Sylvan Elves of the Blood Wood (Narrative Campaign Blog)

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    • Sylvan Elves of the Blood Wood (Narrative Campaign Blog)


      In the southern shadows of the Crimson Peaks lies the sprawling forest known by the local population as the "Blood Wood". The trees seem to match the reddish color of the mountains it borders and the history of the battles within the deep wood have earned this forest that name. It is told by the humans that populate the outskirts and even the dwarves of the mountains that the forest borders that if one dare enter the wood, it would be at their own peril. The Sylvan elves of these woods continue to add to the growing fear by displaying the fallen bodies of those foolish enough to enter the deep forest as a warning that more blood would be spilled if further delves are made. Those few souls who make it out of the woods intact claim that the forest moves and breathes. Large trees pace back and forth and even "sing" to each other during the nights. Some even witness lithe bodies clothed in spring and autumn colors dancing within the groves and Great elks bearing beautiful maidens moving from tree to tree in rhythm with the woods voices. What those who survived have seen is members of the Willowthorn clan, the elven protectors of these woods.

      D'arlorn Willowthorn is the Forest prince and leader of the clan. He has seen over 300 seasons and is respected and loved by both the elven inhabitants and those otherworldly creatures of the Blood wood. He is a proud bearer of the Willowthorn line and his alliance with the "Bloodfather" is as strong as in the ancient days.

      El'sina Treespirit is the wife of D'arlorn and Druid protector of the woods. She and her conclave of druids keep the forest healthy, tend to the rebirth of the wood when needed and assist her offspring with patrolling the borders of the woods when needed. She has a good heart and has been known to speak with those who enter the woods warning them before any harm could come to them.

      Erthor Willowthorn is the first Forest prince of the Blood Wood. He is more of the militant arm of the Willowthorn clan. He wants to keep the woods pure and clean and has the respect of the otherworldly inhabitants because of this stance.

      Agrond the "Bloodfather" is the Ancient Treefather of the woods. It is said he spawned from the first seeds of the woods and has fathered most of the otherworldly creatures of the Blood wood. He has enjoyed a bond with the elves of the woods and is not afraid to show his strength and power of his woods are in danger. He does understand the needs of the creatures around the forest and has allowed the borders to be used for some lumbering from the outlining settlements without any retribution as long as they do not disturn the druids who replace the fallen wood. He has often clashed with Erthor and his followers on this issue.

      With the arrival of the Highborn elves in the area and the stirring of the dwarves within the mountains, the protectors of the "Blood wood" are on guard and watching. Waiting to turn back any incursion into their home.

      Part One - Blood Wood in danger

      El'sina Treespirit rubbed her hand upon the old oak. She felt the essence of the once great tree ebbing away from the world and she began to weep. As a youth she spent many days playing under the bright leaves of the oak. She cast her first spells as a young druid in the shadows of it's trunk. She was betrothed to D'arlorn under the canopy of the great tree.Now blight had taken the life of her friend and even the Treefather Ancient could not stop the vile disease. She continued to kneel at the base of the tree not noticing N’tal Mossfoot’s approach to the small glade. N’tal waited afew more moments then spoke in her normal quiet voice. El’sina turned to her at the sound of her voice, tears still flowing from her eyes.

      “Lady Treespirit, forgive my intrusion into your glade.” N’tal spoke, her eyes lowered in reverence.

      “It is alright N’tal, there is not much more I can do here and I have said my goodbye’s,” El’sina replied as she stood up and approached her old friend. “What has placed that concerned look in your eyes?”

      “My pathfinders have brought reports from the area and the news is grave. The Highborn and the dwarves of the peaks are indeed at war. They have seen the attacks upon the Highborn encampments and the dwarven halls. They also report that the slavemasters have returned through the portal and have attacked the highborn as well.” N’tal responded, her face contorting when mention of the Saurian’s.

      El’sina paused at the mention of the Slavemasters and looked back at the old tree. She spoke softly and firmly, “If the slavemaster’s have returned, this maybe what has triggered this blight. I don’t see this as just a coincidence. But please go on…”

      “Apparently, this return has also caused the hunting horns to blow. The beasts gathered and attacked them but did not survive. Our spies say that this has caused the Herds to mass for an attack under the banner of Grotock the Soothsayer. We are not sure where the Herd will go but it causes me concern. All of this and the reports of more ships of highborn coming in response to the dwarves assault is causing some unrest with our otherworldly allies.” N’tal finished, knowing the underlining meaning inher words would be known to her old friend.

      “The Bloodfather should already know of this but I understand you bringing this to me first. I love my son, but Erthoris passionate in his quest to keep the forest pure and would take these reports as a cause to attack instead of having patience to see what develops. I amafraid his father and I will not be able to control him under these circumstances. So we must be cautious and prepare for the worst.” El’sina wiped the remaining tears from her eyes and placed her delicate hand on her friend’s shoulder, “ Have your pathfinders continue their vigilance and send reports back of the beasts movements. I will speak to Agrond and D’arlorn about the Highborn and the Saurian’s return. Have your pathfinders stay clear of Erthor or his rangers for the time being. It is only a matter of time before he hears but I want to be able to have plans in place before that happens.”

      “Yes my Lady.” N’tal spoke and quickly retreated from the glade. She turned back to see her old friend speak the words of the ancient’s and the glad began reaching out to her calling…

      "Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you."