Northern Wastes v2.0 4500pt tournament Durham England, 04/03/17

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    • The 9th Age comp in June will be aimed at fun gaming with a theme.
      Yes there will be a king crowned, a spoon to be won but also points/prizes for special objectives in games.

      Gamers will be asked to make there very own Army Totem. Anyone that knows me, knows I like conversion. Go Wild!!! Have fun!! Make what you want, how you want as long as it fits on 20mm, 25mm, Cav, 40mm Base.

      Your Totem is yours, protect that Totem, Spend that Totem. You want that nasty Monster to be able to Vanguard!! Your Totem just mite make this happen...........

      If anyone had any ideas, please feel free to post them here unit I make the pack and start a new forum page.

      Thanks Guys.