreed to run no warband.

      My list for these battles were:

      Herald of Pestillence w flail, regen for unit, veil of shadows, rot fly (Ograxx, the Lord of Flies)
      25. Or so plague bearers (might have been a few more or less to get the points to add up). Also they had banner with aether icon
      3. Rot Flies w. contamination
      5. Rot Flies w. banner and contamination

      First game I played against Dwarven Holds.
      he had and organ gun all runed up, 10 forgefathers, 25 or so greybeards w. shield w. command, a fighty lord on shieldbearers w. gwep and +2 attacks and a 1+ as, rerollable. He also had a bsb with some stuff. And one slayer dude (cant recall its name, but not the character but a single guy with 3d3 attacks).

      Both my games were fairly short (dont think i got past T4).

      I took T1, going full speed with everything.
      He shot me, trying to thin the big unit of flies, already threathening to get into him. He killed one, my veil of shadows working overtime.

      My T 2 I declared a charge into the forgefathers with my flies. He opted to S&S not hitting anything. I needed a 10 and got in.
      Plague bearers moved up again, and also my second unit of flies took up a good position with several targets.

      I slaughtered 8 in combat and overran into the Organ Gun.
      His turn he already looked badly, so he tried a charge on the plague bearers needing an 8, and failed.
      His slayer dude got into my other unit of flies. He took 3 wounds and died, but did 1.
      My flies with herald swept the the organ gun off, and pivoted to they could see the rear of the kings unit.
      Then in my T3, I charged into his flank with my flies, the other fly unit along with the herald went into the rear, also i charged the plaguebearers into the front.

      Then I killed 7-8 but he did a load of wounds in the challenge with my herald, but also he did a few wounds here and there.
      Went the dust settled I had one wound up, but I had a load of static ith my charges, so he was down by 6, and ran. I gave chase with everyting and caught him, thus ending the game.

      My second game of the day was against a Vampire Covenant army, his list was something like:
      Dispel Dennis (Necromancer) w. master wizard, 2 add spells, +1 to cast and dispel.
      Wight King, with axe of battle.
      40. Zombies
      Corpse Cart (which was inside zombies).
      20 something, skeletons.
      20. Or so Barrow guards w. gwep, and full command, and banner of barrows.

      I deployed everything centrally and got got the first turn (see a trend?)
      He deployed similarly across the table for me.

      I basicly did the same as last game:
      Max forwards.

      He summoned a new unit of skeletons, and advanced slightly.
      Also he raised some more zombies, which could have been critical.
      He had left a gap between his zombies and skeletons which would have allowed a front charge on the necromancer blob with my flies on an 8 or so. But with his extra models he closed the gap. I dispelled his Veil (the one who gives -2 WS and -1 LD).

      In my turn I charged his new unit of skeletons with my small unit of flies, and then into his graveguard with my big unit of flies.
      The plaguebearer moved up to block his zombies from supporting either should they be there next turn. (i reckoned the summoned skeletons would be gone, but the barrowguard should still be there).
      After cc I beat the skeletons and they crumbled, I beat the barrow guard handily, but they did 8 wounds along with the wight king, but I saved 4.

      In his turn he summoned some graveguard back, and I had to stop his Veil spell. He got off to summon some more, but failed to raise a new unit on 2 dice.
      I then wiped the barrow guards, and pivoted into the flank of the zombies.

      In my turn I got into his zombies with both units of flies into his flanks, and then the plaguebearers into the front.
      I then killed a truckload, and then he cumbled away with excatcly enough to erase the whole unit.
      Then I pivoted against his skeleton bunker and gave him the option to call it, because all he could do was try to recuse the necro for a turn, which his chances were slim to do, because I could pre measure so he wouldnt go outside my arc.
      He accepted.

      After the game I helped him build a stronger list for the next round of the escalation game, and gave him a few pointers regarding how he could play instead.
      Karl-Erik Hansen

      Team Norway O&G 2016
      Team Norway O&G 2017
      Team Norway VC 2018
    • Allrighty just posting a litle hobby update, I am not so good at keeping up here on T9A forum. (Mostly posts in my native language on our native forum).
      But a lot have happened since the last update.
      Played in the Norwegian masters and placed 6th with my MSU orcs and goblins.
      Info can be found here:
      National Championship T9A - Norway, Oslo, 28-29th of January 2017

      I played 5 games, 4 of them against ETC quality opponents.
      I will do a quick sum up from them here:

      Game 1 was vs Extol.
      He have already made a very good Bat rep on his view of the battle.
      It can be found here:
      We played Hold Ground.

