Quo vadis 9th Age? Part 1

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  • Quo vadis 9th Age? Part 1

    I hope people will enter a debate about the most basic substance of the game. What kind of game do we want?
    I have watched quite a number of battle reports from the blog section.
    I really enjoyed most of them, they are entertaining and you can learn a thing or two about the armies and the whole game.
    But something did strike me as remarkable. If you ignore vermin and dwarfs you will find that people don’t play infantry.
    I have seen many lists without a single foot soldier and if a unit did make it to the table they are usually skirmishers or some sort of ranged unit.
    What I have seen so far:

    6 armies had zero infantry
    6 armies had one unit
    (2 armies don’t have a choice)*

    and out of the few infantry units even fewer were not just chaff/mage protection.
    Also there was not one army that was infantry heavy. Not one player chose to go and play two regular and one elite unit of infantry or anything similar.
    Monsters, monstrous infantry and cavalry clearly dominate the game and are supported by a bit of shooting, magic and chariots.
    Who ever can, leaves infantry at home.
    Many people wonder whats wrong with dwarfs - I say there is nothing wrong with dwarfs. They have a nice balanced army book. But they are thoroughly misplaced in a game that centers around monsters, monstrous infantry and cavalry.

    If this is what people want we should be honest and change towards a large skirmish type of game and basically toss infantry. But this is not the type of game I want to play.
    In my opinion 9th age should be the game of large infantry blocks supported by magic and some shooting. This is what hardly any other game offers and this is what I loved about Warhammer.

    Quo vadis? Where are you going?

    *So who did use any infantry at all? Vampires had zombies, dread elves had witches, ID had a dwarf combat block, Wotdg had a block of wasteland warriors, mummies had tomb guard and there were two large goblin blocks.
    On the other hand there were the following armies without any infantry at all: EoS, KoE, O&G, OK, Elves, SA
    So to sum up:
  • That is luckily not my experience from games at our club at all.
    A game without infantry blocks would not really appeal to me. But luckily, the games I play are far from that. Except maybe one game, all games of T9A I played so far were interesting mixtures of unit types and play styles. I don't play tournaments, though. Things might be different there.

    Of course this is just guesswork but maybe the reports you watched were simply made by people who love to play monster mash or cavalry heavy lists. It is probably impossible to get representative data from such a small number of content providers. And even if there were more battle reports, it is reasonable to assume that the average battle report creator is not equivalent to the average T9A player.

    Long story short: I wouldn't worry about it too much. If your opponents often play lists that you don't enjoy playing against, you should talk to them. I like the fact that their is some freedom in how to build a list.
  • I would be interested how the non-infantry-builds performed. Especially with O&G and KoE I can't think of a really powerful build without infantry and KoE should actually be able to field cavalry only imho.

    Infantry might not be in the best place overall, but I don't see it disappearing.
    BH usually take lots of ambushing Wildhorns or 1-2 big Wildhorn units plus a unit of Longhorns. Orcs usually don't leave their Feral Eadbashers at home and the only non-infantry core unit are Boarriders and they aren't really competitive, so there's mostly at least one unit of goblins. KoE complains a lot about the need to field peasants, because their knights aren't good enough. SE and UD take at least shooting units and I have seen several DE and HBE armies with large blocks of elite infantry.

    I didn't attend a tournament under 1.3 yet and am not the most experienced general. So please take this as anecdotal evidence, not as an attempt to invalidate your point.
    And through the storm there came a ringing:
    Thirteen tolls of that dread bell
    And all of those who dwelt in Kavzar
    Watched their city turn to hell.