Trials and Tribulations from a newbie

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  • Trials and Tribulations from a newbie

    Greetings and Salutations,

    I am a newbie when it comes to T9A and for the most part, wargaming in general. My experiences so far in my 49 years walking around the planet is Warhammer Fantasy, and Risk. I have a very extensive background in role playing games having been playing those since the Carter Administration but I am finding Wargaming to be quite the challenge. From the creation of Army Lists to placement of armies on the board to the strategy of using your troops to win, it is a overwhelming feeling to have to take it all in. So why do I put myself through all of that not to mention the endless hours of painting the army or in my case multiple armies? Well, because it's FUN!!! But yet at the same time a bit frustrating. So my goal here is to pass along what I have learned so far as a newbie and hopefully can help those in the same boat as me get as much enjoyment as they can just as I am trying to do. So let me share a few thoughts to perhaps get the ball rolling so to speak.

    Positive Frustrations

    When I first started my job in radio all those years ago, my mentor told me to be a sponge. Learn everything you can as you never know what you may have to recall. I took that and ran with it and spent the next 17 years doing different facets in the industry. I love learning new things and because I have a great passion for the Fantasy genre, I have embraced this game as an opportunity to expand my brain power along with having a good time. I have only had less than 10 games under my belt so far and each time I do learn a few things but I mostly get my butt handed to me on a platter. Is it frustrating, um YES!!! Spending close to two hours on average for a game and at the end of that your opponent loses 10 models to my 106 can cause what little of my hair that is left to fall out all over the nice looking game board. But yet through all that "hair club for men" moments, I try to put a positive spin on things and learn from it. For example, last game I played I focused on a unit that I thought could end up wiping me from the board, it turned out it was the other unit that sent my poor minis to an early grave that ended up costing me at least a tie. So that leads me to the next point...

    Know thy enemy!!!

    Ok, you are going to read up on the army you have. You are going to work list after list, paint model after model, go over in your head every possible placement of your units. But before all of that headache begins, you should first understand what you are facing. THE ENEMY! Yes, it is your best friend across the board from you, you have shared good times, strong beverages, the Deadpool movie. However, for the next hour or two, they are your mortal enemy. Joker to your Batman, Yin to your Yang, ex-wife to your wallet.To beat him/her you must first understand him/her. One thing I love about T9A is the fact that everything for the game is at your fingertips, you can spend your lunch hour eating that twinkie (what about the twinkie) and learning all about the Warriors of the Dark Gods. Fine reading I am sure. It would be nice going into battle to understand if your opponents units are frenzied or not, if they can vanguard, or can eat your poor wizard for breakfast (I hear wizards taste just like chicken). Knowing what you are facing would help with the way you put your army on the board. That leads me to the next thought bubble...

    Placement, Placement, Placement...

    When I first started, my friend said the game can be won or lost sometimes in placement. I seemed to always lose (insert Charlie Brown moment) and I feel it is sometime because of not understanding how to place my army. Where do I put my peasant block? Where should my Sylvan archers go? Where does Bow wowzer (tips the hat to Lord T) best go to dine on his enemies bones? My answer is, I DON'T KNOW!!! But, have no fear ( no Underdog is not here) the internet is going to be your Yoda young Padawon. Just looking over the T9A site, there are tons of good folks posting battle reports (Including the ones that show my superior tactical skills..cough cough). I suggest that you may find one that shows the army you have chosen and watch. Take as many notes as you can and heck even draw out a mock board if possible. I know that without the actual enemy placement to go on this may seem futile (no not going to make the Borg reference) but it will begin to help you understand what possibilities exists. Yes, you may still get charged in the rear by their scout units or ambusher Longhorns, but each time you remove their horns from your buttocks you will learn where to place that unit that you worked endlessly on in building your list. Ah yes, the list...

    Making the list, checking it twice..

    The meat and potatoes of this game, creating your army. Do I take the killy Leader or does he hide like an ostrich in the sand? How many peasants do I need to send to their deaths? Guns or bows? The possibilities are endless and so is the frustrations. Each army has its uniqueness ( How to you catch a unique mouse, you neek up on it),and this is where the brainpower is concentrated to put together the ultimate killing machines. But you may be asking, Skip how do you do this? Well, my first piece of advice is ASK SOMEONE. You are obviously in the forum section if you are reading this (thanks by the way) and the good folks here are very quick to respond to any question you have. Heck, I have gotten advice on Lord building, what to do with the mini's I have, etc. Utilize this resource as much as you can. Some things may work, some things may get you shot down like me flirting with a red head at the bar (sorry honey) but you will learn from others. Second piece of advice is, have fun with it. I don't do a lot of tournaments, I am more involved with the fluff ( OH Sylvan elves guys, Hire me Hire me) side of things so my Lord may not ever take best General but he may fit into my Sylvan elves who are obsessed with protecting those woods at any costs and takes frenzy and gets himself killed over and over (OMG they killed Kenny). But in the end, you have to have fun and you must decide if that fun is overall competitive fun or storytelling fun or a mix of both. Create your lists to best represent you.

    There are so many more facets of this game I have not touched on. I will try to eventually. A great many folks have kinda touched on all this in previous blogs; however, I felt the need (the need for speed) to put pen to paper so to speak and voice to those like me that others are out here and going through the same growing pains as you are. As I go on, I will post as I can about how my world is improving and hopefully yours will as well.

    Be safe out there!!!

    Skip the Gaming Geek
    "Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you."

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