      I also have some video content of the first round which I plan to release at a later point.
      But for the battle he basicly have a very bad match up against me as he has two diverters and not a lot of chaff clearing potential with no shooting and only one missile with short range. So he was pretty much hamstrung by his list.
      I pretty much got control of the flanks and battered his army piece by piece. I got 19 points here. Realisticly I should get a lot of points here since there is very litle he can do to actually stop me getting big points here. Best case scenario for him I think would have been a 13-7 loss. Unfortunantly for him he failed to comit to a single strategy and basicly half assed it going agressive from T2 onwards whilst sitting back on T1 is generally not good.

      Game 2 I shot up through the rankings and got Team Norways ETC Captain Kyrre or Grayfox.
      He played a tank list ID with a lot of shooting and 2 blobs of 6 kadims. We played Secure Target.
      I won 13-7, could find any valid enough opnenings and had control of the objectives from T1 as he cornered.
      The +3 to cast and dispel came up huge for me this game.

      Game 3 I face up against Harakiri aka Jørund which is a new ETC recruit for our team this year.
      He played DL with the big bird and some pestillence dirt and wrath dogs.
      We played Breakthrough.

      Got a 10-10 here. He rolled up the comet which in didnt go of the entire game.
      I got away a litle bit easy because he made a mistake with his rot flies tanking a mangler taking 3d6 hits which rendered the unit useless. (He flew them in the corner behind a hil with one model left because I shot him with my Splatterers as well).
      Realisticly he could have made this a lot worse for me if he spread out here, but since he went first I could control a lot where I would let his dogs enter the table with so many units, which forced him onto the edge which contained the rest of his army, which gave me the scenario for free.

      Game 4 I got Jalli who was the Vermin Swarm player for Team Norway in Athens.
      He played his rats again in Kill scoring units objective.
      This was a hard game because of his list, but I felt I had a good go vs him the entire game because of my fire mage. Also I got seriously lucky with me failing a frenzy check making my unit containing my mage charging his Vermin Deamon. He ofc butchered my uttery and I broke, but the saving grace was that i rolled 12 for the escape roll, and then rallied on LD 8 the next turn.
      Also he failed to kill my mangler only inflicting two wounds on it with 20 shots from his ratling gun. It then went mental rampaging through two of his plague diciple units.
      The sour bit wasnt that i lost the game 11-9, he played well and deserved the win (many rule debates and arguments, think we had the ref at our table 4-5 times, I get very stubborn when my competetive instincts kick in) but he won by literaly 2 VP! I was up 898 Vp or something and he had objective.

      Game 5 I was supposed to play with Valentino from back home, but we swapped so I played Hallvard instead and he played Lars Morten instead. (Both ETC players btw).
      Hallvard had a pretty good chosen list but I have so many ways of rampaging through his lines with chariots and such and I won 13-7.
      He was one failed frenzy check away from giving away the objective which would have seen me going up to 3rd place.

      The tournament was a load of fun, but the time schedual was a litle tight for my tast "only" having 2h 30 mins for a game is a litle short when you have different maps for each game it should have been set a litle longer. The tournament is one of the biggest in Norway and I would have loved to have some time to roam the hall and watch other games and banter with friends and known ones, but I only got time to play and talk to T9A guys (not taking away from them, they are the best miniature gaming crowd to be around in the entire country!)

      All 5 opponents were really friendly even though some games was a litle bit more competetive than others, but thats the way it usually is at tournaments,
      I will be going next to the DSK in Bergen the 4-5th of March which will be mostly ETC guys from Norway.

      Then I will ofc be going with my compatriots to drink (and crush some puny french guys in the first round) to the Luxembourg Bash!

      On the painting front I havent done nearly enough, but I will work some more on my deamons and hopefully have an awesome pestillence legion at my disposal before the summer comes.
      Karl-Erik Hansen
      Karl-Erik Hansen

      Team Norway O&G 2016
      Team Norway O&G 2017
      Team Norway VC 2018