downloadable printable paper armies

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  • After posing the original question , i started snooping around online , and was surprised at what i found on paper minis . there is a ton of stuff out there , Paper 40k is apparently a big thing or if not "big" a real and flourishing community . I came across one guy that had a tutorial on how to make paper minis and he went so far as to base them , they looked really good . some paper minis are simple 2d tiles , others are what they call 2.5 d , meaning they are flat but standing on a base , and others are true 3d .

    in a nut shell there seems to be a wide range in quality . but there is a group of ppl that take it quite seriously , and they produce some cool stuff , and there can be some serious modeling skills involved .

    when i originally posted i had the notion that it would help get ppl involved , i doubt tournaments would allow papers , but some allowed toy pony armies back in 8th so who knows . If you think about introducing kids to the hobby , i think papers would be great . they could get started playing , and learn some modeling skills like basing cheap .

    we have quite a few really good artists in T9A community , if a few of them got together and made up some high quality paper mini downloads , and maybe include some tutorials on basing and other modeling skills it would go along way to keeping the quality and look of the paper minis to a high standard .

    The other use would be for the army book committees when they are thinking of a new unit that may not have a readily available model for the unit they are thinking about , They could pop up some paper mini versions for people to try out and give them feed back on , (I am looking at you GGI) .
    Along the same lines for the play testing of units in general . to get maximum feedback from more players who may not have access to a real 3d model for that unit . if people don't have a model or enough of a model to play and try out you will get less feedback , or feedback that is heavily weighted to those that have a model . I am thinking here about not only models that are not available but models that were / are rare or expensive .
  • For the game, it matters not if you play it with actual models that are painted, models that or fresh out of the box, or papers cut to the size of a unit's footprint and named appropriately.... This not only goes for the armies, but also for terrain and the board the game is played on.

    For the hobby, models that are painted and played with on a nicely designed table with good looking terrain is a must.

    But before new people get into the hobby fully, they need to know if they enjoy the game... without friends to borrow armies from, paper cut-outs are an excellent proxy. I think most people used them in their starter years... I know I did with my friends, when we were kids and short on money to purchase whole armies!
  • ikken wrote:

    thanks for the link those are great I had not thought about 2d tiles . I was thinking 3d pop ups like these : .
    Hey there - new user here. I collect, build and use paper minis (solely) for gaming purposes - having long ago decided that painting miniatures was never going to be my strong point!!! Plus if you get them on PDF, you can adjust the print size and do away with "scale creep"!!!

    @ikken - how did you come across those amazon archer minis? Do you know if the artist has done any more - as I love them!!! I tried googling the user name that came up on dropbox to no avail.....
  • migibb wrote:

    @ikken - how did you come across those amazon archer minis? Do you know if the artist has done any more - as I love them!!! I tried googling the user name that came up on dropbox to no avail.....
    Check here: Amazons - (Homebrew Faction) ;)
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  • ikken wrote:

    The paper models would act as a bridge for them getting into the hobby .
    Exactly. I consider them a great way to get a whole army ready for battle in no time (compared to 3D minis) - the units can then slowly be replaced by 3D minis when the budget and painting time allows it. So I consider them as cheap and effective placeholders. Also, I'd rather face a wholly coloured 2D army than an unpainted 3D army !!

    migibb wrote:

    how did you come across those amazon archer minis? Do you know if the artist has done any more - as I love them!!!
    Happy you like them, I'm currently drawing the last core unit of the amazon army book - homebrew faction (see my signature for the link). My idea is to draw the full army as it's quite hard to find 3D models for them !

    As for our best artists, I think they are largely busy with the army book arts for the time being...
  • I've been making my own paper proxies. I find an image I like on the internet to represent the model I want, load it in gimp, resize it to the proper printer size, and then use the filter -> map -> tile option to make 100 of them. I then cut them out and glue them to cardboard.

    But I only play with my friends outside of a game shop. If you play in a game shop, you should support the game shop by buying models there. Gamestore owners are poor servants of the community, and their business models depend on you buying overpriced plastic and cardboard.

    There is nothing wrong with using paper minis. Not everyone can afford warhammer armies. Not everyone is interested in modeling and painting. If you're competitive, it's a real advantage to be able to play with all the armies. Not many can afford buying 5000+ points of every army. There's really no benefit to telling others they shouldn't have fun the way they have fun.